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C1068 is she hiding from him?

"Borrow, borrow!" In the moment when Yang ChuChu's lips were pasted on, the director nearby immediately shouted to the photographer, and the photographer quickly staggered the position to shoot this section. In the picture under the current lens, it seems that Yang ChuChu is kissing Lu xuanchen, but in fact, Yang ChuChu just shakes his head in the way of kissing Lu xuanchen. In fact, the lips of the two people move away immediately after being pasted.

When Luo Jinyu saw this scene, junmou suddenly widened. Obviously, he didn't expect to see this for the first time when he came to visit the class. He felt the deep malice from heaven.

The staff nearby all looked towards Luo Jinyu and wondered what his reflection would be when he saw the scene of Yang ChuChu.

Luo Jinyu's face remained the same, but there was an impulse in his heart. He wanted to take the woman home and hide her. He would never let her play again. He would personally cut off her acting career.

"Ka, be clear, your hair should be more disordered, because what we are going to present is a picture of your emotion warming up in the wind. Come on, let's do it again!" The director's keen eyes still find the shortcomings of this scene. Yang immediately separated from Lu xuanchen, and then they all had some awkward laughs.

The director suddenly felt a cold and piercing gaze on his back. He turned to look for it, but he didn't find it. Next to her, someone is operating a blower. The wind suddenly gets bigger. Yang ChuChu's long hair is blown. She can't help reaching out to manage it. Suddenly, she seems to see a familiar figure standing in the crowd. Her beautiful eyes are slightly open, which is obviously hard to believe. I didn't expect Luo Jinyu to look at her there. Luo

Jin Yu raised his hand, his stiff handsome face, and squeezed out a gentle smile. See

he raised his hand, Yang ChuChu found that he was not dazzled. It was really Luo Jinyu who came and stood in the crowd. She was in a panic. How could he come?

The one who didn't say hello came and upset her heart.

Lu xuanchen followed her dull eyes and saw Luo Jinyu. He was also stunned. "

it's clear that your boyfriend is here. Otherwise, let's discuss with the director. This play will be filmed tomorrow!" Lu xuanchen is really a considerate and warm man. At this time, he was concerned about Yang ChuChu's feelings for the first time. Yang

frowned clearly. It's true that Luo Jinyu is here, and she's not in the mood to shoot. However, as an actress, if she doesn't have a bit of professionalism, she's afraid that she'll let people see jokes again. Moreover, this play has been delayed for a long time, and it's just that everyone is in the mood today, and her mood is brewing. She still wants to hurry up and put it into practice The play was finished.

"No, let's go on shooting!" Yang ChuChu immediately turned around, walked back, and returned to her original position. Because the weather was dark and far away, she could not see Luo Jinyu far away. However, her heart, for a while, was filled with inexplicable pain, and her eyes were red.

Seeing the director's gesture, Yang ChuChu immediately forced back to his senses, and immediately started running towards Lu xuanchen again.

Lu xuanchen is not affected, but when he pushes Yang ChuChu, the gesture is not so heavy. Yang ChuChu pretends to fall, but the fall is not light, winning the director a favorable look. Crazy

in the wind masterpiece, Yang ChuChu's long hair is messy. When she ran over, her eyes were obviously redder than before, and her emotions were more dramatic. The director asked for another praise. This time, Lu xuanchen was hooked by Yang ChuChu. When she held up his toe and stuck it on his lips, he couldn't help shaking. How far is Luo Jinyu's ten meter broadsword from him?

Lu xuanchen was also nervous. Fortunately, the camera turned its back to him and didn't take the tension in his eyes.

Finally, it was a perfect pass. Lu

xuanchen breathes a sigh of relief, and Yang ChuChu seems to be exhausted. Turning around, an assistant immediately brings her a knitted coat and helps her put it on.

It's the end of spring at this moment. The weather at night is already cold. Yang ChuChu has been photographing for more than an hour. At this moment, his frozen face is white and his mouth is shaking. Yang dressed in his coat and wrapped himself tightly, Luo Jinyu walked towards her with great strides.

"Well, get in my car!" Seeing her frozen, Luo Jinyu immediately proposed. His car has heating, at least to warm her body.

"No, why are you here?" Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes looked at him, and what flashed past them was sadness. "

I miss you, so I come here without permission!" When Luo Jinyu said he wanted to think of you, his eyes were affectionately on her face, with a touch of sincerity on the bottom of his eyes. Yang immediately smiled: "it's so late, you still come here. You need to drive for more than two hours. It's too far." "

I can't care so much, I just know that I want to see you today!" When Luo Jinyu finished, he reached out to take her small hand. "There are many people here. You can go to the dressing room next to me," Yang said in a low voice Luo

Jin Yu frowned. I don't know if it was his illusion. Yang ChuChu always felt that he had some points for him. His whole heart was shaking. This feeling made him uneasy. The dressing room is not so cold. Yang ChuChu is sitting on a small sofa, holding a cup of hot water. Luo Jinyu's tall body is crowded in the makeshift dressing room.

"Well, you did a good job!" Luo Jinyu said something against his heart. It was because of his good performance that he was in a bad mood. "

yes? It took me more than an hour to make the director happy Yang ChuChu chuckled.

"Clearly, I called you a few times today. Why didn't you answer them? Is it really that busy? " This kind of thing has never happened before, so Luo Jinyu's mood at the moment will show panic. "

Yes, I've been shooting all day today. I'm really busy..."

"What happened? You're running away from me, aren't you? " Luo Jinyu is not so easy to cheat. His sharp eyes have seen all this for a long time. Yang was shocked. He immediately lowered his head and bit his lips. "No, how can I hide from you? I'm really busy. I thought I would call you back at night."

"If I don't come to you now, will I really call back?" Luo Jinyu is very suspicious.

Yang ChuChu's heart at the moment is even more disordered. Yes, she pretends to be busy and doesn't answer his phone. She just wants to have a try. If she doesn't answer his phone day and week, can she survive.