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C1129 the man who can conquer her

Lohnin and murin look at each other in secret. Lohnin appreciates his wife's fierce skill. His mother is stubborn and tough. If she doesn't take the medicine, it's hard to break her stubborn persistence. When Lin saw Luo Mu bowing her head and being silent, she immediately crouched down and said softly, "Mom, we all hope that elder brother will get better and better, because we are a family." Luo

her mother felt a little bit shocked. Looking at Mu Lin's sincere eyes, Luo mother couldn't help but move: "Mu Lin, you are a good child. If he can marry you, he has vision and luck!" Mu Lin smiled: "Mom, why don't you give Chu a chance? She is really very nice. Since you believe that Henning and I have good eyes and pick each other, we think Yang ChuChu is a good girl. Can you give her a chance to prove it? "

Luo's mother could not help but smile bitterly: "well, since you and Henning's Yang ChuChu are good, I'll give them another chance. However, she is too young to get married now. Living together with such a bad name, we can't afford to lose this person in Luo's family."

"Mom, elder brother and Chu Chu are just dating now. If you don't want them to live together, I can discuss with elder brother and ask him and Chu not to live together for a while!" It's not easy to wait for her mother's concession. Of course, lohnin won't let murin's words be wasted because of this small request. Luo

the mother gave him a look: "OK, you can call your elder brother and say that I agree with him to associate with Yang ChuChu now, but They try not to live together! " "

mom, you are really conservative. Nowadays, people will live together when they communicate. This is the pre marriage test." Lohnin couldn't help laughing.

Luo Mu's face changed, and Luo Henning realized that he shouldn't be sarcastic to his mother at this time. He quickly took his mobile phone and walked upstairs: "Mom, I'll call brother right now."

Murin was also relieved, but it also proved that the mother-in-law did not ignore her existence, otherwise, she would not listen to her advice.

After all, it's not a family. The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is also a big problem from ancient times to the present. Murin only hopes that her intelligence and wisdom can be used not only in work, but also in reconciling the family relationship. Before her eyes, Luo Mu liked her.

Lohnin unplugged his cell phone and waited for a while before hearing his voice.

"What's the matter?" Luo Jinyu thought that when his brother called him, his mother must have been angry and crying again. He hoped that he would quickly adjust his direction to go back to comfort him.

"Brother, I have a good news for you!" Lohnin knew that big brother was in a bad mood, so he said directly.

"Is it? Tell me! " Luo Jin's tight mood was relieved at last. Luo

Henning hehe laughed: "Mom just said, agree you and Yang ChuChu continue to associate, happy?" "

what? Really? " Luo Jinyu is concentrating on driving. When he hears the news, his steering wheel is tight. The next second, the car stops on the side of the road. Luo Jinyu says with a smile: "aren't you trying to make me happy?"

"It's true, of course. When my mother and I begged her, my mother agreed." Lohnin nodded at once. "

then you begged her before, and she didn't agree!" Luo Jin makes fun of the way. "

it used to be different. You lost your temper with your mother today. She was very sad. It happened that the company had an accident again. In fact, her mother was worried about you. Murin and I said this difficult time, let Yang ChuChu come to accompany you. You must be in a better mood. Moreover, we also told her to take this opportunity to test whether Yang ChuChu is sincere to you, and she nodded and agreed " Lohnen explained the process. "

it turns out that mother still wants to test her." Luo Jin Yu holds the steering wheel tightly. "

elder brother, you should be satisfied first. At least mom agrees with you. Oh, there is another thing. I have to remind you that mom said you can communicate with each other, but you can't live together. You should pay attention to it. Hang up!"

When lohnin finished reporting the good news, he hung up the phone, turned around, and saw Mullin with a plate of fruit, leaning leisurely against the wall behind him. "

murin, thank you for pleading for my eldest brother. I find it's still effective for you to speak." Lohnen threw his cell phone directly on the bed and walked over. Then, his palm gently touched Maureen's abdomen: "because you are carrying our Luo family's flesh and blood now, my mother can attach importance to you." Lin couldn't help laughing: "don't I have the right to speak at home without being pregnant?"

"Of course not. In front of me, you always have a say." Lohnin was so surprised that he did not dare to touch the nail and make her angry. Lin gave him a look: "I think your eldest brother is very pitiful. If this happened to us, would you be as persistent as your eldest brother?"

"I'll be more persistent than my big brother, really!" Lokhnen was determined immediately. "

I don't believe it. If you really have courage, you won't only love me in secret at the beginning. I don't think your elder brother is a person who likes to hide his true feelings. On the road of love, he is much more direct than you." Murin snorted disapprovingly, but she was actually happy. When she thought of the wood's silly love for herself for several years, her vanity and satisfaction almost burst.

Lohnen's face turned red with shame: "I actually wanted to talk to you in the past many times, but one look in your eyes made me flinch. I admit, I'm timid, but my love for you is true, not adulterated." Mu

Lin saw that his nervous handsome face was red, so she had to stop teasing him. Her white fingers gently crossed the handsome face of the man, and her voice was low and soft with a smile: "then believe it or not, I like your timid character, which is easy to bully."

"Ah..." Lohnin's expression froze.

Murin's smile deepened: "every time I see you dodging my eyes, I want to change my way to bully you."

"I didn't expect you to be such a Mulin!" Lohnin was not able to laugh or cry, but he was relieved at last. He would be liked by her even if he didn't meet his shortcomings. Isn't that stupid? "

otherwise? What do you think I am? " Murin raised her eyebrows in disapproval.

"I thought you were a queen like woman, not bow for anyone, and then you will be conquered by a better man than you, and you will become a gentle wife for him, so I have no strength to approach you." Lohnen smiled bitterly, thinking of his cowardice, but also very helpless.

"Fool, your face is enough for me!" Maureen hooked his neck and pasted the warm lips.