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C1645 the mind is about to collapse

LAN Yanxi hears the answer from the third uncle, looks stunned, takes out his mobile phone immediately, turns to find LAN Lin's number and dials.

"She's off." LAN Yanxi's face changed from consternation to surprise. She turned and ran to the gate of the hospital. The rain splashed like a bean, falling on the ground, splashing countless water.

In this kind of downpour, people can get wet all over in a few seconds. LAN Yanxi's face is full of anxiety, so she has to call Lin Chen instead.

Lin Chen answered, but in a very unfriendly tone: "do you still have the face to call me? Blue family was defeated by you, you are happy, satisfied? "

"Third uncle, I don't want to quarrel with you. Lanlin has picked up Grandpa. She can't get through now. I'm worried about Grandpa's health. Can you..."

"Oh, you're allowed to be alone with my dad? How filial is my daughter? LAN Yanxi, I can't see that you are the most selfish and selfish person. I wasted my father's praise on your kindness and generosity every day, but you did this kind of bad behavior. Don't admit it. You must have instigated my father to donate the money. In order to be your first lady in peace of mind, you really took good care of yourself. " LAN Chen is in a low mood recently. He wanted to scold LAN Yanxi for a long time. Now, LAN Yanxi calls to find scolding. He doesn't spit out his evil spirit. He really needs to become ill.

LAN Yanxi's face was stiff. It turned out that everyone thought it was her idea that grandpa made the decision, but she could swear to the heaven that she never persuaded grandpa to make the decision. At that time, she was shocked to hear grandpa say it.

It turns out that some crimes, even if you are innocent, can also force your head.

"I haven't advised grandpa like this. I was surprised by this..." Lanyanxi tried to defend himself, but lanchen sneered.

"Don't quibble any more. No one can persuade my father to make this kind of brainless decision except you. Although the eldest brother died, he gave birth to a good daughter. He can bring the whole blue family down with a few words. He will die in peace." LAN Chen laughs sadly, and the laughter is full of ridicule.

Lanyanxi just wanted to know Lanlin's whereabouts, but she didn't expect to be scolded by lanchen. She knew that Sanshu would never tell her where Lanlin was again. She had to hang up her cell phone and go to make another call.

This time, she called Ling Mo Feng. She needed his help badly.

She cares about Grandpa's health, and has no selfish heart. Lanlin's phone is turned off, which is a worrying thing.

No one answered the phone for a long time. LAN Yanxi could not help but continue dialing, but there was no answer.

She took a quick look at the top news of her mobile phone and saw a meeting between the president and important foreign leaders.

LAN Yanxi's anxious eyes are a little red. It's a coincidence that he doesn't beat him. This is the most busy and important time for Ling Mo Feng.

It was as if heaven had taken a nap on purpose. When she needed him most, she couldn't find him.

Uncle Yu is also worried. The old man's heart is not good. He needs to take medicine on time every day. But he just found in the ward that all the bottles of the old man's medicine are on the cabinet. He didn't take the medicine to go out. If the old man had a heart attack and failed to take the medicine in time, his life would be in danger.

"Hope!" Cheng Yuan ran over in a hurry. Seeing that Lan Yanxi's face was pale, she hurriedly asked, "what's the matter? Did your grandfather find it? "

"No, my cousin took him away. I don't know where she took him." LAN Yanxi's eyes were red. At this moment, she was helpless and scared.

"The old man didn't bring medicine with him. If he can't find it in time, it's really dangerous." Uncle Yu really can't bear to let LAN Yanxi frost on the snow, but this is really an important thing. He can't tell the truth.

"What?" There is no doubt that blue Yanxi is going to lose her mind. She immediately turns to Cheng Yuan and says, "Cheng Yuan, do you know anyone? Can you trace LAN Lin's car and see where she is going? I have to drive back to LAN's house. Uncle Yu, please help me find it. My uncle has several industries. I'll give you the address now. Each of us will take grandpa's medicine and go to find it separately now. "

As soon as Cheng Yuan saw that the situation was so serious, she was also worried. She took out her mobile phone and contacted the police. Through her relationship, the police soon helped to find it.

