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C1213: does she feel sick when she cries?

LAN Yanxi fell asleep in a daze, but the fever didn't go away. He kept the low fever all the time. Ling Mo Feng didn't dare to go away, so he moved a quilt cover directly and lay on the floor. The moonlight outside the window shone down. He turned his eyes to see the girl curling up in the bed.

Ling Mo Feng sighed, pulled the quilt and fell asleep. In the morning, it's sunny. On the branch outside the window, the early bird has already sung and chased. It's a beautiful morning scene. Blue

Yan Xi sleeps in soreness. However, because she is not comfortable, she hears a little noise and opens her eyes. However, when she plans to get out of bed, she finds that there is still a person sleeping beside the bed. She almost steps on him. Fortunately, she shrinks her feet.

Ling Mo Feng is still asleep. Maybe he was woken up in the middle of the night last night, so he just fell asleep for a while. Blue

Yan Xi looked at the quiet sleeping face of a man unbelievably. How could he sleep on the floor? Are you worried about her?

LAN Yanxi thought of waking up thirsty in the middle of the night, and vaguely remembered that Ling Mo Feng had cooled her physics.

She pasted her forehead with the back of her hand, and the fever subsided. There was only a little low fever, which did not affect her actions. There was a touch of emotion in her heart. Lanyanxi didn't expect Lingmo Feng to be such a conscientious man. Just because she had a cold, she condescended to her room to make a shop.

I always think of him as a cold man who is superior and looks down on everything. It turns out that this is the real man, a normal man with excellent ability and beautiful appearance. Yan Xi wants to get out of bed from the other side and try not to wake him up, because she drank too much water and had a hot sweat yesterday. She feels that she is sticky and uncomfortable now. She has to take a bath.

LAN Yanxi got out of bed and looked at his messy quilt. He had a click in his heart. After that, would Ling Mo Feng dislike her.

However, she had this habit since she was a child, because she had no sense of security and liked to put all her dolls on the other side of the bed and sleep with her.

Just came here, no doll, she found a pillow to put, I hope Ling Mo Feng will not feel her strange.

Lanyanxi took her clothes and went out. In the bathroom next to her, she put a jar of hot water for herself. She deliberately adjusted the water temperature to a high level. Before she was ill, her mother would make her soak in hot water, and her cold would get better faster.

After LAN Yanxi removed her clothes, she sat in the hot water and stroked her skin. Maybe it's going to be winter. With such hot water, she felt comfortable and wanted to stay in the water and wash away her tiredness. Ling

Mo Feng had a nightmare just now. He woke up suddenly. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw that there was no woman in his bed. He was shocked. Whether it was a dream or a reality just now, he didn't know for a moment.

"Lan Yanxi!" Ling Mo Feng stood up fiercely and called out her name in a low voice. But at the moment, LAN Yanxi is lying in the bathtub listening to the soothing light music, and has not heard his voice at all. Ling

Mo Feng's breath suddenly became tight and stagnated. He walked quickly to the corridor, and suddenly saw that the bathroom next to him was tightly closed. Ling Mo Feng quickly tapped with his hand and continued to shout her name.

It's very quiet inside, but there's no voice to respond to him. Ling Mo Feng's brain explodes because LAN Yanxi had a high fever yesterday. If she's alone in the bathroom at the moment, what if she faints? Ling

Mo Feng made two more urgent knocks. LAN Yanxi closed her eyes and the music in her ear completely occupied her mind. Ling Mo Feng didn't wake her up. Ling

Mo Feng's heart was taut. He could no longer care about the way of a gentleman, so he screwed the door and pushed it open.

"Ah..." The door opened, and the light came in, but she woke LAN Yanxi up. She made a low voice, and when she turned around, she saw the man standing at the door against the light, with a look of consternation.

LAN Yanxi quickly pulled off the earplug and stared at him angrily: "Ling Mo Feng, what are you doing?"

