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C1057 what do I do if I want to beat you?

Tang youyou praised Mao Rongrong's beauty. Lu xuanchen's smile flashed across his eyes, but he said lightly: "is that right? I don't think she looks as good as you. "

Tang youyou gave him a white look: "brother xuanchen, you must not say such words in front of her. Women are most afraid of being compared."

"Oh, is it?" Lu xuanchen's expression froze.

"Yes, you will have a sweet mouth later. I believe she will like you more!" Tang youyou was worried that he had little experience in emotion, so he had to teach him himself. "

are you asking me to say more love words? It's not my style. I can't say it! " Lu xuanchen suddenly reflected, but could only shake his head: "I said in the play to the heroine to say love words, I will chicken skin to the outside."

Of course, Tang youyou knows that he is not such a smooth talking man. He can't be serious anymore, but his personality makes women feel safe.

"Well, you just have to remember, be honest with others, you must be right!" Tang youyou smiles and advises. At this time, someone in the distance called Tang youyou to help. Tang youyou had to put the cup in Lu xuanchen's hand and said, "brother xuanchen, I have to go to work and talk again when I have time!"

"Good!" Lu xuanchen grabs the cup she handed in and sees her hurrying to the other side, with a sigh and a smile on her face. He found that the more contact he had with Tang Youyou, the less obsession he had with her. Instead of indulging himself in the loneliness of the past, he should contact her more and treat her as his sister. Deep

the color is falling, covering the prosperous city. Ji Yueze and several friends are playing in the billiards room on the first floor of an upscale private club. Everyone is having a good time.

"If you fight him, I'll go out and blow!" Ji Yueze gave the pole to another friend, took the lighter and cigarettes and walked out the door.

At the end of the corridor is a smoker. Here is a small open-air balcony with a sofa and a small table for guests to relax.

Ji Yueze has been infatuated with the taste of cigarettes recently. When he thinks about Bai Yiyan in particular, except for alcohol, it's cigarettes. Now he plays with his friends outside. He can't get drunk. He can only breathe cigarettes into his lungs and temporarily paralyze his nerves. Only in this way can he spend this moment addicting to her lovesickness. "

ah!" It seems that Ji Yueze is also laughing at his indulgent way of decompression. He shakes his ashes, and Jun's face is full of a sense of mockery. At this time, there were several footsteps in the corridor. Ji Yueze didn't look back, but it seemed that several people came towards him. He was a little annoyed at the moment. He hated to be in the same place with others. Only

enjoy is disturbed. Ji Yueze directly pushes the non-smoking cigarettes into the ashtray, and turns to return to the billiard room.

But in the moment when he raised his head, the expression on his whole face was stiff, the blue of his forehead was exposed and jumped, and the big hand was subconsciously clenched.

Ji Shangqing is also stunned when he sees Ji Yueze turning around. Is it really that his enemies don't get together? I didn't expect to meet Ji Yueze here. He was the object of a fight when he was a child. Season

Yueze's lips raised a cold sneer, and he strode forward.

Ji Shangqing also did not stop and walked towards the balcony.

Two people are about to bump into each other, but no one stands aside and becomes a sculpture. Season

there is a man behind Shangqing who doesn't know how to fight and shout: "Hey, you are in the way, can you get out of the way?" "

I'm afraid not!" Ji Yueze's voice is as cold as frost.

The man was very angry at first sight. Seeing that Ji Yueze's answer was so poor, he really wanted to teach him a lesson.

But Ji Shangqing raised his hand and stopped him: "calm down, open your eyes to see who he is, and don't mess with the wrong people." Go

the light in the corridor is not bright. In addition, Ji Yueze's face is also in a dim darkness. With the light on the balcony behind his back, the man can't recognize him at once. At this moment, Ji Shangqing's warning makes his eyes open suddenly. He shivers and sweats. It's Ji Yueze, the second young master of Ji family. Sure enough, if he didn't know it just now Taishan's fist hit him, and then he suffered a lot.

Ji Shangqing's kindness reminds him to let the other side remember his kindness at once. "

let's go first. I may have something to talk with him!" Ji Shangqing's hands are itchy. He wants to beat people. At this moment, Ji Yueze is here. He has a pretty foul face, which makes Ji Shangqing very unhappy. So, he can help others and come any way he wants.

Of course, those people did not dare to stay. They all whispered a word and left first. Ji's eyes are coldly staring at Ji Shangqing. Ji's eyes are also angry. They are locked in a stalemate like this. "

what? Want to fight? " Ji Shangqing's masseter muscle vibrated for a while, and it can be seen that it also clenched the root of the tooth. "Do you have a share in what your father did?" Ji Yueze's cold voice is full of anger.

"What's good? Oh, do you mean to expose your improper relationship with your girlfriend? " Ji Shangqing finished, but he also looked up and laughed twice, as if it was a very funny thing. "

touch!" Before his smile was over, Ji Yueze hit him in the face with a fist. Ji Shangqing was beaten hard. The whole man hit the wall as soon as he hit the back.

"Damn it!" He bit his teeth and spit out a mouthful of bloody saliva. Next second, he smashed it with a fist.

Ji Yueze also didn't ask for benefits. His handsome face dodged, but his chest didn't dodge. He got a punch, and his painful handsome face turned blue.

"Fight. You wanted to fight me last time, didn't you? Come on, men's way of venting should be violent! " Ji Shangqing roars, two people you a punch I a leg, hit is very energetic.

Two people hit the leisure garden all the way, but they still didn't stop. Although both of them suffered a lot of injuries, it's a pity that they always felt that they gave each other less punch or foot. They were very confident that they could beat each other directly and lay down, so that he would have shadow all his life.

"One day, Ji Lin will pay for what he has done!" Ji Yueze kicks Ji Shangqing in anger.

After Ji Shangqing dodged, he waved another fist to his waist and sneered: "is that right? Where's your brother? Doesn't he have to pay? He's got everything, but he won't share it with us. He's also the descendants of Ji's family. He's so excellent. How can he not be envied? "