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C523 let's go together

Tang Xiaorui listens to Ji Xiaohan's words, and his face is stunned. His father doesn't want to lose them, but why doesn't he hurry to dissuade mummy from leaving?

Seeing his son looking at himself strangely, Ji Xiaohan laughed at himself. "Xiaorui, daddy can't dissuade him from this matter." "Daddy, I always adore you and regard you as an example for me to learn. I'd better be myself after that. I don't want to be like you and can't protect the people I like." Tang Xiaorui is also disappointed with Ji Xiaohan. Little guy thinks that the big things are more important than Mom's leaving.

Season owl cold as if by the human mercilessly bang a meal, the entire human all looked like the sculpture general standing.

He could understand his son's disappointment. He felt that he didn't live as confident and failed as before.

Tang Xiaorui's big black eyes stared at Ji Xiaohan's face for a few seconds. He didn't seem to stick to anything anymore. He turned around and walked towards Tang youyou's bedroom.

This time, he made a thorough decision to share the joys and sorrows with mummy.

In the bedroom, Tang youyou has coaxed her daughter. She sits on the sofa and looks at the two boxes. Her expression is also silent.

"Mommy..." Tang Xiaorui pushed the door in, and then asked, "have you cleaned up? It seems that I haven't cleaned up the things with Nai. "

Tang youyou looks at his son in surprise. Tang Xiaorui raises his eyebrow and says, "Mommy, don't persuade me to stay here. I must go with you. So does xiaonai!"

Tang xiaonai immediately lit a small head, dark eyes, still hanging tears, but the small appearance is also very determined.

Tang youyou is very moved and feels like crying.

Two children are so considerate and understanding of her, she has been very happy, but now, they even leave with themselves, which really makes Tang youyou very happy.

But then Tang youyou had a strange feeling. She felt that if two children followed her, would Ji Xiaohan be more seriously ill?

Before that, Tang youyou pretended to be a strong demon. But when she calmed down, she found that she and Ji Xiaohan were not wrong, but they suffered the most from each other.

Tang youyou doesn't want to let the man who loves him deeply hurt more than himself, so she hopes to keep her two children with him, but now, the child has to go with her.

"Xiaorui, xiaonai, don't you really want to stay here? Mommy's new home hasn't been properly arranged. Besides, it's very small. Can you really live in it? " Don youyou wants to find some excuse to keep the child.

"Mommy, you look down on us too much. You forget that our previous home was very small! How can we not get used to it? " Tang Xiaorui immediately gave her a white look and felt that Tang youyou didn't want to take them away, which made the little guy a little sad.

Tang xiaonai also nodded his little head: "well, Mommy, you are our mommy. We won't dislike you."

Tang youyou saw that the two children were thoughtful and considerate, so she had to nod her head: "that's OK. Before you leave with me, go and say goodbye to Dad."

"I won't go..." Tang Xiaorui thought that he had just gone to inform him, but daddy didn't come to keep mummy, so he was not willing to see him again.

When Tang xiaonai saw that her brother didn't go, she had to shake her little head: "I won't go either. If daddy thinks of me, he will definitely come to me!"

When Tang youyou saw that the two children were so stubborn, she had to sigh and touch their heads: "OK, if you don't go, you won't go. But Mommy hopes you don't hate him. It's not his fault that I separated from him, OK?"

"Then since daddy is not wrong, why does Mommy break up with him? Do you really like Uncle Lu? " Tang Xiaorui just can't understand the feelings between adults. It's too complicated. He suddenly feels that it's good to be a child.

Tang youyou looked into his son's eyes and shook his head. "No, uncle Lu is just a friend of mummy. Mummy doesn't like him!"

"Mommy, you are so strange. I can't figure out whether you like it or not." Tang xiaonai's face was stunned.

Looking at the innocent children, Tang youyou couldn't explain clearly for a while, so he said gently, "in a word, we broke up because we couldn't love each other, not because we hated each other. Just remember, don't hate your daddy."

"I don't hate him. I also promised daddy that I would ask him to come and accompany me when I miss him." After Tang xiaonai finished speaking, she quickly covered her mouth. It was over. She seemed to have said something she shouldn't have said.

Tang youyou immediately stared at his daughter seriously: "xiaonai, it can't be like this. I'm separated from your father in order to meet as little as possible in the future."

Tang xiaonai's mouth flattened in an instant, and he wanted to cry to show you the rhythm.

Tang Xiaorui scolded her for being a fool. Then, he put two small arms around his chest and a pair of cold expressions on his face, but he thought in his heart that I would not tell mummy that I would look for various opportunities to join them in the future.

Ji Xiaohan is still sitting on the office chair in his study, but his eyes can't see anything anymore.

He really had an urge to smash everything in the room.

However, taking things to vent, but unlike his character, he has long been trained to be happy and angry.

Does that woman have to move today?

Can't wait for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow How many more days?

Season owl cold suddenly found that the break-up is their own, reluctant people, or their own.

This is ridiculous!

What makes Ji Xiaohan depressed is that the two children didn't come back to find themselves.

Tang youyou left, and they will follow him. When he comes back to this house, will he be empty again?

Without the laughter of the children, it's not like his home anymore.

After calming down, Tang youyou packed some of the children's things and took them away.

When she pushed out two big suitcases, she found that what she took away was only her own things. She didn't take away everything the man gave her.

Just now, she was hesitating whether to take the ring he gave her away as a souvenir, but in the end, she still didn't have the courage to take it away.

Since we will never be lovers again, it must be a heart blocking thing to see in the future.

The two little guys each carried their own suitcases, with a small expression of firmly following Tang youyou to leave. Just as Tang youyou came down to the hall, the old lady just stepped down from the car. She was going to come down to have dinner with two little guys. Unexpectedly, she saw the picture of the mother and the son carrying the suitcase and leaving. Her expression froze for a moment.