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C1160 revenge

Fang Kexin doesn't remember how she endured the anger and resentment of the explosion. When the other party kept shouting her name, she pinched off her cell phone and the whole person fell into a huge resentment. "

Fang Yang? My father? It's impossible. The news must be false. It's absolutely impossible! " Fang Kexin shouted angrily for a long time. Fortunately, there were no guests nearby. "

this is not true!" Fang Kexin stumbled to grab the bag and was stopped by the waiter. "

this guest, you haven't paid yet."

Fang Kexin tore open the bag, grabbed some money and threw it to the place: "don't look!" Wu Sheng was shocked by her attitude. As soon as Fang Kexin came out, he hurried to her sports car.

At this moment, she got such a sad and angry news, she must ask for it. Yang

be clear about that little bitch, what qualification does she have to be her sister? Fang

Yang is working in the office. Suddenly, he hears the noise outside the door. Soon, Fang Kexin comes in with a pale face. "

Kexin, why are you here?" Fang Yang was surprised to see her.

Fang Kexin is used to being a eldest lady at home. At the moment, she is so angry that she has no reason. She throws her bag to the ground and asks angrily, "who is Yang ChuChu? What do you have to do with her? "

Fang Yang thought that his daughter had been bullied outside. He wanted to come to him and cry. He was just about to care. When he heard that she asked him that, his whole life was frozen. In a second, he rushed to the office, closed the door tightly and looked heavy.

"Say, who is Yang ChuChu? What do you have to do with her? You tell me! " Fang Kexin felt resentful at the moment. She cried and grabbed her father's arm and asked, "if I don't investigate, will you not tell me in this life?"? And my mother doesn't know, how can you do such a stupid thing? "

Fang Yang is also frightened at the moment. He has no God or master. He didn't expect that this secret would be first known by his daughter. Now, in the face of her questioning, Fang Yang has no face to raise his head and sits on the sofa with his forehead on. This is the heavy opening: "Kexin, delicate It's your sister! " "

No, she is not, she is not qualified to be my sister, she is a wild species..." Fang Kexin roars angrily and excitedly. Don't accept this relationship even if you die. "

I know that you are angry with your father, but it's true that she is also my daughter. I knew that when she was very young." Fang Yang looked at his daughter's expression of indignation and shame, which was also powerless.

Fang Kexin covered his face and cried: "no wonder you want to persuade me to give up Luo Jin Yu. In your heart, I still don't have that ugly wild seed, is it more important? But I don't give up. She can't get the man I can't get. " "

Kexin, you should be sober, you can't do anything to hurt your sister..."

"She doesn't deserve to be my sister, nor to have Luo Jin Yu. She is my enemy and enemy. I will not let her go." Fang Kexin finished word by word, picked up the bag on the ground, turned around and knocked the door.

Fang Yang's whole life is gone. For the first time, he saw his gentle and clever daughter saying such cruel and cold words. He was afraid to accept such a fact for a while. Yang

the delicate new play has been finished. After more than four months of intense shooting, it is finally a victory. Then, with this new play, it began to make publicity and promotion.

Yang ChuChu's popularity, because now she is bundling with Lu xuanchen, and her popularity is also increased. Her current career, at last, can rise steadily, and is no longer affected by her love affair with Luo Jinyu. Yang

ChuChu just got out of an interview and couldn't help but murmuring. When she was interviewed just now, she was still very nervous for fear of being caught saying something wrong, so she said every word in her mind. "

clearly, someone has sent you a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolate!" The assistant hurried forward and said. "

who sent me flowers? What flowers? " Yang ChuChu is curious. "

I don't know. A courier sent it, but it's a little strange." The assistant frowned to remind her.

Yang ChuChu pushed the door into the dressing room and asked, "what's strange?"

"See for yourself." Yang

when she came to the table, she saw that it was a bunch of white chrysanthemums. She was not good at all. Then she reached out to open the chocolate box next to her. Inside it was a picture of gray and white, and she was severely scratched with a knife.

"Ah..." Yang ChuChu is still scared. This is to send white chrysanthemums and photos to her. Who is it? It's so disgusting. Li hurried over and saw the picture that was scratched by the knife. His face was also shocked: "God, who did this? It's too vicious, isn't it? Are you offending anyone?"

Yang ChuChu, who has been an actress for so many years, is the first time to receive such terrible things. She knows that some crazy fans will send blades and vicious text messages to the actors she doesn't like. Unexpectedly, she also met them.

"Do you want to call the police? It's hateful!" The assistant asked in a hurry.

"Well, don't call the police, otherwise it won't do me any good!" Yang chuchuchu's pretty face turned white. At the moment, she calmed down. "

by the way, you go to the next room and call Lu xuanchen and say that I have something to look for him." Yang ChuChu trusts Lu xuanchen at the moment and wants to listen to his advice. After all, both of them are building momentum for the new play now. Will someone be dissatisfied with her starring in the heroine and want to do something about her. Lu

xuanchen knocks on the door, pushes it open and comes in. As soon as he comes in, he sees Yang ChuChu standing at the table. He walked over and saw the white chrysanthemum and the picture. Junlian's face suddenly changed color.

"What's the matter? Who sent it? Isn't it cursing you? " Lu xuanchen saw it and was shocked and even angry. "

I don't know. Just now someone sent it. It seems that it's for me alone." Yang ChuChu laughed at himself. "

the other party must hate you. Otherwise, it won't be so terrible and delicate. You should be careful when going in and out in the future. Don't really get hurt." Lu xuanchen told her with concern. "

I know, but I still want to find out who did this to me!" Yang ChuChu's small hand is tightly squeezed into a fist. She can't be cursed without being clear. Let her know who did it. She must look good. "

for this matter, you should discuss with your general manager Luo to let him protect you!" Lu xuanchen feels that she is a weak woman, which is not reassuring. That's the proposal. "

I will, thank you!" Yang ChuChu gave him a grateful look.