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C798 the pain of asking for nothing

Hearing that Luo Jinyu cared about her, Yang ChuChu said happily, "most of them are in the film and television base of Z city. However, they are a little far away from here. If you are busy, you don't need to come to me. I will come back to see you regularly every week."

Luo Jinyu listens to her thoughtfulness, and her thin lips are bent with a smile. Junyu's face is gentle. She controls the steering wheel with one hand, and the big hand is released. She gently holds Yang's small hand, which is tender and tender. It is very tight, as if she is reluctant to let her stay away from her.

Yang ChuChu can feel that man is reluctant to part with him. Her heart is as sweet as honey. Yesterday, she washed her face with tears. Unexpectedly, today, she will be happy to fly.

This mood, really like a roller coaster ride, ups and downs, but as long as it is finally a happy station, that experience no matter how much sadness and disappointment, she doesn't care.

Luo Jinyu takes Yang ChuChu to a restaurant for breakfast. He chooses a box. Yang ChuChu wears sunglasses and masks. He is followed by a bird like a human. When passing the hall, everyone is attracted by the noble man who steps in.

However, most of these people can't recognize Luo Jinyu's identity, which is also because Luo Jinyu is too low-key and doesn't often appear in magazines and media. Besides the people he has contact with, it's difficult to know his real identity.

When you see him, you only feel that his temperament is very Jin Gui, his bearing and demeanor are both good, and he is charming with his tall and perfect body carved deep facial features.

Two people entered the dining room box, ordered the list, Yang ChuChu then lifted the camouflage, revealed the clear and sweet face.

She took a sip of lemonade and smiled at the corners of her mouth. A pair of big black eyes kept glancing at the man around her, feeling still dreaming.

The wonderful night she spent last night also seemed to be a picture in her dream.

"What are you looking at?" Luo Jinyu is in a good mood when he finds that the girl peeks in her eyes from time to time, so he asks her in a low voice.

"I wonder if you have thought about me in these days of separation!" Asked Yang ChuChu.

"Why do you ask?" Luojin Yujun's face was stunned.

"I just want to know how you live. How are you doing?" Yang ChuChu is a little girl's mind, delicate and sensitive, and gossip.

Luo Jinyu chuckled and held the teacup in silence.

"Tell me, let me know!" Yang ChuChu reached out his hands and wrapped them around his strong arms. His mouth kissed him on the back of his hand: "say it!"

Luo Jinyu couldn't resist seeing such a petty person. When she touched the back of his hand, a strong current directly hit his soul and shocked his whole body.

"Don't make a fuss!" Luo Jinyu doesn't want to lose control here, but Jun's face is a little red.

Yang ChuChu's big watery eyes stared at him with a sense of grievance.

Luo Jinyu reached for her long hair and said in a low voice, "I've always wanted to find you!"

"Then why don't you come to me?" Yang ChuChu's little face changed in a flash, but he was still very resentful.

If she didn't run to his house on purpose to go to bed, and happened to bump into him, could he not come to her for a month?

Thinking of such a result, Yang ChuChu's heart picked up again.

She felt that Luo Jinyu was an absolute expert in controlling her feelings. Therefore, she decided not to play cold war with him in the future. She was bound to lose. If there was any misunderstanding, she had to find him to explain clearly and communicate well.

"I don't know!" Luo Jinyu laughs at himself: "I always feel that time will let this relationship fade down first."

Hearing this, Yang ChuChu almost fainted from the water she had drunk. She immediately put the cup heavily: "if you want to leave me alone in the future, I will come to you on my own initiative."

"No!" Luo Jinyu looked at her angry face, reached for her head and soothed her.

Yang ChuChu leaned his head over, his beautiful face covered with a layer of sadness, and said in a pleading tone: "Luo Jinyu, don't break up again, OK?"

Luo Jinyu knew that he had hurt her badly this time. He had already remorsed and regretted himself. Of course, he promised her: "OK, I won't mention it in the future."

"Don't flirt with other women, I'll be jealous!" Yang ChuChu demands like a bully.

Luo Jin Yu couldn't help but make a smile and said softly, "don't worry, I won't, I will only have an affair with you in the future!"

"Well, if you are so honest and obedient, I will believe you!" After Yang ChuChu proved his feelings for himself again, he was relieved at last.

Breakfast came up, and the two began to eat quietly.


Miffee suffered unprecedented blows, injuries, and pain.

Luo Jinyu's warning to her seemed to crush her pride and self-esteem.

She didn't expect that man would treat himself so mercilessly. He has completely changed.

Before that likes her, dotes on her man, already thoroughly by Yang ChuChu that small bitch to rob. Miffee lost her soul and hid in her home for a few days. When her sister asked her to go out for dinner, she struggled to get up from the sofa, propped her hands on the marble platform, and stared at the woman in the mirror. These days, she forgot to take care of her. There was sunshine outside the window

, which hit her face. The drooping skin at the corner of her eyes made mi Feier seemed to see something of fear, and the whole person's pain twisted even more.

"No, no, no!" Miffee is anxious to find her expensive skin care products. After a few days of depression, she has several fine lines on the corner of her eyes, which she can't bear.

Although miffee is extremely afraid, the traces of time still linger on her face. Even if she denies it, she can't pretend to ignore it.

Of course, she is still very young and well maintained. However, compared with the 18-year-old Yang ChuChu, she is eight years older.

Yang ChuChu called for her aunt. I'm afraid no one would think it strange.

"Damned little bitch, I hate you, curse you, I can't get the man, you will lose it!" Miffee's heart at the moment was dark and vicious, and she cursed directly.

However, she knew that, no matter what, she could not change the established facts. Miffee is really unwilling. She has been robbing other women's boyfriends for a long time. Moreover, she hooks her fingers and the other side comes. Now, she finally gets the pain of begging.