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C588 a day off

While waiting for delicious food to come to the table, Jiang Nuoyi has been deeply watching Tang youyou for a long time.

"You have lost a lot of weight recently, is it because of the blow of lovelorn?" Jano asked in a low voice.


After a while, Tang Youwei thought that she was still the poor woman kicked away by Ji Xiaohan in the eyes of outsiders.

"Yes?" She subconsciously touched her cheek: "no, I'm not affected by that."

"Don't try to be brave. I'm a woman. I know how you feel now." Jiang Nuo suddenly took the cigarette box next to her and put it down again, because this restaurant is a smoke-free restaurant. Although she was depressed and wanted to smoke one, for the sake of Tang Youyou, she endured it.

Tang youYou can't laugh or cry. She knows that Jiang Nuo asked only when she cared about herself.

"I just want to work and live well now. I don't want anything else!" Of course, Tang youYou can't tell her the truth, so he has to pretend to be strong and indifferent.

Jiang Nuo sees in the eye, but feels her this pretends to be strong appearance, lets the human specially heartache. "Yo Yo, can we be friends as well as customers? I've written a new song recently. You can listen to it. Maybe you can relax! " As soon as Jiang Nuo said it, he introduced the name of the song to Tang youyou. The song was sung by a new female star. It has a very wide spread on the Internet. It is a song that teaches women to treat lovelorn.

"Well, I'll go back and listen!" Tang youyou nods happily.

At the sight of her upturned mouth, Jano was in a very good mood.

During the dinner, the two people talked about some business matters, and the atmosphere was pretty good.

Among them, Tang youyou answered a phone call and saw that it was Ji Xiaohan's name, so she got up and went to the bathroom.

"What's the matter?" Tang youyou's voice is tender.

"Is it a man or a woman who eats with you?" asked Ji Xiaohan in a depressed voice

Hearing this, Tang youyou immediately turned around and looked around: "don't tell me, you are eating in this restaurant, too?"

"I'm in the building opposite you. You can't see me, but I can see you!" The tone of Ji Xiaohan is a little complacent.

Tang youyou stares at him angrily: "Ji Xiaohan, you really have leisure. I can't get rid of you wherever I go."

"Are you angry?" Season owl cold immediately asked nervously.

"Yes, of course I'm very angry. I told you that I came to see the customer, but you still don't believe me!" Can Tang youyou not be angry? Although it's a very happy thing to be cared about by him, even if she has a meal, she will be monitored by him, which is not very fun.

"If you tell me whether your client is male or female, I won't disturb your meal!" Season owl is so cold that he exposes his whereabouts because he finds that he can't even tell whether the man sitting opposite her is a woman, which makes him worried.

Tang youyou was amused by his words and said lightly: "aren't your eyes very poisonous? You can see it yourself. "

"Now I'm going to come over and ask myself. How about that?" Seeing that the woman dared to play tricks with him, Ji Xiaohan immediately gave her a little punishment.

Tang youyou is shocked. Ji Xiaohan can't appear here, let alone come to see her.

In case of being seen, you should gossip about her again.

"It's a woman. I say she's my client. My client is only a woman!" Tang youyou had to answer him honestly.

"How do women dress like this? Too neutral! " Season owl cold frowns, to Jiang Nuo one's dress, expresses appreciation incompetence.

"You guys won't like it. She's dressed like this, but she's very attractive to women!" Tang youyou sneers.

"Oh? Is your eyes attracted to her? " In the tone of Ji Xiaohan, there is an immediate danger.

Tang youyou accidentally fell into his trap again. She quickly explained, "what are you talking about? I just appreciate her daring to break through herself and go with unusual style. Where do you want to go?"

After listening to her explanation, Ji Xiaohan was in a better mood. Before hanging up, he didn't forget to tell him: "after you have eaten, come to the opposite side to see me. I'll wait for you. Don't let me wait too long!"

The last charming tone of the man made Tang youyou tremble. It seems that Ji Xiaohan is going to do something with her again.

Back to his position, Tang youyou was a little absent-minded.

In fact, at Ji's house, there is always a gap between her and Ji Xiaohan.

Although the old lady has not so strict requirements for them, Tang youyou's heart is still like an invisible shackle. Outside, she doesn't care about anything. However, once she returns to Ji's home, she instinctively abides by the rules set by the old lady.

"What's the matter? What's the matter? " As soon as Jiang Nuo saw that she had answered a phone call, he looked a little out of shape, so he asked her with concern.

"Well!" Tang youyou has almost eaten. He thinks about Ji Xiaohan, so he decides to fight quickly.

"If there's something wrong, let's get together another day. Are you driving? Do you want me to take you? " Jano one is very tender to care for her.

"It's open, please take it!" Tang youyou replied with a smile. They walked out of the restaurant side by side.

After getting off the restaurant, Tang youyou said to Jiang Nuo, "I have a friend in the building opposite. I have something to do with him. Go back first. Drive carefully on the road!"

Jiang Nuo saw that she cared about herself and nodded happily: "OK, another appointment!"

Tang youyou waits for Jiang Nuo to leave, she can't wait to go to the building where Ji Xiaohan is.

Once again, she called Ji Xiaohan, asked about his floor location, and then pressed the elevator.

One day missing, like three autumn apart, may be used to describe the mood of two people at the moment.

Tang youyou knocks on the door. Ji Xiaohan has been waiting inside. When the door is opened, he sees her face with a shy smile. His heart is shaking and he is warm.

When Tang youyou stepped in, he didn't even have time to put his bag down, so the whole man was directly hugged by the man.

"Why come so late?" In the eyes of Ji Xiaohan, even if she comes late for a minute or a second, it has become suffering for him.

Don Youge's charming smile is not only. This man is really a bully.

She has come here as fast as she can. He even thinks that she is too slow to come. It's unreasonable.

The man punishment type hugs her more tightly, the thin lip also more eagerly attacks.

Tang youyou only felt that these days of missing, have been released, her hand, also tightly respond to him. If you can, I really don't want to be separated from him day and night.