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C1225 wants to keep her close

Ling Mo Feng reached for the big bag of food in the back seat and took a surprise. With his strength, he felt a little hard to carry. How did the woman get into the car?

Ling Mo Feng looked down at the things in the bag again. He bought a whole lot of things. I don't know why she bought so many things.

LAN Yanxi went into the living room, went to the sofa to lie down and shouted, "I've been running for a day, so tired!"

Ling Mo Feng was just listening to what she said, and whispered, "lie down for a while, and I'll see what I eat at night!"

LAN Yanxi jumped up from the sofa, walked quickly to the restaurant, opened a large bag of things, picked out three books from it, and raised them like a treasure to Ling Mo Feng: "what did I buy?"

Ling Mo Feng glanced at it. It was a vegetable shop, and it was still three. One was a home-made steamer, the other was a soup maker. This woman bought this kind of book and came back. Isn't she really going to learn to be a virtuous little wife? "

come and let me see what we're going to eat tonight!" LAN Yanxi is in a good mood again. He opens the home cooking, turns over a few pages, points to a dish and says, "I've bought all the ingredients for this dish. Let's try it later. And this one. By the way, I'll make a soup. I've seen that the spareribs and corn soup is the easiest to learn. I've bought all the ingredients, Ling Mo Feng. Let's start now. I'm a little hungry!" LAN Yanxi read in pieces as he turned the book. He had a very independent look, which made Ling Mo Feng look at her with great admiration.

"Lan Yanxi, who asked you to buy these things?" Ling Mo Feng frowned. After all, he didn't ask her to be an all-around and virtuous wife, but she was so energetic. "

what? You don't want me to learn how to cook? If I leave you later and haven't found a good home, if I can't go back to the blue house, and I can't go to my mother's place to eat every day, then I have to learn some survival skills! " LAN Yanxi's small mouth is more eloquent, which makes people feel that there are several reasons, and there is no way to refute. Ling

Mo Feng is really blocked by her clever little mouth.

He is languidly propped up on the table, the finger is on the table lightly buckled twice, show him helpless. "

well, if you are determined to learn, of course, I fully support you, just You have to be careful. My house is antique. Don't burn it for me! " Ling Mo Feng can only remind her with a smile.

"No, I'm not so clumsy. I'll do what I decide to do!" LAN Yanxi's assurance came down. "

well, I believe you can do it well!" Ling Mo Feng looked at her sparkling eyes, which seemed to fall into the stars. The beauty was dazzling, which made him reluctant to speak to strike her. "

then you Help me! " LAN Yanxi immediately changed into a smiley face and begged him. "

OK, I'll help you!" Ling Mo Feng can't refuse her entreaties, is it because she looks good with a smile? Or a genuine light in her eyes?

Lanyanxi really took off her coat, rolled up two sleeves, tied her long hair to her head, loose and scattered a few wisps of fine hair, sketched out her delicate white melon seed face, this look, any man would see it, and her heart would beat faster.

But she didn't know her lovely and pure appearance at all, which could easily hit the most fatal weakness of men.

Ling Mo Feng's mind is in disorder, and his body has changed subtly. This kind of panic and uncontrollable mood makes him feel a little embarrassed.

Think of that day in the study, inadvertently kissed her lips, even if there is no deep kiss, just a simple touch, his heart has fallen into the abyss, unable to extricate itself.

"Hey, hey, what are you doing? The water is overflowing. Turn it off!" The voice of the girl Qingyue suddenly rings, and changes back to the soul of Ling Mo Feng. His handsome face is slightly swollen red. He quickly reaches out to turn off the water tap, bows his head, and cleans the corn silently.

Her breath also has a sweet taste, just like the corn rubbed in his hand. It's sweet and sweet. He can't help thinking about it. He wants to knead the little woman like this.

"Ling Mo Feng, you seem to have lied to me!" Next to the girl side cutting vegetables, while dripping coo said.

Ling Mo Feng's heart was slightly tightened, and his deep eyes looked at her, only to see her three-dimensional and delicate side face, as well as the slightly tooted powder lip balm. "

How can I cheat you?" Ling asked with a chuckle.

"You said that my job is easy and leisurely, but I went to work on the first day today, and I found that I was not idle at all. I was so busy!" LAN Yanxi said, and his head and eyes gave him a resentful look. Ling

Mo Fengjun's face is tight, and his voice line is low: "for new people, no matter what work they do, they will be in a hurry. After you get used to it for a few days, they will be better." Blue

Yan Xi nodded: "well, maybe I've been used to bad things by my family since I was young. I think my colleagues are all in a relaxed and excellent state. Maybe I'm really too relaxed. If I'm a little busy, I'm in a panic. I really need to accept my temperament." "

your family has brought you up very well. When you meet something, you should first look for problems from yourself without complaining. It's a rare good habit." Ling Mo Feng's thin lips are not stingy to praise her. "

this is what my grandfather said, things are dead, people are alive, a person can't do a thing well, it's not the cause of things, but the person is not hard enough or the brain is not enough." LAN Yanxi smiled and blinked at him.

"Your grandfather used to be a legend in the business world. It's no wonder that he is so old that there are so many people willing to buy his affection. It's a good thing for you to learn how to deal with people." Ling Mo Feng also positively evaluated the blue old man, and expressed his respect in his words.

"Well, my grandfather is very kind, so he is good to me!" LAN Yanxi nodded in agreement. If this sentence is heard by others, it should be a little sad, but lanyanxi feels extremely happy. Ling

Mo Feng's eyes reflected her thoughtless smile, sighed softly, and some changes took place in his heart, which made him suddenly want to keep this woman in his side forever. "

if you are scolded today, your situation may be more difficult these days. If you can't withstand the pressure, you can tell me that I will change your job!" Ling Mo Feng said after a silence. "

no need, didn't you say that? In front of outsiders, we need to show some indifference. If we let people know that you are changing my job behind my back, what would everyone think of us? " LAN Yanxi simply refused his kindness. "

what makes people so persistent in the face of this dilemma?" Ling would like to know the answer. "

it's you!" LAN Yanxi said it in a big way, and her pretty face was still glowing.

As soon as Ling Mo Feng's body shook, an indescribable feeling rushed up to his chest. He couldn't help but suddenly said, "Lan Yanxi, do you know that you have the ability to let men remember you?" "

yes? Do you remember me now? " LAN Yanxi is puzzled by his words.

Ling Mo Feng was stared at by her big crystal eyes. She was so shy that she bowed her head and said nothing more. This meal was done by lanyanxi on the surface, but most of the work was done by Ling mofeng alone. Lanyanxi only paid attention to it with her eyes.

"It's delicious. Mr. vice president is very skilled!" LAN Yanxi ate a piece of beef with chopsticks and immediately praised it. Ling

Mo Feng can't help but raise his lips and smile. This woman really has the ability to make his mood changeable. "

your collar is stained with oil. I'll wash it for you after taking it off. And today's suit. It's high-end. You can wash it by hand. Let me come after dinner!" LAN Yanxi said in a diligent voice. "

OK, if you let me take off, I will take off!" Ling Mo Feng is evil. The child's hand was shaking, almost all the chopsticks fell to the ground. Where is this?