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C1308 explains kinship

Lu Qing is asking Ji Xiaohan what to do next. Ji Xiaohan's brain is also blank. He really didn't expect that human nature can be so bad. This is the loss of even the most basic human nature. Kidnap his father and gamble on his life and death. Is there such a terrible son in this world?

Obviously, after living for a long time, everything can be seen.

"Give Ling Mo Feng a call. I need his help!" Season owl cold brain has been showing a blank state, even if the shrewd and wise man, encounter this ridiculous threat, will also be unprepared.

Lu Qing is calm, quickly takes out his mobile phone, uses the encrypted program, dials up Ling Mo Feng's private phone, the phone rings twice, and then comes Ling Mo Feng's steady and powerful voice.

"Xiao Han, what's the matter?"

Ji Xiaohan has calmed down from the extreme shock, and his voice is obviously angry: "Ji Lin has tied up my grandfather, now I want to take the equity to exchange, I must know how my grandfather is now, your people have been staring at the movements of these people under the hand of the old president, do you know where Ji Lin is now?"

"Is there such a thing?" As expected, Ling Mo Feng was also shocked and felt ridiculous.

"He called me just now. It's not like joking. I'm working out a contract here. You can help me find Ji Lin and check my grandfather's condition. He's old and not in good health. I'm worried that something will happen to him!" Ji Xiaohan turns to Ling Mo Feng for help because Ling Mo Feng has already arranged someone to monitor Ji Lin. at this moment, his inner line is the most capable to help him.

"Don't worry, I'll ask my adjutant where Ji Lin is now." Ling Mo Feng comforted him in a low voice.

"Trouble!" After Ji Xiaohan hung up the phone, he turned to look at Lu Qing, who was also anxious, and said, "share transfer certificate, you can draw up a copy of it. I have to talk to Ji Lin face to face!"

"Young master, I'm afraid it's a trap. Maybe the person Ji Lin is going to hurt is not the old man, but you. Do you want to think about it again?" Lu Qing is a sober man. At the moment, he decides to see Ji Lin when he sees Ji Xiaohan. He is really afraid of something more terrible.

"I can't care so much. My grandfather is not in good health. You know, he takes medicine every day. If Ji Lin locks him up, he won't last long in such a cold day!" Season owl cold iron blue face, made a decision.

"Well, I'll do it now!" Although Lu Qing was worried, it was related to the life and death of Jijia's father. How much did jixiaohan respect his grandfather? He saw it in his eyes. It can be said that jixiaohan was cultivated by the old man. It was not only family but also kindness.

Season owl cold only feel chest stuffy affliction, there is a kind of impulse to take a knife to kill season Lin.

"Damn it, asshole!" Season owl cold low incantation, big hand tightly clenched into fist, mercilessly hit in the nearby wall place, five fingers all hit the bloodstain, perhaps only this kind of pain, can let his mood be better, can let his reason more sober.

After a few seconds of silence, Ji Xiaohan takes out his cell phone and makes a phone call to his brother Ji Yueze.

As a brother, Ji Xiaohan still has to discuss with him about such a major event. What's more, he must remind his brother to pay attention to safety and be careful of Ji Lin's persecution.

"Ozawa, is it convenient for me to tell you something?" As soon as the phone was connected, Ji Xiaohan opened his mouth sadly Ji Yueze had never heard such an uneasy voice as Da Ke, and his nerves were tensed in an instant.

"Grandpa had an accident. Ji Lin kidnapped him. You should pay attention to safety, too, you know?" Ji Xiaohan told him in a steady voice.

"What? Is this old bastard crazy? " As expected, Ji Yueze was shocked, and suddenly he was rude.

"Maybe he just borrowed grandpa to get me in trouble. Don't worry. I'll deal with this matter. He wants me to exchange equity for Grandpa. I've asked Lu Qing to prepare the transfer contract. Now I just want to make sure grandpa is safe!" Season owl cold low calm voice says.

"Brother, where are you going to trade? I'm going together! " Ji Yueze said immediately.

