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More than ten minutes later, the little guy in his arms was breathing more and more evenly. Ji Xiao Han sneaked a glance at his son who was just about to fall asleep.

Ji Xiao Han quietly stared at his son's beautiful and delicate face. Unknowingly, he had thought of the photos he had saved when he was young.

Then he opened the door and went out, his tall figure in the hallway, hands on his hips, wondering where his old photographs were.

He flipped through them one by one, getting younger and younger.

Finally, he saw the photo that he left behind when he was three or four years old. Although it was old, he looked like a little fool in the picture.

Ji Xiao Han squinted his eyes and sized up his son's appearance. He realized that his son's appearance was indeed very similar.

As he thought of this, Ji Xiao Han's thin lips curled up and she couldn't help but chuckle.

Just as he was immersed in the world within the photo, the door was pushed open and the Uncle Yuan walked in weirdly.

When he saw Ji Xiao Han who looked nothing like he was sitting on the floor, he was stunned.

Ji Xiao Han did not expect the Uncle Yuan to appear again, and immediately stood up from the ground, as if he had done something very embarrassing.

"Young Master, so it's you. I thought it was a servant who was careless and forgot to turn off the light." Uncle Yuan was also very embarrassed. Just now when Young Master was sitting on the floor, he did not look like a Young Master at all.

Ji Xiao Han raised his hand in all seriousness: "Uncle Yuan, it's getting late, you should hurry and go rest. I want to see some old stuff, I will turn off the light."

As if he had received a great reward, Uncle Yuan quickly retreated. As he retreated, he caringly said, "Young Master, rest early too. Pay attention to your body."

After he finished speaking, Uncle Yuan shut the door with cold sweat trickling down his back and quickly left.

All of Ji Xiao Han's interest was dispelled by the sudden appearance of Uncle Yuan. He closed the album and turned to leave.

When he reached the stairs, he suddenly saw a petite figure standing in front of his room with her head lowered.

She raised her small hand, seemingly intending to push at his door.

However, when his small hand was about to touch the doorknob, it fell down in panic.

Ji Xiao Han crossed his arms across his chest and crossed his legs. He lazily leaned against the wall on the side, watching the struggling expression on his face in interest.

Of course, Tang You You did not know that there was a pair of deep and enchanting eyes on his sorry figure that was peeking at him.

However, she had to find out what he was planning to do. Should she give his godmother a promotion?

Otherwise, how was she going to talk to her godmother about going to work tomorrow morning?

She didn't want to disappoint her mother, because she must have been looking forward to it for a long time.

Tang You You's two small hands continuously clasped together, her beautiful eyes flashed with a nervous expression.

But, wasn't her actions too proactive?

If she was treated as a joke by Ji Xiao Han, then how would she continue to maintain her motherly aura in front of these children?

Would Ji Xiao Han also treat her like a very casual woman? In order to achieve his goal, he was willing to take the initiative to hook him?

Just as Tang You You was in a dilemma, her beautiful eyes inadvertently swept her gaze to the side of the corridor.

They met a pair of smiling eyes in an instant.

Tang You You felt like she was being struck by lightning, and her whole body turned ugly. In the next moment, she turned and ran back to her own room.

"Halt!" However, just as she ran out of the room, she heard a man's commanding voice coming from behind her.

Tang You You actually stopped moving obediently, and turned around, staring at him with a bit of resentment: "How long have you been standing there? Why did she not make a sound? Are you intentionally making fun of me? "Damn it."

"Are you suing the wicked first?" Ji Xiao Han's eyes were still filled with laughter.

Tang You You was stunned, her milky-white face immediately had the color of a peach blossom.

She really blushed, so red that it was on the verge of exploding.

This man was abominable.

She actually stood to the side and watched her make a joke. This time, she had really thrown her face away.

Just as Tang You You decided that he would never want to bother with him in this life, the man quickly walked towards her. After that, he forcefully and tyrannically buckled her wrist, then pulled her towards the balcony.

Tang You You's beautiful eyes were wide opened as she lowered her head to look at the place where the man was tightly grabbing onto her hand.

"Ji Xiao Han, what are you doing? Let go, I'm going to sleep!" Tang You You had already decided not to beg him, self-esteem was more important.

Since he was looking down on him, he might as well keep his confidence. In the future, he would have the right to speak about his children's education.

"Weren't you looking for me just now?" Ji Xiao Han knew that she was speaking nonsense. His thin lips were curled up, but his tone of voice still carried a smile.

Tang You You was going crazy.

"I'm suddenly fine now, hurry up and let me go!" Tang You You said with unspoken thoughts.

But now, she was dragged out of the balcony by a man.

The sound of rolling waves could be heard in the distance. Nearby, there was the terrifying aura of a man who was masculine.

Tang You You only felt that his back was gently pushed against the wall, following that, the man used one hand to prop himself beside her ear.

She looked down at him condescendingly, her thin lips curling up into a smile that made her look even more charming and enchanting.

Tang You You's breathing quickened as she lifted her beautiful eyes to look into the man's unfathomable eyes.

"Ji Xiao Han, why are you toying with me?" Tang You You accused him of his evil deeds, and a layer of mist instantly appeared in his beautiful eyes.

Ji Xiao Han was slightly taken aback, then innocently shrugged his shoulders: "Wandering, when did I toy with you?"

"You don't want to agree to my request at all. You just want to see me make a fool of myself, don't you?" Tang You You had yet to hear his reply, how could she not think of things bad?