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Ji Shangqing looks at the girl with a smile. Indeed, he has investigated her growing environment. If a person grows up in a family without love, her character will be very gloomy. But blue Weiwei seems not to have those characters. Sometimes she is still like an innocent child. She has a simple mind. The only difference is when she asks for money endlessly from her father, Sorrow written on the face. She can walk over the barrier with one foot. Why does he cling to it? What's more, he's still a man. What's the reason why he's half dead? "

slightly!" Ji Shangqing held her tightly in her arms, attached her ears, and apologized in a low voice: "what I shouldn't have done to you just now is that I'm not good. I didn't control my temper. I won't do it next time!"

Blue Wei has learned what kind of man Ji Shangqing is. He looks cold and arrogant, but most of the time, he is willing to let go of his pride.

"I know you're in a bad mood, but I can't comfort you. If you have dissatisfaction in your heart, it's good to vent!" Said blue with a slight sigh.

"Are you not angry with me?" Ji Shangqing released his hands and put them on her shoulders. He looked at her nervously and asked. Blue

shook his head slightly: "no, I know you are not a person who likes to lose his temper, you just met something!" Season

Shang Qing nodded: "slightly, I'm in a good mood now. I want to ask you something." "

What's up?" Blue slightly beautiful eyes surprised to open. "

I want you to accompany me to Grandpa's funeral tomorrow!" Ji Shangqing pleaded in a low voice.

"Ah?" Lanwei thought he was asking for something else. Unexpectedly, he decided to take her to see his family. Moreover, it was the kind that suddenly appeared at his grandfather's funeral.

"Scared?" Ji Shangqing's eyes darkened, thinking she didn't want to go with him. Blue

bit his lips slightly and said softly: "your family will come. If I go with you, do I want to see them?" "

Yes, you will see them, but I really want to take you to see my grandfather. Even if it's too late, I want you to accompany me to kowtow!" Ji Shangqing is leaning against the wall. In fact, just two days before his grandfather's accident, Ji Shangqing is going to take LAN Weiwei to meet his grandparents. He wants to invite the second eldest brother to come home for dinner and show them his future wife. Didn't

think that it happened so suddenly that grandpa left like this. His heart is really not feeling good.

"Well, I'll go!" Blue slightly see he is very sad, do not want to let him lose again. Season

Shangqing looks down, coagulates on her face, and gently strokes her finger on her cheek: "slightly, it must be that I have used all the luck in my life to meet you." Blue

was stunned with a slight expression, and then his cheeks turned red. For example,

if what happened in the hotel that day is a kind of meeting, then she really doesn't want to do it again. Ji was also stunned, as if he had mentioned something he shouldn't have said. He coughed softly: "that You cook. I'll clean up the room! "

"Well!" See him finally is to restore the previous state, blue slightly mood also put down. On the morning of the next day, Ji Laozi's funeral was more than 10:00 at noon. On the eastern hillside of a cemetery, he chose the best cemetery with exquisite architecture, which is a rare treasure land of Fengshui. Of course, the price is not affordable. Today, apart from his family members and friends, there are not many friends of his age, and all of them are gray headed. However, they still stand on crutches and flutter to see the old man on his last journey.

Everyone was dressed in black, and it snowed.

Mr. Ji's friends are all accompanied by his family. At the moment, on the top of the old man's head, they are all held up by the bodyguard of Mr. Ji Xiaohan. Tang youyou and LAN Yue are holding the children together, and some people come to support them. Ji

Bai Yiyan is standing beside Yueze. She has a slight bulge in her abdomen. I don't know if it's the sadness in her heart. It makes her feel that at this moment, the baby in her abdomen moves violently and her eyes are inexplicably red.

Is not even the unborn baby can feel the sad atmosphere at this moment?

Ji Xiaohan and the old lady are standing at the front. The old man's coffin has been put down and is being covered with earth. The mood of the people is suddenly sad. At this time, at the step, there are two more figures, Ji Shangqing and LAN Weiwei.

Ji Yueze's face turned black when he saw him.

The old lady turned around and looked at Ji Shangqing, then waved to him.

Ji Shangqing walked over with his head down and said sadly, "I'm sorry, grandma, I'm late!"

"As long as you remember, it's OK, otherwise, it may be the legacy of your whole life!" The old lady was still pleased. She was worried that Ji Shangqing would leave the big family and never have any more contacts. That was the last result she would like to see. I believe that the old man didn't want their brothers to be really separated.

"I know!" Ji Shangqing nodded.

The old lady suddenly looked at the girl standing beside him and asked, "who is she?"

Ji Shangqing said in a hoarse voice, "my girlfriend, LAN Weiwei, wants to take her to see Grandpa off!"

"It's so nice. Your grandfather knows it under the spring. He must be happy for you." The old lady heard that Ji Shangqing finally found his girlfriend, and her mood was very complicated. However, it's also worth being happy to hear a happy event at this moment. "

hope Grandpa will like my future wife!" Ji Shangqing also forced a smile.

Ji Xiaohan's eyes slightly changed. When Ji Shangqing admitted that blue Wei was his girlfriend, he was really surprised. When

at the beginning, he also investigated the relationship between Lanwei and Ji Shangqing, and planned to find Lanwei to prove it. But Lanwei seems to maintain Ji Shangqing very much. Now it seems that it's because they have been in love.

"Your grandfather has left so many regrets that he did not see Ozawa's children or your girlfriend. Don't worry, I will tell him in my dream that you are at ease!" The old lady sighed a long time and greeted the heavy moment with a smile.

Snow, hit on a group of people, until the end of the kowtow, salute, part of the elderly just left. The old lady asked Tang youyou and LAN Yue to take the children away, and Lan Wei and Bai Yiyan followed them to the car first. In front of the tomb, only the old lady and Ji's three grandchildren are left.

The old lady's slightly arched body seems to be getting thinner and thinner. Standing beside her are three tall and upright young men. Although they are tall, they still bow their heads in front of their elders and try to bend down. "

your grandfather's future affairs are all done. Next, the life is as it is. Life is changeable. Don't take it too seriously. You three kneel down in front of Grandpa's grave and swear. From now on, there will be no competition and no family members will be killed. If anyone violates this oath, your grandfather and I will never die even if we lie down." The old lady took her crutch and knocked heavily on the ground. She was alerting the young people and their family to be harmonious, so that everything could flourish.

The three men said nothing and knelt down on the spot. Ji Xiaohan took the lead in swearing. Then, Ji Yueze and Ji Shangqing took the oath respectively.

The old lady stood by and looked at it. She finally sighed with satisfaction: "OK, go back. If you have time later, just come here and have a look."

"Grandma, I want to stay here a little longer alone!" Ji said in a low voice.

Ji Xiaohan and Ji Yueze are supporting the old lady and intend to leave first. "

Well, you can stay for a while. Another day, bring your girlfriend over for dinner! " At the moment, the old lady's hands and feet are cold and almost fainting. It's also a matter of injury for her to bear the inner sorrow.

"Yes, grandma!" Ji Shangqing answered in a low voice. Ji Xiaohan and Ji Yueze have a look at each other. Although they still have resentment against Ji Shangqing, now that they have made that oath, they will never use any means against him even if they can't be brothers and relatives. Season

Shangqing has been kneeling here for more than half an hour, dragging his already stiff body and going down step by step. Far away, he saw a woman standing beside the car, with no umbrella on her head and white snow all over her body. He was a little shocked.