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Tang You You's focus was all on the phone, and ignored the two gloomy eyes beside him.

Ji Xiao Han's face turned even colder, seeing that the lady was staring at the phone unblinkingly, he suspected that he was looking at Lu Xuan Chen's photo again.

Was Lu Xuan Chen really her first love?

Down the stairs, Tang You You said apologetically to Uncle Yuan: "Uncle Yuan, I need to go to the company earlier today. When Mr. Ji gets up later, I'll have to trouble you to let him help Xiao Nai get dressed."

"Miss Tang, do you want to eat breakfast before leaving?" Uncle Yuan asked with concern.

"I'm not eating anymore!" "There really is an emergency." After Tang You You finished speaking, he ran outside.

Ji Xiao Han opened his eyes and saw his son's calf had kicked under his chin again, his handsome face had a look of helplessness.

The little guy really didn't sleep well at night. Once, he actually slept for a long time with one leg under the bed.

Ji Xiao Han immediately instructed Uncle Yuan to change the carpet on both sides of the bed. He was afraid that one night, his son would immediately roll down and not kowtow.

"Little Rui, wake up!" He stretched out his hand and flicked two fingers at the small face.

Tang Xiao Rui immediately grumbled unhappily as he turned his body and continued sleeping.

"We're going to be late for school!" Ji Xiao Han looked at his son's lazy appearance and couldn't help but to remind him.

When Tang Xiao Rui heard that he was going to school, he unwillingly climbed up and sat down. However, after he sat up, he still swayed from side to side, as if he was going to fall down anytime and continue sleeping.

Ji Xiao Han picked him up and walked into the bathroom to squeeze some toothpaste from his mouth and poured him some water.

Tang Xiao Rui had learned to brush his teeth since a very young age. At this moment, he was squatting on the white jade platform, big and small.

Ji Xiao Han washed his face and shaved clean. Then, he took out a handkerchief and wiped his son's face.

The little guy's skin was very tender and delicate. When Ji Xiao Han washed his face, his movements were very gentle.

"Daddy, I need to pee!" Tang Xiao Rui washed his face and woke up from his slumber.

Ji Xiao Han carried him down to the toilet to pee.

Tang Xiao Rui laughed as he peed.

Ji Xiao Han looked at this little fellow, and the corners of his mouth inexplicably rose, as he smiled happily.

He quickly adapted to the sudden intrusion of two children into his life.

He had also thought about it before. If he had a child, what a terrible life that would be. Every day, it would be like a war.

But now, he realized that the little fellow had been trained well by that woman. She was his son, an insignificant child, and her ability to live was independent.

"Daddy, don't look at me, I can't even pee." When Tang Xiao Rui turned around, he realized that his father was staring at him in a daze.

Ji Xiao Han slapped his little butt, "What are you being shy about in front of your father? Whatever you have, Daddy has. "

"But Dad does, and I don't." Tang Xiao Rui shook it twice as a pair of large eyes stared at him.

"Mine, you don't have it!" Ji Xiao Han snappily laughed.

"You have a lot of hair, all the way up to your stomach. It's so big, it looks so ugly." Tang Xiao Rui's small face was filled with disgust.

Ji Xiao Han's handsome face stiffened, after that, he said in an extremely conceited manner: "This is the symbol of a mature man, when you grow up, you will also grow hairy."

"I don't want it, it's so ugly! Surely no girl would like me. " Tang Xiao Rui immediately shook his head, with a look of rejection.

Ji Xiao Han was simply about to be played to death by this little fellow. He immediately told him with a serious face: "That won't happen, your hair is exuberant, which means you are healthy, and … Not everyone can be as healthy and sturdy as Dad. "

"Daddy, don't let this Mummy see you. This Mummy will definitely dislike you." However, Tang Xiao Rui did not agree with his father's words.

Ji Xiao Han shrugged his shoulders disapprovingly, and said narcissistically, "If she knew my length, she might even fall madly in love with me."

"Daddy, what's the length?" Tang Xiao Rui felt that the words that his father said were not on the same channel as himself.

Ji Xiao Han glanced at Xiao Budian beside him. He felt that no matter what he said to him, he was too young to understand.

"When you're older, you'll understand." Ji Xiao Han laughed.

"Daddy, are you saying your fur is very long?" Tang Xiao Rui still managed to think of the meaning of his father's words with much difficulty.

Ji Xiao Han's smile was off the charts, this little fellow had been keeping him in a good mood since early morning.

"Daddy, I'm going to put on my clothes. Hurry up and pee." Tang Xiao Rui still could not understand his father's words. He simply did not want to continue and ran out to put on his small clothes.

When Ji Xiao Han came out, the little guy was already dressed neatly. It was the school uniform, like a noble little Young Master.

"Daddy, hurry up and put on some clothes, I'm going down to eat breakfast." The little guy also felt that he was very handsome, so he reached out to rub his little head.

Ji Xiao Han also quickly opened up his own wardrobe and took out a charcoal gray suit, tie, and wrist watch.

This was a guest room, and there was no cloakroom. Ji Xiao Han's daily clothes were taken care of by the Uncle Yuan, and he suddenly started to miss the gigantic cloakroom in the villa on the mountain.

After Ji Xiao Han arranged his clothes, he held his son's hand and walked downstairs.

Just as he walked to the entrance of the dining hall, Uncle Yuan walked over and said: "Young Master, Miss Tang left early in the morning. She told you to help Young Miss get dressed."

Hearing that, Ji Xiao Han frowned slightly, then said to Tang Xiao Rui: "Let's go eat breakfast first, I will go and wake up my sister."

Tang Xiao Rui nodded his head, "Daddy, will you help Xiao Nai put on his clothes? Her clothes are in trouble. "

"Don't worry, there's nothing that Father can't handle." After finishing his sentence with complete confidence, he turned around and went upstairs.