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"You didn't say you wanted to make our relationship public now," lohnin said

"When you were eating just now, you seemed to be very popular with those women."

Lohnin was slightly shocked.

"I can see all these women's eyes are as glued to you. They can't be moved!" Murin said with full sour taste.

Lohnin said with a helpless face, "I can't stop the eyes growing on them. Do you even blame me for this?"

"No, I'm not such a narrow-minded person. I just feel it. Let's make the relationship public as soon as possible. I don't want other women to hook you with that look."

When lohnen heard this, he laughed directly, "are you jealous?"

"Can't you see that? Lohnin, you don't really enjoy being noticed. " Maureen was a little upset at the moment.

Lohnin shook his head and said seriously, "of course I don't like it. I just want to be noticed by you alone." "I think you can talk. Well, tomorrow evening, come to my house for dinner. Let me officially introduce our relationship. By the way, does your eldest brother know about us?" Maureen suddenly thought it over. In order not to let herself be influenced by those women, she still didn't want to fall in love with lohnin.

"He knows. I told him!" Lohnin replied in a low voice.

"Would you like to ask him if he would come to my house as a guest?" Murin sincerely invites.

"Let me ask him!" Lohnin's thin lips rose. He was very happy to hear that she was going to officially introduce each other's identities.

Looking at the handsome appearance of the man in the sun, Mulin suddenly felt like a fire burning in his body, so her voice softened a little: "your home or my home?"

Lohnin's eyes were slightly stunned, then his thin lips raised a smile: "you choose!"

"Then go to my house!" After murin finished, she closed the door and drove away first.

Lohnin was in a good mood and got into his sports car. He followed Maureen's car and went all the way.

After some intense, Tang youyou is tired of in the man's bosom, the finger lightly jumps in his solid chest.

It's not the first time for her and Ji Xiaohan, but it's the first time for them to lie on his chest so warm and dazed.

Before, no matter at home or in the hotel, they were in a hurry, because with children around to take care of, they were like fighting.

The curtain was only half closed, the other half was blown up by the wind, and the light came in. Tang youyou found that the man's figure was so good that she couldn't find any flaws.

She leaned her face against his chest, listened to his strong heartbeat, and closed her eyes slowly.

The man's big palm, domineering and stubborn place in her waist abdomen place, do not want to loosen for a long time.

Tang youyou's skin is tender and delicate, with a good feeling. He found it before the cold season owl. At this moment, he can be more unrestrained.

"Aren't you here on business? When are you going to handle your work? " Tang youyou asked softly.

"You are my job! Didn't I deal with you just now? " The man thin lips raised, jokingly said.

Tang youyou is stunned, reaches out to hit him lightly: "are you not afraid to be discovered by your grandma?"

"Of course, I'm afraid, but I've done a good job in keeping secrets. My grandma won't know." Season owl cold a little conceited to say.

Once again, Tang youyou was amused by his words: "are we stealing now?"

Ji Xiaohan turns over and holds her down: "since it's stealing, let's not waste time!"

Tang youyou didn't have time to oppose it, so he fell into a storm again.

By the time she breathed again, the man had come out of the bathroom, took the clothes beside her and put them on slowly: "get up, let's go out and have a look!"

"Where to?" Tang youyou turns over lazily.

”Wherever you go, as long as you accompany me! " Ji Xiaohan looks at her tenderly.

"All right!" Tang youyou took his clothes to block, and walked quickly to the bathroom.

When two people left the hotel, it was more than 3:00 p.m. and they were walking on the streets of foreign countries, feeling very good.

The combination of handsome men and beautiful women always stands out.

Tang youyou finds that someone is photographing them with a mobile phone. She is scared and runs forward with Xiao Han's hand.

"What's the matter?" Season owl cold looks at her a face startled disorderly appearance, immediately curiously asks her: "runs what?"

"I just saw someone taking a picture of us with a mobile phone. In case it's uploaded to the Internet, I'm afraid you'll do nothing to keep it secret." Tang youyou said, shaking his head helplessly.

"Wait for me!" Ji Xiaohan turns around and goes to a nearby store. When he comes out, he has two more masks in his hand: "put on, at least it's safer!" Tang youyou looks at Ji Xiaohan's mask. She can't believe it. She always thought that a man like Ji Xiaohan would never do this kind of hiding. But now, in order to be with himself, he is willing to be so aggrieved by himself.

She was really touched by him. She threw herself into his arms recklessly and hugged him tightly: "Ji Xiaohan, I love you, really love you!"

Ji Xiaohan is suddenly hugged by her, and he is slightly stunned when he hears her so sincere expression.

"What's the matter? Why is it so sensational all of a sudden? " He asked in a very soft voice.

"Nothing, I feel that I am with you, wronged you!" Tang youyou smiled and hid his tears. He raised his mouth and joked.

"Grievance? How can you describe me in this word? I am a man! " Ji Xiaohan is a little speechless. However, he loves what the woman just said to him.

"I always thought that people like you would not do such stupid things with me!" Tang youyou sneers.

"I'm willing to do whatever I do with you. If it's stupid, I'd rather be stupid like this." Under the sun, the man is staring at the woman's gentle and beautiful face, very emotional said.

"You're not stupid, but you claim that you're with me. I think you're not as smart and cold as I think you are." Tang youyou said with a smile.

"With you and my daughter by my side, my EQ and IQ are low, but I would like to!" Season owl cold incomparably warm smile, as if more dazzling than the sun on the head. Tang youyou was amused by his words again. Then, he felt that the man himself had brought the mask to a good face: "let's go. It seems that we seldom have a chance to hang out like this. This feeling is really good!"