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Bai Yiyan's back bristles and shakes involuntarily. She immediately whispers, "what are you talking about? How can I blame you?"

Ji Yueze's big palm suddenly hugs her waist. Next second, she pulls her body to face herself.

"How beautiful you look in ancient clothes!" When Ji Yueze saw her wearing ancient clothes just now, she seemed to have a beautiful picture in front of her eyes. She was beautiful as if she came out of the picture.

There is no denying that in that moment, Ji Yueze's heart had a touch of amazement.

Bai Yiyan bit her lips, turned away her eyes, refused to look at him, and said softly, "what do you want to do with me?"

"Look at me!" When Ji Yueze saw her eyes flickering, he immediately reached for her chin and didn't let her turn away.

"Ji Yueze, don't do that. Someone is coming in here at any time." Bai Yiyan is not used to his bullying. After all, it's not his home. No one will disturb her.

"What if someone comes in? I'm your boyfriend. " Ji Yueze emphasized his identity, and then he attached himself to her, and the thin lips easily grabbed her little mouth.

Bai Yiyan's brain was blank for a moment, and then she reached out to push him. Unfortunately, the man seemed to have expected her rebellious behavior for a long time. She cut her two small hands behind her with a big palm, which was easily fastened with a big palm.

Bai Yiyan didn't expect Ji Yueze to stop herself. She was ashamed and surprised and stared at him: "why do you want to try another play? Would you let me go first?"

"I'm here to try the next play with you. Do you know what the next play is?" Ji Yueze said casually, but the thin lips kissed her neck again.

"Ji Yueze Please, don't do that! " Bai Yiyan feels that if he wants to move on like this, her clothes will be disordered. You know, it's very troublesome to wear this kind of ancient clothes. Moreover, the dress she is wearing now needs to be dignified, so it can't be disordered.

"Come back in this suit at night, don't change it!" At last, Ji Yueze was satisfied, released her hand and restored her freedom. However, the next sentence made Bai Yiyan speechless.

Let her go home in this costume? What is he doing?

Looking for excitement?

Ji Yueze flicked on her tender little face: "let's try."

"Which play?" Bai Yiyan has seen through the script, so she can remember any play. Ji Yueze also saw the script. He thought that she was out of breath just now because she was trying a part of the play she was divorced from. He raised his thin lips and raised a charming smile: "do you remember a part about the engagement of a man and a woman? In that paragraph, you are now familiar with the lines. Half an hour later, we are in the audition of the

"Ah..." She had just tried the drama of quitting marriage, but her mood had not been adjusted, so she wanted to try the drama of engagement with him again. Isn't that intentionally embarrassing?

"Is it OK today..."

"What? You don't want to be engaged to me? " Ji Yueze's slightly sinister smile was dyed in the corner of his eyes and eyebrows, which was beautiful and confusing. The tone of other voices was depressed, with a trace of lost dullness, which gave a feeling of surging emotion.

Bai Yiyan's ears trembled. She turned away her eyes and whispered, "of course not!"

"Since it's not, play it well and don't let me down, OK?" Ji Yueze seems to like to see her in a state of confusion, like a little rabbit trapped in her arms. She wants to escape, but she can't escape.

"Good!" What else can Bai Yiyan say at the moment? A heart was rippled by him, and almost jumped out of his heart.

Ji Yueze walked out lazily, and Bai Yiyan's breath just came back. She reached out and pressed her heart, feeling to be empty.

Ji Yueze went to the next room to try on her clothes. Soon, some staff rushed to help Bai Yiyan with her hair and clothes.

In the dressing room next door, Ji Yueze is memorizing the engagement line with the script in his hand.

Next to the director holding the script, he asked curiously: "Yue Ze, what we discussed before is not to play a part of your parting? Why did it suddenly change to engagement? In this way, can Bai Yiyan be ready? "

"I don't like to leave!" Season Yueze light answer, indeed, there are too many parting in life, always sad.

When the director heard this, he immediately understood something. Haha smiled: "OK, I'll try to get engaged. Bai Yiyan's acting skills are still good. She should be able to support this play. However, you are the opponent, so I'm afraid she will be stage fright."

"Give her more time to get used to it. When facing the camera for the first time, stage fright is also appropriate." Ji Yueze's eyes are fixed on the script, and his voice is still light.

The director nodded: "it's right to say that a new person needs a process. Then prepare for it. I'll get someone to set up the scene."

Bai Yiyan recites lines at a glance, but why can't she remember them? Maybe when people's nerves are tense, it's really hard to remember things with heart.

"What can I do? It's over! " Bai Yiyan is pressing her head. She really wants to put the words in the script.

Time has come, Ji Yueze has changed a set of ancient clothes, grey and blue long sleeved robes, and the hair style is also done properly. From the modern tyrant master to the ancient rich young man, this image change once again makes Bai Yiyan amazing.

Ji Yueze's facial features are very good, and he can't be choosy. In addition, his more reserved temperament gives him a kind of innate noble spirit. When he walks, it makes people feel that he should be the ancient youth who dances like jade. He is domineering and arrogant, and makes people keep their eyes on him.

"Stupid?" Ji Yueze steps towards her. Both of them are dressed in ancient costumes at the moment, which gives people a sense of enlightenment. But the other side in each other's eyes is still that deep shadow.

Just now, I couldn't find any feeling of Bai Yiyan. At this moment, I suddenly had inspiration. In a flash, I thought of what kind of picture would it be if she and Ji Yueze really met again in ancient times?

"You look good in this way!" Bai Yiyan lowered her head bashfully, making a rare exclamation.

"Do you like it?" Ji Yueze has a smile in her eyes. She is in a good mood to hear her praise.

"I like it. It's a very different style, but you look good. You look good all the time!" Bai Yiyan said very frankly. "Let's go. Let's go to the audition first. After the audition, I'll show you at home in the evening!" Ji Yueze reached over, took her little hand, and said something that made her blush and heart beat.