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Wan Qianqian is in a good mood for the last two days, because she tries to find out that Lan Yanxi seems to have no feelings for Ling Mo Feng. Otherwise, she is also working in the general office. Why hasn't Ling Mo Feng ever come to see LAN Yanxi?

Wan Qianqian feels that Lan Yanxi is lying. She must like Ling Mo Feng. She just refuses to admit it in front of her. After all, Ling Mo Feng is too cold for her. How can she admit that the man she likes doesn't love herself?

A lot of facts prove that lanyanxi likes Ling Mo Feng. She comes to work in the general office. Moreover, before that, it was said that she came for a man, that man is Ling Mo Feng.

LAN Yanxi doesn't like Ling Mo Feng. In Wan Qianqian's opinion, it doesn't matter. What matters is the attitude of men.

The result of the old president's investigation is that Ling Mo Feng is dealing with this funny marriage, but he is very indifferent to lanyanxi. It's said that lanyanxi moved into Ling Mo Feng's house shamelessly, forcing the vice president back to his parents' house.

"Ha ha, really shameless!" Every time wanqianqian thought about it, she felt ridiculous. Lanyanxi almost lost the face of a woman. He took the initiative to send her to the door. The man still despised her. How cheap she was.

Now it's the end of the year. It's time for everyone to get together. LAN Yanxi was sent abroad because of a lucky prize. Wan Qianqian suspected that it was Ling Mo Feng who made her whole. Thinking of this, Wan Qianqian laughed again.

She had to take advantage of LAN Yanxi to go abroad and take a good chance to express her love to Ling Mo Feng.

In fact, Wan Qianqian has a better idea. Among the celebrities she contacts, there is a chance to contact Ling Mo Feng's mother.

Although Ling's mother lives in seclusion, she doesn't usually get into these flashy circles. After all, she was also the first lady, and normal communication would still be possible. For example, she heard about an old politician's wife's birthday, and Ling's mother would definitely go, because they had deep friendship before.

Moreover, the birthday is at noon today. Wan Qianqian proudly unfolds the invitation on the table. In fact, it's her grandfather's invitation, but she has it. She wants to attend instead of her grandfather. That is to say, she has a chance to know Ling's mother. She must perform well. If she gets the affirmation of her future mother-in-law, she and Ling will have a good time The distance will be much closer.

In order to arrange this time, Wan Qianqian specially drags on her aunt and asks her aunt to talk to Ling's mother about this matter, which will show that she has a very good impression on Ling's mother.

At about eleven o'clock at noon, Wan Qianqian and her aunt took a car to Lao Shouxing's house. Her birthday was not grand. It was just held in her living room, but the guests were all heavyweight guests. They were all the ladies of some ministers who came to meet and call.

Wan Qianqian saw Ling's mother in the crowd. She was wearing a dark blue long skirt and long hair. She was graceful. She was not luxurious. She gave a sense of stability and atmosphere.

Wan Qianqian looks at it at the first time and admires it inexplicably. She feels that Ling's mother must be a good mother-in-law. Her face is filled with Reading Li and knowledge. Between smiles, there is the wisdom and gentleness of women everywhere.

"Aunt!" Wan Qianqian immediately pulled the woman around her and gave a sign with her eyes.

Her aunt knew her purpose on her way here. Now, naturally, she wanted to help her.

Wan Qianqian's aunt is also a lady of your family. However, compared with Ling's mother, she has more flashy temperament.

"Mrs Ling, long time no see, you are still so young and elegant!" Wan's aunt smiled politely.

"No match for you!" Ling Mu smiles.

"By the way, this is my niece Qianqian. She is now a famous young painter in the world. She has just returned to work. I heard that she works in the general office. She has met with Mr. vice president." Aunt Wan said the point directly.

"Oh, really? You are so young and talented. You are really talented! " Ling's mother is still a little impressed with Wan's family, laughing and praising.

"Mrs. Ling, would you venture to ask if Mr. vice president has a girlfriend?" Asked Wan's aunt boldly and directly.

Ling's mother laughs awkwardly. Although she has asked about her son's feelings, she knows that he is getting along with the girl in the blue family now, but for the sake of each other's safety, she does not want to make it public. Now she is asked like this. Ling's mother certainly knows how to answer.

"I don't want to communicate with him all the time, so I don't know if he likes anyone!" Ling's mother pretends to be a helpless parent. When her child grows up, many parents will feel this kind of helpless feeling. Because the child is separated from his own discipline and has his own vision and ideas, they will no longer make friends with their parents.

"It's also worrying that my two sons don't talk to me about their concerns. However, Mrs. Ling, my niece is really excellent and looks good. I don't know if I can make an appointment to meet with Mr. vice president. The children have reached the age of marriage. It's always good to choose the right one!" Ten thousand aunts immediately sold their nieces.

Ling's mother had expected that she was coming for this. Her eyes looked at Wan Qianqian gently.

Wan Qianqian bowed her head shyly and shouted politely, "Hello, auntie."

"Hello, Miss Wan has such a good temperament. Is there a lack of pursuers?" Ling asked with a smile.

Wan Qianqian was surprised to know that Ling's mother was trying her out. She was worried that her answer was not satisfactory.

"Aunt joked, I try to make myself excellent, just to meet the right people one day. Mr. vice president is young and promising, calm and introverted. I really appreciate it. I hope aunt can give me a chance, and I will be filial to you!" Wan Qianqian is really overconfident. She thinks that if she says filial piety in advance, Ling's mother will like her more, but she seems to forget that Ling's mother is also a smart woman. Naturally, she has a set of standards to measure her future daughter-in-law.

But the first criterion must be the woman the son loves.

"Miss Wan is so polite. When her son grows up, she can't be disciplined as a mother. I can't be the master of whether you and Mo Feng have a destiny. If my son really wants to take you home one day, it's not too late for us to talk about filial piety." Ling's mother refused.

Wan Qianqian's face suddenly turned white, even her aunt's face looked ugly.

"Excuse me, I'll say hello to my friend!" Ling's mother smiled politely, turned around and walked away.

Wan Qianqian is like a stone carving. She hasn't been relieved for a long time. Is Ling's mother not satisfied with her?

Yes, Ling Mo Feng is vice president, but she's not bad. The ten thousand family is also a scholar. It's better than the blue family. The blue family is full of the copper smell of businessmen from head to toe. How can they match up with the Ling family.

"Aunt!" Wan Qianqian's eyes were red with grievances. She didn't expect that she would be so unpopular with Ling's mother. She had some inferiority.

"What are you crying for? It's still early. Mrs. Ling didn't say that you are not good or that you are not suitable. She just doesn't care about her son's business. You should pay attention to her son and point out that you will go back to Ling's house with his son one day!" Wan's aunt is also a strong woman. Jue's niece cried because of this kind of attack. She is too hopeless.

Wan Qianqian has to hold back her tears. Indeed, she can't cry now. Ling's mother just doesn't know her excellence, so she turns her out. She will definitely grasp Ling Mo Feng's heart by her own ability. At that time, she will let Ling's see her mother and she will be her daughter-in-law.

Ling's mother's mood was affected a little. She looked at Wan Qianqian's sad expression across the crowd. She shook her head gently in her heart. Now, how can a woman be more active than a man? Either her son is too good, or this miss Wan's work is too quick and quick. She can't wait to occupy the seat if she takes a fancy to her son's potential What about it?

I really want to know what the blue family girl thinks. She hasn't shown her face yet.