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Tang youyou took Ji Xiaohan's special car to go out. Since the last accident, Ji Xiaohan paid more attention to her travel, and would never let her touch the car again. Although Tang youyou was helpless, he dared not express his opinion.

It's not a privilege for ordinary people to have a shuttle bus.

When he arrived at the restaurant ordered by Xia Weiwen, Tang Youyou, escorted by two black bodyguards, entered the door of the restaurant. Tang youyou saw Xia Weiwen wave to her from afar. Instead of booking the box, he sat at the window.

Tang youyou said a few words to the two bodyguards and went to the dining table alone.

"Dad, are you here so early?" Said Tang youyou with a smile.

"I came back this time just to see you. Of course, I want to come earlier!" Xia Weiwen looked at her daughter and found that she looked better, which reassured her.

"Dad, you don't need to come back specially to see me. You're so busy with your work, running back and forth, very tired!" Tang youyou loves him.

"Not tired, as long as the thought of seeing you, not tired!" Xia Weiwen is telling the truth. He wanted to meet his baby daughter because he was too tired to work. He has been filling the blank for more than 20 years.

Tang youyou smiled happily. Before, in front of Tang Youkang, she always spoke and did things carefully. She never dared to show a sincere smile. Before, he only felt that he might not like himself. Now, he knows that only in front of his own father, his daughter's smile is the purest.

"Dad, where do you live now? Did you see Aunt LAN? " Tang youyou is concerned in a low voice.

"Yes, I did. I had a meal at her place at noon. She said she would move to live with you. It's a good start. Take care of her for me later. I'm sorry for her." Xia Weiwen said softly and with emotion.

"Don't worry, Dad. I'll take care of her and respect her as my mother." Tang youyou replied immediately, with a serious face.

Xia Weiwen smiled and nodded, relieved: "I knew you were a good child."

"Dad, you won't be angry if I didn't bring the children here." Tang youyou asked apologetically.

She knew that Dad would like to see her grandson and granddaughter.

"If I don't get angry, I will feel a bit shocked. After all, I can't come back often, and I really want to see them!" There is a touch of bitterness and sadness in Xia Wei's classical Chinese.

"Dad, I will often ask the little guy to call you and chat with you later. Xiaonai is very good at chatting!" Tang youyou comforted him immediately.

"Yeah, that little guy is really interesting. When you were little, you must be so cute. When dad saw nane, he thought of your little kid!" Xia Weiwen said, eyes on the red, inexplicable sorrow remorse.

"Dad, I won't mention the past. I'm sure I don't have Nai. I was naughty and wild when I was a child!" Tang youyou laughs.

"By the way, Youyou, there's one thing I've thought about. You don't need to follow my surname. You'll keep your surname Tang, so that you won't be talked about. Besides, you're raised by the Tang family, and your surname Tang is not bad! Don't forget the source! " Chaveen said earnestly.

Tang youyou nodded obediently: "OK, Dad, just feel good, don't change it!"

"Is the injury on your head all right? I've been worried about you. "

Tang youyou reaches out and touches it. It's all right. There's only one scar left. However, it's hidden in the hair and doesn't affect the image.

"Dad, don't worry, it's all right!" Said Tang youyou softly.

The father and daughter have never chatted as easily as they do at the moment, eating and chatting. Tang youyou asked about many things before the Xia family, and Xia Weiwen has always been concerned about her life in the Tang family.

"By the way, yo, how do you know Ji Xiaohan? Have you dated five years ago? " He asked suddenly, full of curiosity.

Tang youyou held the chopsticks in his hands and froze for a while. Then, he said with a dry smile, "yes, we knew each other five years ago, and we had a relationship. However, when I went abroad to study, we didn't contact again. I didn't talk about the children with him."

Xia Weiwen didn't seem to want to talk about it very much, so he had to ask nothing, but said with heartache: "if our father and daughter can meet each other for several years, you won't live such a hard life with two children abroad."

"Dad, I don't feel bitter. The two children are lovely!" Tang youyou immediately laughs.

Xia Weiwen still loves her very much: "if you have any difficulties in the future, you must tell your father not to be polite to him, do you know?"

"Yes!" Don youyou nods to keep him from worrying.

After eating, Xia Weiwen took out a box from his bag: "this is what I bought for you, see if you like it!"

"What is it?" Asked Tang youyou curiously.

After Xia Weiwen opened it, he took the same Bracelet: "try to wear it, let dad have a look!"

Tang youyou reached out and asked his father to help him put it on. Under the crystal light, it was dazzling.

"Dad, you have a good eye. This bracelet is so beautiful!" Tang youyou is praised by Zhong.

Xia Weiwen nodded: "it's pretty!"

"Thank you, Dad. Then I'm welcome!" Tang youyou said with a smile that she would not be polite to her father in the future, for fear of hurting his heart.

"Wear it. Dad will buy you all the fun things in the future!" Javier was happy, too.

The father and daughter talked until they had finished the meal. It was almost nine o'clock. Tang youyou left the restaurant with his father. When she learned that his father was living in a star hotel nearby, she asked the driver to take him for a while.

When the father and daughter left the restaurant and sat in the car, the man next to the door of the restaurant just showed a happy smile.

"I didn't expect to get a picture so soon. It's easy to make money."

After the man smirked, he called Ji yunning.

"Miss Ji, I've taken all the photos you asked me to take. Now I'll pass them on to you. Remember to call me for the final payment!"

Ji yunning looks a vibration: "really? So fast, as expected, heaven helps me! "

"It's true that they had dinner together, and I also photographed Xia Weiwen wearing a bracelet for Tang youyou. If they don't admit that they are father and daughter, you can publicize their improper relationship with others, hahaha!"

"Well, don't disgust me. Send me the photos as soon as possible. I want to check the goods!" Ji yunning thought he was noble and impatient with the man.

The man did not dare to neglect her, and quickly passed the photos in his hand.

Ji yunning stared at the look of the father and daughter in the picture, and saw her burning with jealousy. They used to be adopted daughters, but Tang youyou had such a rich and doting father. What about her? She was thrown away directly by her parents. She was really unwilling.