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The woman's mouth insincerely warned him, causing Ji Xiao Han's beautiful eyes to narrow for a moment!

Reason told him to stop, but why did he only want to abandon reason now?

Tang You You was flabbergasted. This man was so detestable, he actually dared to use the words of these children to suppress her.

However, soon enough, a large hand grabbed her head and wrapped around her waist.

She didn't fall down. Instead, she was encircled tightly by the man in his embrace.


Following it!



He didn't lose his gentleness!

Tang You You's breathing became chaotic, her heart also became chaotic, her reason was slowly sucked away by the man's aura.

The man could feel her gradually sinking into depravity. His large hands also began to move, reaching into her thin pajamas …

"No …" When his burning fingers touched her tender, baby-like skin, Tang You You suddenly regained his senses. He pushed her away fiercely and smacked his back against the edge of the desk, causing her to wake up even more from the pain.

"Why not?" Ji Xiao Han asked as he was slightly injured.

When he was so infatuated with her, how could she so mercilessly push him away? With such a disparity in her heart, it was likely that anyone would feel injured.

Tang You You hurriedly pulled down her pajamas that he pulled out, and lowered her head in panic, "I … I can't accept it! "

"Or because of the time I touched you five years ago?" Ji Xiao Han saw that she didn't seem to really want to reject him, but instead seemed to have an instinctive resistance.

Tang You You held on to half of her little face with a broken body. She shook her head and bit her lower lip, "I … I think I should find a psychiatrist! "

Ji Xiao Han's handsome eyes suddenly opened wide, is it so serious? He even needed to see a therapist?

"Eternal Rest!" Ji Xiao Han felt very guilty and ashamed. He felt even more sorry for her.

Ji Xiao Han looked at her helpless and panicked expression. This time, he gently pulled her into his embrace.

Tang You You leaned on his firm chest, and started to sob softly: "For the past five years, I've always had a nightmare. Even though the person in my dreams, is not you, but … I was really troubled by that nightmare! "

"I'm sorry!" Ji Xiao Han didn't know what to say to stop this woman from being afraid of him. Five years ago, he was heavily drugged, so the damage he caused to her must be not small.

"It's none of your business, even without you … There will also be others! " Tang You You cried in pain!

A cold light flashed at the bottom of Ji Xiao Han's eyes, and his voice contained a hint of anger: "All of this was caused by Tang Xue Rou, I definitely won't let her off."

Tang You You was silent, only tears continued to fall.

Could it be that she wanted to find someone to let Tang Xue Rou experience the same nightmare as herself?

Ji Xiao Han lowered his head, seeing that the woman did not respond to his words, he felt a little helpless: "Wanru, you can't be still thinking about your sisterhood, can you? Can you not be so foolish? Whoever bullies you, you should get your revenge and not hide like a tortoise! "

"I didn't hide, I just... Promise someone not to hurt her. " Tang You You bit her lips. She naturally resented Tang Xue Rou to the extreme, but she couldn't lose her feelings. She promised her foster father that she would do it.

"Who is it? Who can make you endure all of this humiliation? " Ji Xiao Han suddenly wanted to know his identity.

"It's Tang You Kang! I've always thought of him as my biological father!" At this moment, Tang You You wanted to tell him about the exhaustion and sorrow in his heart.

The expression in Ji Xiao Han's eyes stiffened. He obviously did not expect it to be this person.

"Isn't he your biological father?"

Tang You You powerlessly leaned against his chest, shook her head, and self-deprecatingly said: "Didn't I come to beg you to let Tang Xue Rou go back then? You even scolded me, saying that I was stupid, and it's true that the person who I let go of my resentment is very stupid, but Tang You Kang invited me to the hospital to compare notes, as if she was afraid that I would continue to cling onto him. In order to protect the reputation of his biological daughter, he pushed me into a deep abyss of despair, I don't want to see such a person again, let Tang Xue Rou go, it's my way of repaying the favor of raising him, but only once, if Tang Xue Rou comes to harm me again, I will definitely not let her go. "

Ji Xiao Han looked down at her in shock. Within her seemingly frail body, there was actually such a strong side.

His heart began to hurt even more.

"If you can't take revenge on Tang Xue Rou, let me help you!" Ji Xiao Han felt that she had suffered too much and he was truly unwilling to accept it.

But Tang You You instead began to laugh bitterly: "Whatever she did in the past, I have already written off her. No matter how cold Tang You Kang is to me, he still gave me books and raised me. The children's living expenses for the past few years in foreign countries all came from him.

When Ji Xiao Han heard her words, the anger in his heart slowly subsided.

"Alright, since the Tang Clan has shown kindness to you and your children, then I will not pursue this matter anymore!"

Tang You You stood up straight from his embrace and raised her head. She looked into Ji Xiao Han's eyes: "Do you want to … Let's get married! "

"Are you sure?" Ji Xiao Han was pleasantly surprised.

"Hmm, now it seems that other than marrying you and anyone else, the children will have their objections!" Tang You You laughed bitterly.

Surprise flashed across the man's face, and he became disappointed. "So you're saying that you agreed to marry me because you had no other choice?"

"It was originally!" Tang You You really didn't want to hurt him, but this was indeed the truth.