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C1916 ruin her career

He Jiaxuan leaves in a panic and returns home, cursing Xia shuran for no reason.

Xia shuran is also full of anger at Xia Xinnian's side. Seeing her husband enter the door with a black face, she scolds her for a meal without a clue. She immediately feels extremely aggrieved.

"You now dislike me for not working. When you were married, you said in front of everyone that you would support me for life. Did you eat what you said yourself?"

Xia shuran cried and roared.

He Jiaxuan froze for a moment, then he turned around and walked upstairs.

"Is it because of Xia Xinnian?

Do you think she is successful in her career now, and you begin to dislike me? "

Xia shuran doesn't let him go. He chases him all the time to the bedroom door on the second floor and continues to quarrel.

Several servants downstairs are too brave to breathe. It's the first time they saw two people quarreling so hard. It seems that the marriage of a big family is really not as good as the outside world.

"Have you cried enough? Stop it. I'm upset."

He Jiaxuan is really upset now. When he thinks that Xia Xinnian is going to be with jimucheng, he feels that he has no chance to touch her in his life.

What a satire it is that the woman who was abandoned by him changed into jijiadashao's grandmother five years later. It also proves that Xia Xinnian's self-esteem and self love have won her a better life.

"He Jiaxuan, do you want to divorce me?

I'll tell you, I won't agree, I won't divorce, and I'll die. "

Xia shuran, after roaring with hate, turned around and went back to the master bedroom.

She fell in front of the dressing table and cried for a while. The more she thought about it, the more unwilling she was. Her eyes were full of resentment.

She took out her mobile phone, opened the album, and saw several design drawings secretly taken on Xia Xinnian's desk last time. She grinned, "Xia Xinnian, is your career great?

Wait and see. I'm going to ruin your future now. I'm going to make everyone laugh at you. "

Xia shuran has a plan in mind. She immediately calls out and makes an appointment with a famous designer to meet tomorrow.

Because of Xia Xinnian's relationship, Xia shuran specially understood several well-known design companies in China. It was said that there was a design competition to be held recently, and Xia shuran happened to know the person in charge of one of them through his contacts.

Xia shuran's smile flashed at the bottom of her eyes. If she sold Xia Xinnian's design manuscript to her rival, would this design competition let her kick the iron plate?

Although it is to do this with a gambling mentality, Xia shuran's mood is more or less smooth.

It was dark in the night. Xia Xinnian returned home in the car of jimucheng. At about 9:30, Jixi's two brothers and sisters led xiaoyuchen's hand and stepped into the living room.

"Big brother, sister-in-law."

Ji Xilin and Ji Siyi say hello with a smile.

Jimucheng asked two people to sit down and eat some fruit, and then they left.

Xia Xinnian looks at the new toy in his son's arms and can't help but look at the man.

"Your parents must like Yu Chen very much."

Xia Xinnian can also see that the family is very good to their children.

"Of course, my parents love their children."

Jimucheng nods.

"Then why don't your parents leave Yuchen there?

And let your brother and sister come back so late? "

Summer heart read beautiful eyes light flash, deliberately asked.

"Of course, I'm afraid you're upset."

"My parents are very reasonable. I'm not married to you. I'm afraid you will be angry," jimucheng said

Xia Xinnian is a little shocked. He can't express his peace of mind. Fortunately, he met such a reasonable family, because he has been taking care of her feelings.

"In recent days, I have to work overtime to compete. If your parents like Yu Chen to stay there, otherwise, let Yu Chen stay for a week."

Said Xia Xinnian softly.

The eyes of jimucheng are bright and full of laughter.

"You're not afraid my family is robbing my son of custody?"

Jimucheng asked deliberately.

Xia Xin said a white look at his son, who was playing with toys seriously, and touched his head gently: "I believe that the son will not agree to unreasonable demands."

Xiaoyuchen immediately turned around, made a face towards jimucheng, and then continued to play with his little toys seriously.

Jimucheng couldn't help shaking his head and sighing: "my son put you first."

"Of course, he was born in my stomach," said Xia Xinnian proudly

"If I didn't sow, you wouldn't come out of life."

The man suddenly lowered his voice.

Xia Xinnian's face is hot. The little guy who is playing beside suddenly looks up and asks curiously, "Daddy, how did you sow the seeds?

Well, if you play it again, Mommy will have a sister. Today, Grandpa and grandma also said that they like to have another sister. "

Little guy's words, is to let Xia Xinnian shame, hurriedly pushed a jimucheng: "take your son upstairs to take a bath."

Jimucheng is very happy to smile. He holds up his son: "Yuchen, children can't be curious about adults."


I will grow up, too. "

Xiaoyu Chen is not happy to leave her mouth.

"Then when you grow up, will daddy tell you?

Don't ask now. I'm afraid your mommy will hit me. "

Jimucheng's desire for survival is still very strong. If we continue to say that it's not suitable for children, Xia Xinnian will be angry.

"Mommy is so gentle, she never hits people."

The little guy immediately decides for Mommy.

"Yes, she doesn't hit, but she bites."

Jimucheng's smile deepened, imagining that if she came to bite herself, she would be very happy.

"You must have bullied her, otherwise, she would not bite."

Xiaoyuchen looks at him with disgust.

Jimucheng quickly extended a hand: "I promise you, I never bullied her."

Xia Xinnian is in the living room. Listening to the father and son chatting, she goes upstairs. Her mouth also rises involuntarily.

She had been worried that jimucheng would take the children away, but now, she seems completely relieved.

If the elders of Ji family really love their sons and let them spend more time together, there is no harm.

At noon the next day, Xia shuran invited a short haired woman to dinner.

"Mr. Liu, I invite you to dinner today. There are good things for you to see."

Xia shuran said triumphantly.

"What's a good thing?

I'm sorry that Mrs. he is so polite. "

The short haired woman is Liu Mei, who is currently the head of the design department of a design company. She also signed up for the competition and is working hard to prepare for it in the last few days.

Xia shuran takes out her mobile phone and shows her the pictures in it.

"Who designed it?

It's quite novel. It's refreshing. "

Liu Mei's eyes couldn't be moved.