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C1829 only you are worth it

Mu Yun looks at nangongyao's villa, which is majestic and domineering, with the noble spirit and elegance of the European royal family.

Nangong Siqing walked in front of her, dressed in a sky blue Princess long dress, with her hair on her temples. The whole person looked delicate and tender.

"Siqing Siqing

Mu Yun stops in a garden and looks at the scenery. Suddenly, he sees Nangong Siqing with her head down. She has gone far away in silence. She hurries to stop her.

Nangong thinks of a vibration of clear fierce, turn round, just discover Mu Yun is still behind, she hurriedly runs over again.

"Siqing, do you have something on your mind?

I think you have been depressed since you came back. What are you thinking? "

Mu Yun looks at her with concern and sees her eyes dodge twice.

"No No, what can I worry about? I'm afraid that my grades will decline again and I will be scolded by my uncle. "

Nangong Siqing did not dare to look into Mu Yun's eyes for fear that she might find her own worries.

"Your uncle is reluctant to scold you. Don't worry. Your grades are on me. When I quit my job, I will concentrate on tutoring you at home."

Mu Yun smiles gently. She may never realize what kind of mood poor performance is, because she was mostly a bully from childhood. At the moment, looking at Nangong Siqing, she feels so distressed and lovely.

"Auntie, if I mean, if my uncle couldn't marry you immediately for some reason, would you break up with him? "

Nangong Siqing, with her hands on her back, was walking back and forth in the garden, obviously nervous and uneasy.

Mu Yunmei's eyes were stunned for a moment, then she smiled: "you want to say that your family can't easily accept me, right?"

Nangong Siqing looks at her in surprise: "do you know anything?"

"Even if you don't say it, I know it. Don't forget what my family is for. I've known the intermarriage custom of your Nangong family for a long time. However, since I'm here, I won't leave easily."

Mu Yunyang's lips laughed, and his face was fearless.

"You know, I was worried for so long. I thought you would leave immediately."

Nangong Siqing cannot laugh or cry.

"Siqing, thank you for your concern."

Mu Yun stopped smiling and looked at her seriously.

"I I have only my uncle now, and only you and me. Of course, I want to care about you, but I don't know how my uncle will persuade those people. "

Nangong Siqing lowered her head and sighed.

"Well, at a young age, you should be carefree. Don't sigh, there will always be a solution."

Mu Yun is warm in heart. It's a happy thing to worry about himself.

In the evening, a black car stopped at the door of the living room. The man who came down from the car, dressed in a black suit, had a noble and mysterious temperament.


Nangong Siqing can't wait to run out of the door to meet Nangong Yao.

Nangong Yao patted her on the back gently. As soon as they stepped into the living room, they saw Muyun standing beside the sofa.

"Do you still like this family?"

Nangong Yao gently opens her mouth, takes off her coat and walks towards her.

Next to the servant respectfully took his coat, all of which, in this home, obviously well ordered.

Moyun nodded, "I like it. It's beautiful. It's like a castle."

"Uncle, did you tell them about you and your aunt?

Have they agreed? "

Nangong Siqing is not young, and she is gradually involved in the family, so she really wants to hear the answer.

Mu Yun looks slightly stiff, and her beautiful eyes flash at the man.

"Of course, they will agree."

Nangong Yao looks as usual.


Nangong Siqing was immediately happy.

"Yes, of course, it is true. My uncle said that there is a solution to everything."

Nangong Yao comforts her with a smile.

"Then I can go upstairs and read. You can talk."

Nangong Siqing left the space for them, and left wisely.

Mu Yun is not as naive and deceitful as Nangong Siqing. She is obviously aware of the hidden forbearance in the man's smile. She comes to him and looks at him.

Nangong Yao is afraid to look into her eyes and try to change the subject: "go upstairs and see the room I have prepared for you."

"Don't you want to tell me the truth?"

Muyun suddenly reached out and grabbed his arm. "If you don't want to say it, I won't ask."

Nangong Yao sighed a little, turned around, glanced softly at her face: "why can't you hide it?"

"I'm not Siqing. Don't think I'm a child."

Mu Yun is a little unhappy to leave a lip.

"Well, let's talk upstairs. In fact, I didn't want to hide it from you. I won't hide anything from you in the future."

Nangong Yao said, clasping her fingers on her back, and they went upstairs.

There is a bedroom upstairs which is temporarily arranged for mu Yun to live in.

After entering the bedroom, Nangong Yao leaned back against the door wall and looked at Mu Yun softly: "they are against us, but after I gave up 5% equity and guaranteed to improve 5% performance within three years, they compromised."


I'm not worth it? "

Mu Yun didn't expect that he actually told them the conditions. They are a family, but they have interests binding between them, which makes the family feeling more fragile, but also the interests are more solid.

"Of course you are."

Nangong Yao smiled softly, stroked her cheek with his finger quivering, murmured: "only you are worth it, Moyun, we can finally get married. In order not to dream too much at night, I want to get married as soon as possible."

"You are stupid."

Muyun's eyes were red, and he murmured against his arms.

"It's a new experience to be a fool once in my life."

Nangong Yao is not afraid. If he is separated from the woman in his arms, it will be the end of the world.

"I hear your family still prefers men to women, don't they?"

Moyun looked up at him again.

"A little bit."

Nangong Yao can't lie.

"What if I didn't have a son?

Will they force you again? "

Moyun asked him heartily.

"No matter the daughter, the burden of the company is too heavy. Even if we have a son, I don't want him to spend his whole life in it. Life is not long, but mainly for pleasure."

Nangong Yao comforts her with a smile.

Of course, Mu Yun heard that he was comforting herself. She couldn't help laughing: "well, since you say that, I won't worry about it. You can marry whenever you want. Anyway, I'll depend on you for my whole life."

"I won't let you go again."

Nangong Yao hugged her tightly and kissed her with thin lips.

Murun's heart, or tremor, this man for her, in the end, what to give up, what to bear?