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No matter what your relationship is, it is not something that you can meddle in. So, you better listen up and don't touch Tang You You anymore, and don't provoke her in the future. No matter who you offend, you must use your brain to remember this. Lam Tung pinched the cigarette, then went to get some clothes: "I have to go back, it's very late, my wife will be suspicious."

"Old Lin, don't go yet. Let's stay here for a while, okay?" Carry him for a moment. " Li Fang Fang suddenly saw that he was about to leave, and suddenly felt empty wanting to hug him again, preventing him from returning so early.

Li Fang Fang watched as he took out the cash and placed it on the bed, then left.

If she were to know that her clothes weren't a unique and original work, she would probably ruin the reputation of 'Only Idealism'.

"What should we do? What should I do? " Li Fang Fang was about to go crazy. From the very start, she had wanted to frame Tang You You, to make her lose her foothold in Only Idealism. But now, it seemed like the most terrifying thing was that she had succeeded in doing it.

"How did Tang You You get involved with Ji Yue Ze? That's impossible, unless he has an unclear relationship with Ji Yue Ze. " Li Fang Fang thought like this, following that, she had an even more bold and malicious idea. If Tang You You insisted on falling out with her, and forced her into a corner, she would have the reporters report this ambiguous relationship, at that time, she was afraid that Ji Yue Ze's fans would tear him to shreds.

As a fashion designer, Li Fang Fang knew a lot of things about the entertainment circle like the back of her hand. She was very clear about how crazy fans were towards their own stars.

If they knew that Tang You You had some sort of unclear relationship with him, then at that time, Tang You You would probably be so afraid that he wouldn't even dare to step out the door.

Hehe, she finally found a way to win.

The Tang Clan!

Tang Xue Rou sat in her room, holding onto the gold inlaid jade pendant, she looked up and down for a long time, but was unable to find anything special about it.

Thus, she took the jade and went downstairs to find her mother, Meng Xiu Juan.

"Mom, let me ask you something!" Tang Xue Rou asked.

Meng Xiu Juan looked at her gently. "What is it?"

"Since Tang You You is not father's biological daughter, then tell me, what kind of family's daughter would she be? Do you know anything about it? " Tang Xue Rou was sure that she was Tang You Kang's daughter, but with this jade pendant, it could only mean that Tang You You was probably the granddaughter of that rich family.

Meng Xiu Juan shook her head, her face full of ignorance, "I don't know either, your father only said that he bought it from someone else. I don't know what kind of family it is."

"How much does Daddy know?"

"He definitely doesn't know either. I asked him, and he just said that he would pay up and carry Tang You You back."

Tang Xue Rou was unable to find a reason why, but she was a little vexed: "Seems like, this jade pendant is truly very important to Tang You You, no wonder she has been looking for it, does she know that this jade pendant is related to her background?"

"What are you talking about? Tang You You didn't know about her background before, and if your father didn't tell her, she really would have thought that she was the daughter of the Tang Family." Meng Xiu Juan laughed coldly.

Tang Xue Rou has already stopped the ban on me, and I can report it tomorrow. Mom, actually, the thing I should thank the most is you and Dad, if not for the fact that you two raised Tang You You up, she wouldn't have repaid my gratitude at this time. "

"It's good that you know it. You are the apple of Mom and Dad's eye, our most proud daughter. Xue Rou, Mom has always been proud of you." Meng Xiu Juan looked at her beautiful and astute daughter in a gentle and satisfied manner, feeling that she had picked up a treasure.

Tang Xue Rou was all smiles and she said conceitedly, "Mom, don't worry. Once I recover my fame in the future, you will feel even more proud."

"Xue Rou, you must listen to what your father says, don't cause trouble with Tang You You anymore. She has Ji Xiao Han supporting her now, it's not like we can't mess with her, it's best if we can live a peaceful life."

Upon hearing Ji Xiao Han's name, Tang Xue Rou felt as if he was slapped in the face, the pain making his heart ache.

When she thought of how Tang You You could lie in his embrace and bear his love, she wished that she could stab Tang You You.

She really couldn't accept that a man she couldn't get would eventually become her. Moreover, from how Ji Xiao Han let her go, she could tell that he had doted on her to the very bones.

Why was it that although they were both women, Ji Xiao Han had also thought that she was the woman he had slept with that night, but had never doted on her so much?

If it were Tang You You, Ji Xiao Han would actually treat her so well, so well that he could forgive her lies that took five years to come.

It was really too enviable.