Ling Mo Feng watched her tear off the earplugs, and the root of her teeth also bit: "what are you doing with earplugs in your bath? Didn't you hear me calling you? " "

I'm listening to music. What do you want me to do?" LAN Yanxi shouted, because Ling Mo Feng's voice was obviously attacking her, and she felt wronged. "

you can't wear earplugs after bathing!" Ling Mo Feng's eyes glared at her. After dropping this sentence, he backed out and closed the door again.

LAN Yanxi is stunned by his roar. How can there be such a rule?

LAN Yanxi sees Ling Mo Feng get angry, and she can't stay in the bathroom any longer. She wipes herself dry, changes into a thick set of pajamas, and goes downstairs quickly. Then she sees Ling Mo Feng holding a cup in his hand and sitting silently on the sofa.

Lanyanxi hurried to his face and was still grieving over the words he had just left behind. "

Ling Mo Feng, who stipulates that bathing is not allowed to listen to music?" LAN Yanxi is complaining.

"I made it!" Ling Mo Feng's thin lips are tight, and his voice is heavy. Blue

Yan Xi was discontented and protested: "you are so strange. Do I have to listen to you if I want to live here?" "

Yes, you didn't promise to live here before, just listen to me?" Ling Mo Feng is not polite to her at all. "

ah..." Lanyanxi suddenly lost her mind. I still remember that when she moved in that night, she did say such words. Although it was not the original words, her consciousness seemed to be almost the same.

"Do you feel aggrieved? If you are wronged, move back to your blue house. " Ling Mo Feng put the cup firmly on the table, and the tall body suddenly stood up and was about to go upstairs. "

no!" LAN Yanxi also stood up in a hurry. She didn't know where she came from. She ran to him at full speed. She stood on a stair and was able to look at him. She said with a smile: "I won't go back. I'll listen to you. Don't drive me away!" "

nothing!" Ling Mo Feng, seeing that she was so soft to him, couldn't help but reprimand her. "

Yes, I have no future. If I can be a strong woman, I won't let my mother suffer from those cowards." LAN Yanxi seems to have been touched by something sad in her heart. Her eyes turn red and she murmurs at herself.

Ling Mo Feng looks at her and even cries like this. Does the woman's tears want money? You can cry immediately if you say you cry. "

well, I was worried about you just now, so I got angry!" Ling Mo Feng was shocked by the way she was blinded by tears. In a moment, her heart softened and her voice slowed down.

"Are you worried about my illness? I'm ok. I'll go to the hospital to see the doctor later. " LAN Yanxi put up with the tears at once, with a smile on her pretty face. Because

she helped this man last night. Now, even if she was murdered by him, she doesn't know what she has.

"No, I'm worried about something else!" Ling Mo Feng was out of control and anxious just now because he had something to do with the nightmare he had just had. He dreamed that a bad man had rushed in with a gun in his hand, but he was looking for lanyanxi all the time, but he found that he couldn't find her. There was no figure of her in the whole house, so when he woke up, he wanted to find her quickly. Who knew that the little woman was lying in the bathroom and taking a bath and still stuffed it Earplug, ignore his uneasiness.

"What else? What else? Do you still worry that I can't eat enough and wear warm? " LAN Yanxi asked with a smile. Her temperament was simple. It was sunny and rainy for a while, just like a child's mind. She was still red in the eyes of Ling Mo Feng. Now when he said that he was worried about her, she was happy again.

"No, it may be that I think too much. Go upstairs and change your clothes. I'll take you to the hospital later!" Ling Mo Feng whispered. "

hospital? Are you going with me? " Blue words and beautiful eyes brighten. To be honest, she is really reluctant to go to the hospital alone. She feels lonely and insecure.

"Yes, go to the General Hospital of the military region to have a look. Change your clothes and I'll make you something to eat. I have something important to explain to you later!" Lingmo Feng said that, also do not go upstairs, turned to the kitchen.