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C1281 protecting her

Today, Yang ChuChu is a special guest. She is wearing a diamond necklace named Angel Wing. This is the masterpiece of a famous designer. As a new popular female star, Yang ChuChu matches this necklace with a good moral.

"Beautiful!" Yang ChuChu's fingers gently touch a Teardrop Diamond in the center and murmur. Women's love for beauty always makes them irresistible to these shiny things. Pearl exhibition officially opened. A group of models have already left the stage. The audience under the stage are all focused on those shiny jewels. It is said that after today's exhibition, there will be a large auction, which will take part of the jewels on site as auction products for the selection of the guests.

Luo Jinyu and Lu xuanchenzhi appear here, not to see beautiful women here. Their purpose is the same. They want to shoot a piece of jewelry they like for their beloved women. Yang

clearly changed a set of pure white long skirt in the background, with white feathers dotted under the skirt, making her whole person look like an angel accidentally falling into the world, bright and dazzling, beautiful and unable to move her eyes. Yang

the delicate skin is very white and clear, the young and tight waist and abdomen lines are also showing the charm of youth. The designer is very satisfied with her model, and has been praising her all the time. He also takes care of her clothes and long hair. Long

hair with curly tail, casual and lazy, but with a diamond crown on her head, her temperament is filled with dignity and elegance.

"It's your turn now. Please be ready to go!" The staff came to report. Yang takes a deep breath and used to help some brand platforms. Why is she so nervous today?

Is it because a man on the stage made her heart beat faster? Yang

after pinching his palm, he found that he could sweat in the winter, which was really speechless.

"It's your turn!" There was a rush by. Yang

poised immediately and walked briskly to the curved T platform.

Once out, the light is bright, and there is no empty guest sitting in front of him. Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes seem to be filled with a pool of spring water, with bright ripples, which is not charming. She has a delicate body. With each step, she has a good sense of rhythm. The pure white long dress is pulled against the shining necklace on her chest, which is dazzling. Under the stage

LUO Jinyu ' For the first time, he felt flustered and uneasy. There was a kind of fear that he could not grasp her powerlessness. There was never anything that could make him turn back his time. But at this moment, at this second, he hoped that he could be a few years younger, worthy of the youth of her face. Yang

with a smile on her eyes, she blinked at Luo Jinyu. Don't think she is cute, but only Luo Jinyu knows that this girl is flirting with him. Yang

turned around delicately and gracefully, and received warm applause from his side. Luo Jinyu was dragged back by the sudden applause, which made him laugh at himself. His face was slightly warm.

What was he thinking just now? How could such a ridiculous idea arise.

Just as Yang ChuChu was about to finish this stage, suddenly, a middle-aged woman in fur jumped onto the stage and grabbed Yang ChuChu's wrist with one finger.

"Little bitch, don't leave now. I have something to ask you!" Liu Lan came here today with full of resentment. Now I see that Yang ChuChu has been affirmed and praised by the public, and even more resentful. Seeing that she is about to turn back to the backstage, where can I resist the anger and jump directly to the stage regardless of the image.

Yang ChuChu looked at the strong woman with a surprised face, and was stunned for a while. Because she didn't know Liu Lan at all, she didn't see her. She only knew that Fang Yang had a wife with a bad relationship, but she didn't really see her. "

this lady, please don't disturb us today..." "

get out of the way, I didn't ask you for any trouble. I just want this wild seed to make it clear why you and your mother, Cheng Ying, want to seduce my husband, Fang Yang. You shameless mother and daughter still have the face to come here and make a fool of themselves." Liu Lan roared loudly, for fear that everyone could not hear what she said, and he also made everyone's name clear.

"Let her go!" A cold angry man raised his voice, and then a big hand pushed Liu Lan away, protecting Yang ChuChu in his arms. Luo Jin stared at Liu Lan like a cold electricity: "when you condemn others, do you also realize how inferior your quality is and how ridiculous your behavior is?" Liu

LAN once saw Luo Jinyu coming to speak for Yang ChuChu, she immediately sat down on the ground and cried loudly: "bullying, please help me to judge and judge. My husband Fang Yang was seduced by her mother and gave birth to this little fox spirit twenty years ago. Now, she has learned to seduce men at a young age, which is sure to have a mother and a daughter." Lu

xuanchen also drags Mao Rongrong to come forward. Seeing the woman sitting on the ground like a shrew, Lu xuanchen looks at her face, and immediately says, "this lady, you screwed up today's jewelry exhibition. Excuse me, how are you going to compensate for the loss, cash or credit card?"

Hearing the loss, Liu Lan stood up and pointed to Lu xuanchen and shouted, "what are you talking about? How can I blame you? It's clearly Yang ChuChu's fault. If her mother doesn't seduce my husband, how can I come here to make a scene? "

Lu xuanchen sneered: "I can guarantee that you are a good girl with excellent taste. What about you? Aunt, all of us on the scene can prove that you are a unreasonable shrew. You will only scold the little girl. You have poor conduct and poor quality. "

"What did you say about you? Who are you? If you scold me like this, I can sue you! " Liu Lan didn't expect that so many people would jump out to speak for Yang ChuChu. In an instant, she felt helpless, and immediately vented her resentment to Lu xuanchen. "

will Madame have a lawsuit? I can help you, just in time. I'm a professional lawyer in this field. Is your behavior correct today? Now it's just in time to collect evidence! " Mao Rongrong said in a businesslike tone with a pretty face. Liu

LAN looks surprised. When she looks down, she sees Mao Rongrong's fingers tightly clasped with Lu xuanchen's, and her anger goes out. She looks at Yang ChuChu resentfully, and stares at Luo Jinyu. Luo Jinyu's eyes are also full of rage, and her momentum is frightening. She lowers her head quickly. For a while, Fang Kexin hid in the crowd and dared not come up to help, because she was really afraid of losing face in front of the man she liked.

"Well, little bitch, I'll check with you next time!" Liu Lan really didn't find the courage to continue quarreling, so she quickly turned around and jumped out of office. Yang

has a clear and beautiful face and a pale face. Mei Mou looks at Luo Jinyu with a touch of injury. "

it's OK, go change!" Luo Jinyu patted her shoulder gently and comforted her.

Yang Chu and Lu xuanchen and Mao Rongrong look at it gratefully: "thank you for your help!" The next group of audience who watched a good play now have different expressions, but many women still envy Yang ChuChu. When she was scolded, a man stood up for her regardless of everything, protected her tightly in his arms, and prevented the wind and rain from attacking her. Yang

went back to the backstage, took off the beautiful necklace, put it down carefully, apologized to the organizer, changed back his clothes, and walked out quickly. Luo

Jin Yu is waiting for her outside the door. Looking at her small face, it looks like she's hurt, and his heart also hurts.

"Clear, let's go. Let's get out of here first!" Today was supposed to be her charming moment, but because of an unexpected accident, it became a joke in other people's eyes.