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Tang Xiao Rui immediately whispered into Mummy's ears: "Mummy, let me tell you something, Daddy has been watching beautiful sister's long legs in the stands!"

"Is that so?" Tang You You's eyes instantly narrowed, staring straight at Ji Xiao Han.

Ji Xiao Han frowned: "What goal?" Ji Xiao Han felt very strange, but he also felt very helpless.

Before Tang You You could react, he was kissed on the lips by the man.

Tang Xiao Rui and Tang Xiao Nai's expressions immediately changed.

"Oh my god, Daddy, you don't need to do this, do you?" Tang Xiao Rui was instantly impressed by his father. He could explain things that he couldn't explain with his mouth just by kissing him.

Tang You You wasn't really angry, she just wanted to hear Ji Xiao Han's explanation. But she didn't expect him to not have any explanation and immediately gave him a kiss, causing her to blush red with embarrassment. She pushed him away, "What are you doing!"

"Didn't you suspect that my purpose was not simple? That's right, I'm not that simple! " Ji Xiao Han laughed sinisterly.

A few of the workers by the side could only barely see Ji Xiao Han's smile. But at this moment, that aloof and cold Quarterly had actually become so dishonest in front of Tang You You, it was truly unbelievable.

Tang You You was truly convinced by this man, she could only straighten the hair by her ears and feign calmness: "Alright, this is the work area backstage, you should bring the children out, don't affect the progress of the work."

Ji Xiao Han could only hug his daughter with one hand and leave while holding his son's hand.

As soon as he left, the worker at the side immediately rushed to Tang You You like a frying pan, "Traceless, are those two children really yours to the Quarterly? "Heavens, this child is already this old. I'm so jealous!"

"The most enviable thing is that those two children belong to the Quarterly. They are so beautiful, their genes are so good!"

"You An, you really know how to hide things. First Enter Company, I truly treated you as a newbie, luckily I didn't offend you, otherwise, your future Mrs. Ji's reputation would have suppressed me to death."

Tang You You and the other Listen to her s started to talk at once, and started to laugh softly. "Alright, you guys stop gossiping about my affairs, hurry up and work, if not, if something goes wrong, Boss Liu will really scold you to death."

Once they heard Liu Xi, none of them dared to speak carelessly again.

This fashion show lasted for more than two hours before it ended. When the curtain call ended, Liu Xi led her team to the stage to express his gratitude.

Tang You You looked at his own child and Ji Xiao Han on the stage, a tinge of love in his eyes.

After the press conference was over, the guests were invited to a nearby venue for a luncheon. A sumptuous meal and wine were prepared for the guests to interact and get to know each other.

Tang You You and Liu Xi had also changed into formal attire. When Tang You You passed the resting area, he heard some sobbing sounds from inside and immediately pushed the door open to enter.

Yang Chu Chu was still wiping her tears with a tissue, when she suddenly felt pain in her heart: "Miss Yang, why are you still sitting here? Don't cry anymore. Look, your eyes are already red from crying. Come, let's go eat something. "

"Sister Tang, is it over?" Yang Chu Chu stood up and asked.

Yeah, it's already over. Everyone has already moved to the side of the banquet hall to rest, you should go too. Tang You You advised softly.

"But I don't have any decent clothes to wear anymore!" Yang Chu Chu pointed to the clothes on her body that were still worn on stage, and said bitterly.

"I have a lot here. Come here, I'll choose one for you!" Tang You You took her hand and brought out a set of light and elegant long gown for her, and also fixed her makeup.

"Big Sister Tang, you're such a good person. No wonder you're so blessed. You have two cute children!" Yang Chu Chu sighed.

Tang You You chuckled. "You'll be happy in the future as well. Let's go and quickly find the person you like."

The two of them stepped into the banquet hall. As expected, when they saw Ji Xiao Han's group sitting together and chatting, a few people beside them wanted to greet them, but they were all trembling with fear.

The moment Yang Chu Chu entered, she immediately saw Luo Jin Yu. Her whole body shivered, and she suddenly felt a fear of not daring to step forward.

"Big Sister Tang, I've always been very timid. I …" Why don't we just sit here! " Yang Chu Chu thought about how he had just left the stage, and felt her heart broken. How could she still have the face to go over and talk to him?

When Tang You You saw her pale face, he couldn't help but force her. "Alright then, sit first, I'll go greet them."

Yang Chu Chu quickly nodded her head.

Tang You You walked over, greeted Mu Lin and the Luo brothers, then sat beside Ji Xiao Han.

She did not see Tang Xue Rou, so perhaps she had already left. When she ran in to scold him, she looked extremely injured.

Tang You You did not want to care about her anymore.

Mu Lin smiled as she looked at Tang You You: "Miss Tang, you really make me jealous. Your child is already so old, and your husband is so outstanding, yet you're still working so hard, and all the benefits in the world have been taken by you."

Tang You You's face instantly flushed red, she lowered her head and smiled: "Thank you for your noble words!"

When Ji Xiao Han heard Mu Lin call him husband, and Tang You You clearly did not explain this point, his lips curled into a smile, and he felt a little happy in his heart.

"Sister Mu Lin, you are wrong, Daddy has not married my Mummy yet!" Tang Xiao Rui immediately dispelled Ji Xiao Han's happiness.

Mu Lin was stunned: "You're not married yet? I thought you guys already accepted it. Sorry about that, but I made a slip of the tongue just now. "