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C927 unexpected visitors

Tang youyou looks down, along the curved stairway, and sees the season owl Han holding a bunch of flowers at the first sight. Even among such a group of dazzling men, Tang youyou sees him at the first sight.

It's not unreasonable for two people to love each other. Even though there are better people in the world than him, her eyes can't hold others. "

uncle!" Season owl cold opened mouth to shout a, afterward, felt that this kind of shout is not suitable, temporarily some awkwardness.

Everyone didn't speak up to correct him, because we all know that Ji's family and Xia's family once had a grudge. Now, because of the relationship between Tang Youyou, the grudge between the two families has subsided, but whether Ji Xiaohan still cares, we dare not guess. Summer

vivin said with a smile: "you're so early, almost go!"

Ji Xiaohan nodded to him, and then his eyes fell on Tang youyou's face. At the moment, Tang youyou's face hasn't been covered with a veil. However, when she went to the church for the red carpet, she was ready to cover a veil.

"Let's go!" Said the season owl in a low voice.

"Good!" Tang youyou's mouth is up. He's very happy.

Four best men and four bridesmaids got on the car respectively, almost all of them have been matched.

At the entrance of the church, Tang youyou and four bridesmaids went directly to the prepared dressing room, because at this time, they had not yet reached the red carpet link, and had to wait a second time. At this time, two little guys burst in. "

Mommy!" Ji xiaonai pounced on Tang youyou happily and looked up at her: "Wow, Mommy, you are more beautiful than me!" Four bridesmaids were all amused by the little guy's words.

"Xiaonai, you are beautiful today. Who made your hair for you? It must have taken a lot of thought! " Murin stretched out her hand and pulled the little guy's twist braid. Suddenly she thought that she wanted to have a lovely little girl like her. She must be restless all day, but she must be very happy. "

it was my grandma who made it for me. Her hands are very skillful!" The little guy replied immediately and seriously. "

Xiaorui, come here too, Mommy hold it!" Tang youyou finds his son standing by the door, some of whom are stunned, and immediately waves to him. Actually, Ji Xiaorui is a little shy, because there are so many beautiful sisters on site, he instinctively feels nervous. Listen to

when mummy is calling for him, Ji Xiaorui walks right away. "

sister Youyou, your son looks like Ji Zong!" Yang ChuChu immediately marveled at the discovery. Although he had seen it before, he didn't look at it so carefully. Now when he looks at it, it's just a copy, big and small.

All eyes are fixed on Ji Xiaorui's face. Ji Xiaorui turns red all of a sudden.

"When you get old, you'll be shy." Tang youyou kissed his son's face and said with a smile. "I don't have one," Xiao Rui shouted at once

Ji Xiaorui said and left. Ji xiaonai immediately followed him like a little tail: "I'm going, I'm going too!"

Seeing two such lovely little guys, everyone began to talk about the children. Women are born mothers. It's natural to talk about children forever.

At the moment, Ji Xiaorui comes to a leisure room with her sister. There are four handsome men sitting in the room, chatting over tea.

"Xiaonai, Xiaorui!" Ji Yueze yelled at them. "

Where's my dad!" Ji xiaonai blinked a big eye to see, did not find the figure of Daddy.

"Your father was called away by great grandmother. Something may be wrong!" Ji Yueze said with a smile. "Uncle, what are you doing?" Ji xiaonai immediately came in and asked with a smile, without any stage fright.

Four men all stared at the white, white, tender and tender little girl and looked at her. Mushi sighed: "Xiaohan is relaxed now. Xiaonai is so big that she must be able to make some sense. The little princess in my family, small, has a little temper, which makes my liver ache every day."

"Uncle Ye, what is reason?" Ji xiaonai blinked and asked, "when will you bring sister orange to my house to play? I haven't seen her for a long time. It's weird!"

"Oh, I've been looking for friends since I was young. OK, I'll bring orange with me these days. Then you'll have friends!" Mu shiye also wants to take her daughter to play with children. She should be able to have more experience. Luo

Henning is going to be a father soon. He pillows his arms and sighs: "I don't know if I can take the baby with me, but I'm ready for it now."

Ji Yueze holds Ji xiaonai in his lap and touches her long hair: "xiaonai, are you a flower boy with your brother?" "

Yes!" The little guy immediately smiled and nodded.

"When you walk for a while, don't be nervous!" Ji Yueze said with a smile.

"No, I'm not afraid!" Ji xiaonai had the courage to pat her chest, but soon, she would be slapped by her own words, because when she saw so many guests sitting on both sides of the church, she would not dare to walk forward.

At this moment, in the front row, Ji Lin helped Ji Shangqing, who had some difficulty walking, to sit down.

"Well, be happy. Don't let people see anything." Seeing that his son's face was always gloomy, Ji Lin had to remind him. Season

Shangqing can't make himself happy, because he saw a happy red in front of him. He felt that he really didn't want to stay here. At this time, a figure appeared in front of them.

"Daddy, brother, you are here!" Ji yunning is back. Her style seems to be more mature than before. Today, she is dressed in a dignified manner. Ji

when Lin saw her, his face suddenly changed and he asked angrily, "how did you come back to China? When did you come back? Why don't you tell me? "

"Oh, I just came back this morning. Yesterday, grandma called me and told me to come back. Daddy, you know grandma is very tough. I can't hurt her heart!" Ji yunning didn't mention that it was Ji Xiaohan who let her go back to China and took the old lady as an excuse.

Ji Lin knows that the old lady really likes to do such tough things. "

it's better to come back and see the man you love get married with your own eyes. It's also a training for you!" Ji Lin's voice is not loud. Fortunately, there is no one around him.

Ji yunning's smile solidified in her eyes. She looked at Ji Lin strangely. Then she sat down beside them.

Ji Shangqing didn't join in their chat, he just turned black and stared at the front.

"What happened to brother's leg? I saw him walking unnaturally just now. Was he hurt? " Ji yunning asked casually. "

it's OK. I fell myself!" Ji Shangqing lightly replied.