"No, you don't want to go. Just take good care of yourself. It's too dangerous!" Ji Xiaohan immediately persuaded him.

"You make me pay attention to safety. What about yourself? If you still think that I am your brother, you should not take the risk alone. I am not so afraid of death as you think! " Ji Yueze said he had reached for his coat and car key.

"Ozawa, I regard you as my closest brother, so I won't let you get involved. If you believe in elder brother, you should listen to me." Ji Xiaohan said softly and hung up.

"Brother brother! Damn it! " When Ji Yueze heard that the phone was hung, his anxious face turned blue and white, and he rushed to the elevator without any image.

When Ji Yueze drives his sports car to the emperor building, the hall on the first floor, Ji Yueze runs quickly to the direct elevator, watching the number slide down slowly, he is crazy.

Finally, the elevator door opened, and Ji Yueze's fingers raised the key fiercely, begging to be faster.

But this is the way things are in the world. The more urgent you are, the longer it will take.

When Ji Yueze arrived at the office floor of Ji Xiaohan, he found that there was no big brother in the office. He immediately went to the assistant room and asked, "what about my big brother? Who knows where he went? "

Several assistants in the office were shocked by the big star of the season who suddenly broke in. The only thing left was shaking their heads.

Ji Yueze directly picked up the lapel of a male assistant headed by him: "tell me, where is my big brother?"

"Second young master, you You spare me. Just now I only saw Ji and assistant Lu leave in a hurry. Where did they go? I really don't know! " The male assistant was frightened and nervous.

Ji Yueze has to let go of his clothes, turn around and run out. While running, he takes his cell phone to call Ji Xiaohan, but the phone is not answered. He knows that brother doesn't want him to participate in this matter at all.

But the more ignorant, the more uneasy, Ji Yueze at this moment eyes out of the hall, a blank brain.

Ji Xiaohan and his assistant, Lu Qing, have left the company by car, listening to the ringing of the mobile phone again and again, and Lu Qing is ready to stop.

"The second young master called again!" Lu Qing reminds me softly.

"Don't answer, let him ring!" Ji Xiaohan reaches out his hand and pinches his brow. He left the company on purpose. He is afraid that his younger brother will find him.

At the moment, he is anxiously waiting for Ling Mo Feng's news. He must know how grandpa is, so he can go to see Ji Lin.

Finally, Ling Mo Feng called him.

Lu Qing's nerves vibrated, and quickly handed his cell phone to Ji Xiaohan: "Mr. vice president's phone, there may be old man's news!"

"Hello!" Season owl cold moment pastes to the ear, urgently asks: "where is my grandfather?"? You know what? "

Ling Mo Feng's voice came over, but he felt a little guilty: "Xiao Han, my informant only knows that Ji Lin has tied your grandfather, but he doesn't know where your grandfather is now. I have asked him to help him find it, but you still don't have too much hope. Ji Lin has changed all the new people this time, and seems to have made strict precautions!"

Ji Xiaohan's heart was completely suspended. His nerves were tense and his voice was a little hoarse: "I know. Thank you. Please help me find it!"

"Are you ready to contact Ji Lin now? Where to trade? Can you choose this place? " Ling is also very worried about the safety of his friends. He knows that Ji Lin's extreme behavior must have something to do with the old president. These horses that hurt people can't be redeemed.

"Yes, I can only go to see him. I must save my grandfather first. He is not in good health!" Ji Xiaohan has made the final decision at this moment. He wants to contact Ji Lin.

"When the trading place is confirmed, let me know. I'm afraid that Ji Lin's target is you. I'll send someone to protect you secretly." Ling Mo Feng said nervously.

"OK, I'll get back to you later!" Ji Xiaohan is also grateful for the help of his friends.

Hung up Ling Mo Feng's phone, and Ji Xiaohan called Ji Lin, ready to meet him for a deal.

After Ji Lin received the phone call, he was elated: "are you ready for the contract?"

"Before the deal, I have to see my grandfather. I want to know if he is OK!" Ji Xiaohan asks.

"Of course not!" Ji Lin is refreshing.