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C997 it's a big thing to see my mother-in-law

Received Luo hening's telephone, Luo Jinyu helplessly sighed and promised to have lunch together.

When murin heard that her mother-in-law was going to return home, she was shocked. Then, even murin, who was as proud as the queen, was afraid to see her mother-in-law in the future. She sat in the office chair, looked at lohnin and shrugged her shoulders: "must we have this meal? Can I... "

"Mulin, my mother came to see you specially. Can you look at my face and eat this meal?" Lohnen said in a quick, coaxed tone.

Maureen breathed a little, and did not know when it began. Lohnin had always shown such a solicitous expression, and she had no choice but to take him. "

well, sooner or later, the ugly daughter-in-law will have to see her mother-in-law, and I won't make any special!" Mu Lin finally decided to meet her mother-in-law.

Lohnin's face was pleased. He came to her and kissed her on the forehead gently: "murin, my mother is very easy to get along with." "

I know that she seems to be quite satisfied with me." Mu Lin chuckles, a little complacent. "

my mother had a dream of starting a business when she was young, but because my eldest brother and I were born, she didn't have time to start a business, but she still appreciates women's independence and self-improvement, so my mother really appreciates you!" Lohnin nodded, and said earnestly.

"I like it now. I'm afraid I'll make her angry later. You know me. Sometimes I'm too strong and independent, so I'm paranoid about some things! I hope you can still stand by me and speak for me. " Murin reached out to circle one of his arms, put her face on the palm of his hand and murmured. Luo

Henning chuckled: "don't worry, I will speak for you later. You have said a lot of good things for me in front of your mother. I haven't had time to thank you."

"Your mother is more reasonable than my mother, or your mother is better!" When she thought of her mother, she could only sigh.

"Well, let's go. It's almost time!" Said lohnen in a warm voice. Lin is only three months pregnant now, and her stomach is not obvious. She still wears a professional suit, and her aura and temperament still overwhelm most women.

However, her make-up is lighter, not as heavy as before, the whole person shows a lot of plain.

Lohnin stood beside Mulin, and the two were very matched. When they left the company together, they were still envied by many people. Luo

Henning brings Mulin to the restaurant that has been booked. Luo Mu has come first. She has nothing to do, so everything is still positive. "

Auntie!" Maureen walked gracefully to say hello.

"Xiaolin, here you are. Sit down. Don't stand!" Luo Mu's attitude towards Mu Lin is very kind. "I'm sorry to have kept my aunt waiting!" Murin said and sat down.

Luo Mu looked at her for a few times and immediately found: "Xiaolin, are you thin? How can you look like you're not as rosy as before? It's hard to get pregnant!" Mu immediately reached out and touched her face: "do you have any? I don't think I'm thin. Maybe my makeup is not as thick as before! " She handed her a glass of warm water, and then helped to speak: "Mom, you may not see her for a while, she has been like this!" Luo

the mother immediately said with a smile: "it may be that I haven't seen it for a long time, but I feel some changes. Xiao Lin, if I'm really tired, I will worry less about my work." Mu

Lin knows that Luo Mu's mind is to make her feel at home and raise a baby. Unfortunately, she is not destined to be a woman who can spare time. She feels that she has a big stomach for seven or eight months, and she may still be sitting in the Office to batch documents.

She didn't want to become a queen when she was pregnant. She needed to be cared for. "

don't worry, auntie. I can handle it now. I'm tired!" Murin didn't want to contradict her, but only smiled politely. Luo

the mother didn't express her displeasure, just smiled and nodded: "that's good, it's really too hard for you, Henning, you should take good care of Xiaolin, but don't make her angry, do you hear?"

Lohnin saw his mother scold himself for nothing, and immediately felt aggrieved: "Mom, I didn't make her angry." Looking at lohnin's grievance, Lin is very happy. Maybe she is really a bit of evil. She likes lohnin's poor expression. "

your wedding will be next week. I will stay here all the time. Your father is almost home. Then, we will prepare together." Luo Mu said happily, thinking that her youngest son is married and can have a grandson again, this mood is better than anything.

Lohnin nodded, "Mom, don't worry. We're almost ready. Don't worry about it!" "

yes? That's fine. I'll have a look! " Lom nodded with satisfaction.

At this time, Luo Jinyu's figure appeared at the gate of the box. Mu immediately said hello to him: "big brother!" Luo

Jin Yu nodded and smiled at Mu Lin. now he is a family, and their names have changed. As soon as she saw her eldest son coming in, her face sank.

As soon as murin saw this posture, she immediately took her eyes and asked lohnin. Luo

Henning shrugged helplessly, saying he didn't know much about it at present. "

mom!" Luo Jinyu came over and shouted in a low voice. Luo

the mother took a sip of tea and put her face away: "I thought you didn't want to recognize my mother."

"Mom, how could it be? Big brother has always respected you and loved you. " Lohnin's emergency rescue. Luo Jinyu sat down and said in a low voice: "last night, I had a bad attitude and made you angry. Please don't mind what I said."

"Don't do that!" Lom stared at him angrily: "what did you do in the morning? I've been sitting in your company all morning and I haven't seen your figure. Go and apologize to her. " Luo

Jin Yu looks stiff. Unexpectedly, his mother went to the company early in the morning.

"Mom, what are you doing in the company?" Lohnin was also surprised. Just in time, he went to look for Mulin early in the morning and didn't go to the company. If he went to the company, he would have been angry with big brother for a long time. "

I just want to see what his attitude is!" Lom was also a shrewd man. Luo

Jin Yu frowned and still said in a low voice: "Mom, it's clear that it's not her fault, it's not her mother's fault, you don't have to target her." "

Yes, I didn't aim at her, I aimed at your choice!" Luo Mu snorted.