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C922 isn'st this retribution?

In the middle of the night, Ji Shangqing, who was drunk, walked into the gate of the community. He was really in a bad mood. He had just gone through the engagement banquet between Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan. In a flash, it was their wedding joy. He was hit one after another, which made Ji Shangqing drown his sorrows. Don't

I know if Ji Shangqing's bad luck is not over yet. As soon as he entered the community, he immediately attracted the attention of a large dog. In addition, he walked awkwardly. The dog thought it was dirty and said nothing. He broke away from his master's control and started to run towards Ji Shangqing with four legs. At the same speed as the wind, Ji Shangqing was in front of him in the blink of an eye. He only heard a barking dog. Then he felt a sharp pain in his leg. When he saw clearly that a dog was biting his leg, he woke up half of the time, raised his foot, and kicked the dog away, but the dog was unwilling to give up, and rushed to him again. Season

Shangqing is scared and runs away. At this moment, his wine is cool. Unfortunately, his injured leg can't run fast at all. Seeing that the big dog has jumped on him again, fortunately, his master gives strength, Yanks the rope hard and scolds his pet angrily. "

I'm going to kill this stock!" Ji Shangqing is so embarrassed that he lies on the grass, where he is bitten on his leg, and his blood is flowing. He can't help crying out in pain. The owner of the dog was also stunned. He called for first aid. More than ten minutes later, Ji Shangqing was lying on the ambulance and directly sent to the hospital. He was injected at the first time. The whole man was lying on his back. The owner of the dog apologized to him repeatedly and asked for compensation. "

do you know who I am? If you don't put your dog in jail, I want you to lose everything. " Ji Shangqing's mood was already very bad. Now he was humiliated. He wanted to chop the dog with a knife. "

sir, I'm really sorry. My family is very obedient. I don't know why he wants to bite you. Is it because you have something dirty to follow..." "

who do you mean dirty?" When Ji Shangqing heard this, his face was livid as if he was going to eat people. He pointed to him and scolded: "you blind thing, you wait, our account should be calculated well!" The man who was scolded, his face was suddenly rebuked.

At this time, Ji Lin hurriedly pushed open the door of the ward and came in. When he saw his son lying on the bed with a thick gauze around his legs and a pale face, his face suddenly darkened to the end.

"Uncle Ji..." All of a sudden, the owner of the dog next to saw him and shouted at the first time.

Ji Lin is trying to challenge his teachers. Suddenly he sees a familiar face, and his face changes a little. "Uncle Ji, it's really you. Is this your son? I'm really sorry! " The young man made all kinds of apologies to him at once. Ji Qingqing's face was changeable. He heard Ji Lin point to the man and say, "this is Minister Li's grandson, the one I mentioned to you last time." Ji has a sudden impulse to faint. He was just thinking about taking the man with the dog. Unexpectedly, he is the grandson of his father's old acquaintance. What kind of enemy? Ji

although Lin was very angry, he wanted to scold this man, but when he thought that there was a backer behind him, he pulled a smirk: "yes, he is my son, what's the matter with you? How can your dog bite? "

"Uncle Ji, I really don't know. My dog is always obedient. I'm not right this time. I will be responsible for all the medical expenses!" The young man knew each other. He felt less nervous just now.

"Just admit it, you biting dog can't stay any longer!" Ji Yanqing's face is ugly.

"Ah, young master Ji, are you going to kill my ah Jin? No, no, no, you don't want to kill him. He's my only friend. " The young man's face was pale with fear, and he was anxious to kill his relatives.

Ji Shangqing grinds his teeth and says, "I have three stitches on my leg. Do you know how serious the injury is? If you were not minister Li's grandson, I would sue you. "

The young man immediately went to ask Ji Lin: "Uncle Ji, I'm willing to lose money. I'll lose a lot of money. Please don't kill my dog, OK? For my grandfather's sake, let me give ah Jin a life. "

"Let's talk about it. Go back first!" Ji Lin continued to smirk at the man.

The young man listened, thanked him quickly, and then turned away.

Ji Shangqing looks at his father with a black face: "what do you mean? It's not you who bite, so you don't feel hurt, do you? "

"How can I not feel hurt? You are my son. That bastard and his dog are all damn, but we still need to recognize them!" Ji Lin immediately lowered his voice. "

How do you calm me down? I'm like this. Do I have to go to her wedding tomorrow in a wheelchair? " Ji Shangqing's mood is also like being given a day by a dog. He is extremely upset.

Ji Lin reaches out his hand and presses his shoulder: "young man, don't get excited. Even if you kill people, you can't say I'm going to kill you in front of others. Give it to dad for help. I'm sure I'll avenge you." Ji Qingqing's mood calmed down and snorted: "why hasn't a good thing happened to me? Is this really retribution? "

Hearing the word retribution, Ji Lin's face suddenly turned ugly, and he immediately said angrily, "don't give me retribution. If it's not fair born, can't others resist?"? I don't believe it. " Ji had to stop talking when he heard that he was so excited.

Morning! The sun is shining brightly. It's a rare sunny day. After winter and spring, the plants are more green. At the beginning, the beauty of spring has made the city more vigorous, and the smile on people's faces more brilliant.

As if everything had a chance to start anew.

Today for Jijia, it coincides with the meaning of spring, a new beginning and a new hope.

Today is the wedding day of Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou. Boom

the city has been moved, and everyone is paying attention to it. The combination of a new couple is always curious and gratifying. Big

in the early morning, Ji's house is boiling. At the request of the old lady, Ji's manor has been renovated for a long time. Even the color of the street lamp has all been changed into a happy red. This way, in the daytime, the street lamp is like the fruit of autumn. It's red and fiery. How happy it is.