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In a strict office, the atmosphere is terrible. A man with half white hair sits on the sofa with an ugly face. It's Mr. President in his late sixties. He has two small balls polished with white jade in his hand. His fingers roll and the sound of squeezing is the only sound in this room. He glanced at the national flag on the table, his eyes were more frightening, he swept hard to the next position, Ji Lin felt a tremor in the bottom of his heart, it seems that his delayed inaction has lost the trust of the president.

"Don't you say there's a way to get the management power of Jijia? Your so-called method won't be to wait for the day when the season owl is suffering from cold and sudden illness or death. Would you like to pick up a cheap spot? " The president sneered twice, which showed how disappointed and angry he was at the moment. "

Mr. President, you are still in the mood to make such a joke. If Ji Xiaohan can live such a short life, I can look forward to it, but now..." In the middle of Ji Lin's words, he was frightened by the president's majestic eyes.

"You can't tell. I mean you're incompetent? The incompetent will wait for the pie to fall from the sky. Ji Lin, I have asked you to hold several positions in several large enterprises. You are not bad now, but the only thing that is bad is the identity of Ji family's leader. Hurry to let Ji Xiaohan give up the inheritance right. Don't you see Ling Mo Feng's depression rising? The old city area of Dongyang West Street has always been like a cancer, affecting the beauty of the whole city. In the past few years, I found several investors, none of whom dared to bite it down. I just got the news that Ling Mo Feng was preparing to improve the area, with a capital of 10 billion yuan. Ji Xiaohan would definitely support him behind his back. I also heard that the old man of the blue family was going to marry his granddaughter, The blue family has no other ability, that is, to sit on a hundred mu field, build a settlement area outside the effect area, and move out the people here. Under the construction of Ling Mo Feng, this cancer will gradually become another landscape of the city, and the achievements will eventually be attributed to him. Isn't it true that I have nothing to do and will be swept out of power? " The old president's face was dark. He threw two jade stones into the glass table in front of him, smashing them into pieces. It was frightening. Season

Lin and several fans here are all dead grey.

"Ji Lin, I don't care what you do. In this period of time, we must stop this event. If Ji's family doesn't contribute money, this event can't be carried out successfully. You have to do it well. In the future, there will be a promising future. If you fail, Cheng Jianhong is a good example. It's easy to jump and it's over." The old manager looks as if he is stained with venom. He stares at Ji Lin and presses all his hopes on him. Ji

stood up in fear of war and stooped to lead: "please be relieved, sir, I will make Ji's house no longer peaceful!" "

OK, let's go. A bright future is in sight. We are pressed for time. If we win the next election, you will be my great hero." The old president smiled again and encouraged them. "

sir, it's a bad thing for us that the blue family wants to marry their granddaughter to Ling Mo Feng." Suddenly someone came up. Old

the president narrowed his eyes and said with a sneer: "I heard that the big blue lady didn't like this marriage. She fled abroad as soon as I heard about it. If it's bad luck, we should try our best to promote her success. It's not good for Ling Mo Feng's reputation if he broke the scandal of marrying a beautiful wife." "

you are thoughtful. I will investigate this matter to see how their feelings are progressing."

"Well, investigate carefully. Ling Mo Feng is very sensitive to women. I introduced my daughter to him at the beginning. When he saw her, he didn't follow me. Hum, I trained my daughter so well that he could even dislike her. I just don't want to let him go." The president pinched his fists tightly. Thinking that his daughter had lost her soul for half a year, the old president was furious. "

it's Ling Mo Feng's lack of vision. Can you match your daughter with him?"

"Yes, it's said that Ling Mo Feng is ill. That's not close to women. He's afraid of losing the dignity of men and doesn't know whether it's true or not!" Said the other viciously.

"No matter what secret he has, I just hope that his marriage with Miss Lan's is not very happy. If two people don't feel it and beat each other hard, it will be good for us. If two people have deep feelings, that girl is his biggest weakness. We can also make use of it. In a word, we can't sit and wait for death. We will do our best!" Mr. Lao Tong's words are fierce and his fighting spirit is still there.

"Sir, would you like to try the beauty scheme again? It costs neither money nor time, but it can play a key role! " There are people next to it who continue to propose.

"The world's heroes are sad about the beauty pass. This is of course the best plan. It's not only a good choice to deal with Ling Mo Feng and Ji Xiao Han." Ji Lin suddenly smiled insidiously. "

beauty is hard to find. Do you have good candidates?" The old president's astute eyes swept over the party.

"There are a lot of candidates. They only need to be trained, and they will surely succeed!" An important minister quickly replied. "

well, if you choose the right person, you must succeed!" The president took a picture. This

quarter! Season

Xiao Han is more and more busy with his work. It's more than 10 o'clock in the evening when he comes home. He went to the children's room to see the children with a little guilt, and printed a kiss on each little guy's forehead. He really wants to be a conscientious father and give time and love to these two sweethearts.

Unfortunately, today's situation is fierce, and the company's internal situation is frequent. Ji Xiaohan manages the whole company by himself, even if his ability is excellent, his energy is also consumed.

The only thing he can do is to go home as early as possible and accompany his family.

Ji Xiaohan pushes open the bedroom door, sees Tang youyou still sitting on the sofa drawing, tense nerves, suddenly relax, go to her back, bend over and hold her gently. "

Why do you work so late every time?" There was a whisper of reproach from the man.

"I'm waiting for you!" Don youyou sticks his head to him and answers softly. "

didn't I say that? Don't wait any longer. Go to bed when you're tired. " Ji Xiaohan loves her.

"No, I won't sleep until you come back!" Tang youyou said stubbornly.

Season owl cold loses voice to smile, smile mellow like wine general, let Tang youyou some embarrassed.

"I can't help it. I'm under pressure because you love me so much!" Someone is in a moment of narcissism. Don

youyou put down the brush, took the paper and showed it to him: "how you sleep!"

With a smile, Ji Xiaohan reached over and saw that the woman was not working, but painting his portrait or sleeping.

"It looks good indeed. It's good to do anything." Someone continues to be narcissistic.

Tang youyou speechless turned a white eye: "then I'll draw a picture of you in the bathroom tomorrow. Look at your narcissism!"

"You won't, you won't!" The season owl cold smiles, once again hugs her tightly, one day's weariness, because in the bosom delicate body but disperses. "

long time, I'm too busy with my work recently. Can you understand me?" Season owl cold self reproach of ask.

Tang youyou nodded: "yes, all you have done is to protect this home, I can understand!" "

it's lucky for you to understand. I'm afraid you'll be confused." Season owl murmurs in cold. "

I can't imagine that you don't go home for other reasons. Ji Xiaohan, you have given me enough security, and I would like to believe you." Tang youyou holds the toe of his foot and kisses the pink lips on the man's chin: "my best wish with the children is that you can go home safely!" "

I will!" Ji Xiaohan is deeply moved. A man is under great pressure. What he wants to hear most is the comfort of his family. He feels that even if the wind and rain outside is fierce and fierce, as long as the house he guards is warm, it's worth everything. "

take a bath and go to bed!" Tang youyou gently pushed his chest and said in a low voice. "OK, wait for me!" Ji Xiaohan hears the implication of her words, and her eyes instantly catch a deep smile. Tang youyou looks at him strangely, then lifts the quilt and goes to the bed. Xiao Han took a bath and thought that a woman would pose as a fan Bo to meet him. However, she found that she had slept like a little pig with enthusiasm and was instantly watered out.

Did you take the wrong script? It shouldn't be such a plot. Ji Dawei's face is frozen.