LAN Yanxi gets on Cheng Yuan's car and goes to LAN's house. LAN Yanxi sends uncle Yu the address that Lan Lin will go to, which he knows as much as he can. Uncle Yu also drives away in a hurry.

Cheng Yuan firmly holds the steering wheel, sees LAN Yanxi holding her finger nervously, and looks out anxiously. She quickly comforts her: "Yan Xi, don't worry. LAN Lin is also a member of the blue family. She can't tell you what about your grandfather. Maybe, she just has something to discuss with your grandfather."

"I also hope that she just wants to be filial. I hope that I'm more thoughtful, but I'm really upset. I always feel that there is something wrong with this matter." LAN Yanxi said in a trance. Even thinking of the words that uncle Sanshu scolded her just now, she felt that Lan Lin was not as tolerant as she showed. Maybe LAN Lin was full of anger and resentment. If she was really unwilling to force grandpa to do something, the consequences would be very serious.

LAN Yanxi arrives at LAN's home in Cheng Yuan's car, and they go straight to LAN Chen's home.

LAN Chen's family used to have three nannies, but now they are all separated. When they came in, LAN San's wife was bending over to wipe the tables and chairs. Suddenly she saw two people who broke in. She was stunned at first, then her face turned very ugly. She said angrily, "LAN Yanxi, this family doesn't welcome you. You go out quickly."

"Where is Lanlin?" Lanyanxi asked her anxiously.

"You want to know where my daughter is? What do you want to do? I can warn you, you don't think of my daughter, otherwise, I will fight with you Blue three Madame one face hate of stare at Blue Yan Xi, regarded her as the general terrible of the flood beast.

Lanyanxi knows that she is not popular, but it's about Grandpa's whereabouts. She can only continue to ask: "Lanlin took grandpa away from the hospital. Grandpa didn't have any medicine on him. I'm afraid Grandpa will get sick, so I want to send the medicine to him. If you know where she is, would you please tell me?"

"Oh, don't be hypocritical here. LAN Yanxi, what else can you do besides pretend to be an actor? How could Xiaolin hurt her grandfather? You don't spray people here. You are kind-hearted, you care about the safety of the old man and pretend to be a good man. " Blue three Madame one face contemptuous sneer.

"I'm just sending the medicine. I don't mean anything else." LAN Yanxi's eyes are sore. She doesn't know what to do.

Cheng Yuan took a step forward immediately and said in a cold voice, "Madam LAN, please cooperate. Mr. President ordered me to protect the old man. Now your daughter has taken the old man away. I seriously doubt that she has any other purpose. If you don't tell me, I will take you back to the police station for questioning."

"What? You You police can bully people at will? " Mrs. blue was angry at once, but her face was still timid.

"I act in accordance with the law. You are not cooperating. You are making it difficult for me to perform my official duties." Cheng Yuan's voice became stern.

Mrs. LAN did not know the situation at the moment. Because of the police's authority on Cheng Yuan's face, she had to reply reluctantly: "my daughter didn't come back last night. I couldn't get through to her phone. I don't know where she went. You ask me, I can't answer either."

"You really don't know. If you want to hide it and don't report it, I can deal with it as a deception." Cheng Yuan's voice is more strict.

"I really don't know. I'm still in a hurry to find her. She hasn't been home recently, and I don't know what to do. Just in time, if you want to find her, you should go to find her. I can't care about her." Mrs. LAN San didn't lie. Recently, the situation at home is very disordered. Without a nanny, she has to do everything by herself. Her whole body is haggard, and she has no mind to take care of her daughter's whereabouts.

When LAN Yanxi's inquiry failed, Cheng Yuan's cell phone rang, and a phone call came in. It was the assistance of the police.

"We found the license plate number you said and stopped at the gate of Nanshan cemetery." The police gave the exact information.