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Does he have someone he loves?

She pushed open the door to the room next door. Tang Xiao Rui was lying under the quilt, trying out his new toy. Since the new toy had a few small lights, he might as well hide under the quilt to play.

Just as he was enjoying himself, he was suddenly startled by the smack on his butt. He quickly poked his head out of the blanket.

Tang You You was truly amused by him this time, "You're already causing insomnia at such a young age? "I think you'll sleep like a little pig in a while. No matter how much I disturb you, you won't wake up."

"No way! Forget it, I might not even be able to sleep. I'm really going to fall asleep. I'm so sleepy! Tang Xiao Rui retorted a few times, and then his eyelids started twitching. Not long after, he was fast asleep, how could he possibly lose sleep?

After coaxing the two little fellows to sleep, Tang You You was finally relieved. She sat on the balcony and drew an hour's worth of map, then decided to go downstairs and pour herself a cup of water.

At this time, it was almost twelve o'clock. Tang You You and her children had been busy the whole day, and were very tired.

The light in the living room was only turned on for a few small lights. When Tang You You walked down, he suddenly saw a person lying on the sofa.

After scaring her, she quickly walked over and saw that the person lying on the sofa was actually Ji Xiao Han.

When did he come back?

And why did this man sleep on the sofa? Why don't you go upstairs and sleep?

Tang You You frowned, then curiously walked to the side of the sofa and smelled a faint smell of alcohol.

Ji Xiao Han was drunk?

She stretched out her legs and kicked him on the leg. She shouted, "Hey, wake up, don't sleep on the sofa. The weather has turned cold. You'll get sick."

The other party didn't have any reaction. He only let out a few pained grunts.

Seeing that he did not seem to care at all about what said, Tang You You directly squatted in front of him.

He reached out his hand and patted's face in a manner that was neither light nor light: "Ji Xiao Han, wake up. If you want to sleep, go sleep in your room. Don't sleep here."

"Give me some wine …" Ji Xiao Han seemed to have heard someone's voice as he spoke vaguely with a hoarse voice.

Tang You You glared at him with extreme disdain. "You're still drinking after all you've drank so much huh."

"Bring me some wine …" Suddenly, Tang You You's hand that was slapping his face did not have time to retract, as it was caught by him. With a fierce tug, Tang You You was unprepared and laid on his shoulder, scaring her to the point that her entire body froze.

"Ji Xiao Han, are you kidding me? Let go of me right now." Tang You You did not expect that when he came to wake him up with such good intentions in mind, he would actually hold his hand.

"Women are all so heartless …" As if he had heard a woman's voice, the drunk Ji Xiao Han could only ridicule her.

Tang You You's beautiful eyes instantly opened wide, this man couldn't have been hurt by some woman, right? That's why he was so drunk, and even scolded her now, was she cruel? If she had been cruel, she would have knocked out the children.

"Why did you leave me!" Ji Xiao Han said again. These words, completely made Tang You You feel that the reason he was drunk today, was definitely because of a certain woman.

Just a moment ago, he was still thinking of showing concern for, but instantly, he felt as if he was covered by dark clouds. Tang You You tried his best to retract his hand, but unfortunately, the man's grip was too tight.

Tang You You's small face also swelled red. Since he was drunk because of another woman, there didn't seem to be a need for her to express her concern towards him.

"Let go, you bastard! Let go!" Tang You You was extremely angry, she opened her small mouth and bit on the back of his hand fiercely.

The man decisively let go of her hand in pain. Tang You You immediately took a few steps back and glared at him with her pair of beautiful eyes.

"Since it was another woman that hurt you, then I can't answer your question. If you want to sleep on the sofa, then go ahead and sleep. Who cares." Tang You You said angrily, and turned to walk back upstairs.

She even forgot why she had come downstairs.

Returning to his room, Tang You You laid beside his daughter. Seeing the little guy's face that was soundly asleep, for some reason, Tang You You felt a stifling feeling in his heart.

She didn't know what was going on with this feeling.

Did Ji Xiao Han really have another woman outside? Then he must have loved her very much. Otherwise, he wouldn't have gotten drunk and said all those strange things.

When he thought about this, Tang You You's heart ached. Looking at his daughter's innocent face, he wondered dejectedly if Ji Xiao Han would very soon find a stepmother for her child.

Tang You You had already made his decision. If Ji Xiao Han really wanted to marry another woman, then she would take her two children and leave this place.

Perhaps her thoughts were too dark, and it was not as if all the stepmothers in the world would abuse her husband's children. However, she was afraid that since she was young, she was the only one who could bully these two little fellows.

She knew that she had stopped Ji Xiao Han from marrying other women, and she had already mentally prepared herself for that.

But why, at this moment, when she heard that he couldn't forget about other women, was her heart so stuffy?

Forget it, she better not think about it anymore. Maybe, in the past few days, Ji Xiao Han's attitude towards her had become a little more gentle, causing her to have some thoughts that she shouldn't have had.

In her heart, the children were the most important.

The next morning, Tang You You woke up very early. She also took her daughter's body temperature, which was normal. This meant that after her daughter took the medicine, the effect was still very good.

She ran next door to wake up her son, then washed the two little ones in the bathroom. Finally, he dragged them downstairs for breakfast.

When she walked down the stairs, she intentionally glanced at the sofa.