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C1315 drowning in your love

The girl's fingers are tinged with the fragrance of silk, holding on to the man's thin lips, which makes the man's whole body shake, and the dark eyes are immeasurable in an instant.

LAN Yanxi feels the heat between men's breath. Under his palm is his strong and sexy thin lips. She is embarrassed when the man reaches out to take down her uneasy little hand.

I want to take back my hand quickly, but half of it is held by a man's big iron palm. Next second, she is forcibly dragged into the man's arms. She just touched the thin lip in the palm of her hand, and now it moved to her hair. The hot breath also burns her tender ears. This kind of intimacy makes people think of the ear rubbing the sideburns between lovers, and the surrounding The air seemed to rise a lot at once, and LAN Yanxi was so hot all over.

"Ling Mo Feng, would you like to have a look at the noodles in the pot?" Although he was reluctant to part with him and enjoyed being held tightly by him, lanyanxi cared more about his own food at the moment.

The man in her ear lazy low smile, then, let her go, turn around to take chopsticks to turn over the noodles.

Lanyanxi couldn't stand his deep laughter. She stared at the man's irresistible side face with beautiful eyes. What's the matter with her heart beating more and more?

Ling Mo Feng's eyes glared at her. Seeing her staring at herself, he couldn't help but reach out and knead her white face. It was very touching, just like a little dog waiting to eat meat, making people want to play with her.

LAN Yanxi's cheeks are bulging. How strange is the man's eyes when he looks at her? As if she had become his plaything.

"Otherwise, go take a bath. It's so late. If you are full, you can't take a bath immediately and hurt your stomach!" When the man saw that she had nothing to do, he had to discuss her gently.

"Yes, I'll take a bath!" LAN Yanxi nodded obediently and went out.

She took a quick hot bath upstairs. She was dizzy and had an impulse to go to bed immediately.

But at the thought of a man cooking noodles for herself downstairs, she got up her spirits again, put her hands in her pockets, and came down at a brisk pace.

Just walked to the dining room, smelt a gust of fragrance, it is appetizing.

"Come and eat!" Ling Mo Feng is only wearing a suit at the moment, two of which are untied at the neckline, showing a lot of randomness, but he doesn't know how charming he is in this way.

LAN Yanxi's heart is turbulent. There is always an idea to push him down, even though she is a woman.

"How can I be dazed?" Ling Mo Feng is wiping the drops of water on his hand with a towel. Seeing that it's good and silly, he can't help chuckling.

LAN Yanxi is smart, so he finds that he has more and more time to spend foolishness.

"What did you put in it? It smells good! " Lanyanxi immediately sat down and looked up at him with beautiful eyes, asking.

"I put in some sauce and some beef!" Ling Mo Feng said slowly.

"Would you like to have some with me?" LAN Yanxi is not good at eating alone. He only asks him with a smile.

"No, you can eat. I went upstairs to take a bath." Ling Mo Feng seldom eats in the evening, because his self-discipline and restraint are not only reflected in his treatment of work, but also in his management of the body.

LAN Yanxi nodded his head: "OK, I'll go upstairs to find you after eating!"

"Well, take your time!" Men talk with a smile.

Of course, lanyanxi will slowly compensate for this man's craftsmanship. To be honest, she feels inferior to herself as a woman. I don't know whether Ling Mo Feng will feel that this kind of clothes can reach out her hand. The woman with a mouth full of food is lazy and hopeless.

LAN Yanxi had finished the supper. She ate too much at once. She was holding on. Her eyebrows were twisting. She didn't know how to eat for a while.

She was wearing a broad robe, and went upstairs. Ling Mo Feng's room was lit. She quietly poked into a head, and her beautiful eyes opened in an instant.

Ling Mo Feng had just taken a bath and walked out of the bathroom. Moreover, it seemed that he could hardly carry the cold. He didn't put on a thick robe, and there was only a bath towel all over his body.

LAN Yanxi took a breath and felt that it was time to come.

"Come in!" The man found her long ago, chuckling.

LAN Yanxi carried his hands behind him and walked in with a dry smile. Her beautiful eyes were drooping. She dared not look at him.

"Are you healed? How can I take a bath? " LAN Yanxi asked with a smile.

"All right!" Ling Mo Feng replied softly.

"That You seem to have several wounds on your back. How did you do it? " LAN Yanxi's eye pointed discovery, under the bright light, Ling Mo Feng's body also had several faded scars, her heart followed a tremor.

"Some are left behind during training, some are caused by others!" Ling Mo Feng said lightly, as if he didn't care about his injuries.

"It turns out that you have suffered so many injuries. Does it hurt?" Between LAN Yanxi's words, her fingers could not help touching one of his scars. The man's healthy body could not help shaking.

"It's long gone!" Ling Mo Feng quickly took up the robe placed on the bed and put it on her body to prevent her from continuing to watch.

Lanyanxi took back her finger, but found that her fingertip was still quivering. She knew that this man didn't want to worry about him, so she had to hide his wound.

"That Why don't you dry your hair? It's easy to get sick! " LAN Yanxi looked up, only to find that his neat short hair was still dripping with water, and she twinkled her eyebrows for a moment to care about him.

Ling Mo Feng flicked his head gently, and the water splashed on her face. LAN Yanxi knew that he was deliberately abusing her, and immediately murmured, "what are you doing?"

Lingmo Feng just took the towel and wiped the water drops on his short hair. His short hair was also disordered, but even if there was no modeling, his full forehead was still carved with beautiful features.

Sexy, young, full of male wild charm.

LAN Yanxi looked at him with dismay, as if for the first time, he was still so young.

In the past, I saw that he was always dressed in suits and shoes, with a full style of hairstyle and a steady temperament, which would make people mistakenly think that he had the same temperament as an old cadre.

But when he put his short hair in front of his forehead, LAN Yanxi felt like he was the same age.

It turns out that hair style is so important. It can turn a man's temperament into a boy in a moment. That's what we call it. On the importance of hair style.

"Why do you stare at me like this?" Ling Mo Feng tied the strap of her robe and turned around. Seeing the woman's straight eyes, she felt confused and asked people to drown and see what she thought.

"Oh Nothing! " Blue words when shidun blushed up, feel their own into a flower crazy.

Ling Mo Feng's thin lips picked lightly, and he had seen through her careful thinking for a long time. He was standing in front of her with a big body and a bathrobe, as if more hidden. LAN Yanxi stood in front of him, small and charming, without any resistance.

"Yan Xi, your eyes tell me that you want to sleep in my bed!" The man attached to her and whispered in her ear. What he said made LAN Yanxi tremble.

"Don't talk nonsense, I don't think so!" Lanyanxi immediately turned around and turned his back to him, so that he would not read his mind again.

"Really?" The man deliberately lengthened his voice.

"Anyway, I'm going to sleep for nothing. I'd better not find myself guilty!" Blue words hope a small mouth, the loss of speech, is unable to hide.

Ling Mo Feng was amused by her words: "you seem to be very aggrieved!"

LAN Yanxi shakes twice. God, why does she always forget that she is a woman?

Don't all women want Jin?

"No, I think you have a man's responsibility. I'm in a hurry!" Blue words Xi Li's expression, turn round to look at him: "don't want to be responsible for directly say, why hang me every day!"

Ling Mo Feng: "..."

With that, LAN Yanxi strode straight to the door.

But no two steps later, she was forcibly pulled back by the man. Her back was directly attached to his chest, and she could feel the warmth from the man's body.

"Yan Xi, wait a second. I'm as eager as you are!" Ling Mo Feng answered in a low voice in her ear.