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C524 no need to move

Tang youyou didn't expect to bump into the old lady so skillfully. Her expression was a little stiff.

Seeing that Tang youyou was carrying the box, the old lady asked casually, "will you move tonight?"

"Yes!" Tang youyou nodded and answered lightly. "Great grandmother, we have a chance to see each other later!" Tang Xiaorui immediately waved his short hand and said something to make the old lady surprised. Then he looked at the two little guys following Tang Youyou, but saw that they were holding a small suitcase in their hands. The old lady's face was shocked.

"Xiaorui, xiaonai, where are you going?" Obviously, the old lady didn't expect Tang youyou to move away, but she still had two little tails behind her. She always thought that the two little guys should stay. After all, the living conditions of Ji family are much better than Tang youyou.

Tang xiaonai immediately sighed, "great grandmother, I asked you to advise my mommy to stay. You didn't help me. Now, I can only leave you with my mommy. I will miss you!"

The old lady's face suddenly lengthened. She stared at Tang youyou.

"I'm sorry, old lady, I brought up the child with me. If I want to leave, they will follow me," Tang explained

"Tang Youyou, what do you mean? Children are the seeds of our season family. You can't take them away! " At the thought of losing these two precious grandchildren, the old lady's tone suddenly revived. She was very rude to remind Tang youyou of this fact.

Tang youyou knows that these two children are the lifeblood of the old man now, but they are also her most important children.

Tang Xiaorui and Tang xiaonai both looked at the old lady in surprise. In their cognition, great grandmother has always been kind and gentle. Unexpectedly, she spoke to mommy in this tone.

"Great grandmother, don't be cruel to my mommy. You didn't want her to live here. My mommy didn't do anything wrong." Tang Xiaorui immediately stood up to protect mummy.

Tang youyou immediately frowned and scolded: "Xiaorui, you can't talk to great grandmother in this tone."

When the old lady heard that the little guy was so protective of Tang Youyou, she was stunned again. "Xiaorui, you are the child of our Ji family. You and your sister must stay here. I didn't let your mommy meet you. As long as you think about her, uncle Yun can send you there at any time. How about staying? Great grandmother will be very kind to you. " The old lady also found that she could not scold Tang youyou in front of the children, which would damage her good impression.

"I'm really sorry, great grandmother, I won't leave my mommy, and my sister will." Tang Xiaorui talks like an adult.

The old lady looked at Tang youyou in a hurry. "You advise the children. They listen to you!"

Tang youyou looks at the old lady and blushes. She feels a little pain and pleasure in her heart. Doesn't the old lady like to tangle up the resentments of the two generations?

"The old lady, the children are not ignorant. I have advised them, but they are determined to leave with me. You are also a mother. You know that children cannot leave their mother." Tang youyou's tone is indifferent, and the old lady who is blocked is more stuffy and fidgety.

The old lady always felt that Tang youyou was on purpose.

"Great grandmother, if you want us to stay, there is only one way. Don't let mommy leave." Tang Xiaorui immediately took the opportunity to discuss the terms.

The old lady hated Tang youyou again for some reason. She said righteously, "no, your mommy can't stay here. It will make a joke."

"Great grandmother, how did my mommy become a joke?" Tang Xiaorui immediately left his mouth a little unhappy.

Tang xiaonai immediately followed and asked loudly, "yes, my mommy is not a joke." When the old lady saw that the two little guys belonged to unreasonable people, she had to tell the truth: "Xiaorui, xiaonai, I wonder if you can understand the words of great grandmother. Your mommy and your daddy are brothers and sisters. Do you know that? Wouldn't it be funny to live together? "

"Brother and sister?" The two little guys still understand the word. Tang xiaonai is full of question marks, but Tang Xiaorui already knows the complicated relationship.

Tang youyou's face was stiff and pale. She said angrily, "old lady, how can you tell them this? They are too young to accept the fact. "

The old lady snorted, "if I don't tell you the truth, I'm afraid they thought we bullied you."

Tang Xiaorui immediately looked up at Tang youyou in confusion and asked, "Mommy, how can you and daddy be brothers and sisters?"

Tang youyou turned white, but he couldn't answer his son's question.

The old lady answered directly for her: "because your mommy's father married your daddy's mother."

The expression of the two little guys, once again in a daze.

"Mommy, didn't you say our grandparents were all dead? When did another grandfather come out and marry our grandmother? " Tang Xiaorui's brain is more intelligent, so he quickly got the meaning of the old lady's words.

"We didn't know about it until now," said Tang Youyou, fretting

"Then it's over. Your relationship with daddy is so chaotic!" Tang Xiaorui realized the seriousness of the matter, and her face was sad.

However, Tang xiaonai asked foolishly, "what grandpa married grandma? Why can't I understand?"

The old lady snorted angrily, "it's a shame to say it. Don you want to explain it to the children!"

Tang youyou sighed bitterly, squatted down and touched his son's and daughter's hair gently: "you can't understand this for a while, or you'll live in daddy's tonight, and wait for mommy to clean up the room, and then pick you up, OK?"

"Mommy, we really want to go with you!" Tang Xiaorui suddenly found that mommy is so pitiful. If she left here alone, he would die of heartache.

When the old lady saw that she had told the truth, the two little guys were still determined to leave with Tang youyou. She said only angrily: "otherwise, don't move away, just live here. But later, you live here. I'll let Xiao Han move back to the villa on the hillside!"

Tang youyou's eyes are a little happy, looking at the old lady and asking, "can I really live here?"

"Hum, I asked you to take care of two children, but I didn't let you continue to tangle with Xiao Han. You must be clear!" The old lady was discontented to remind her. Tang youyou actually knew that the old lady only allowed her to stay here for the sake of her children, but why was her heart filled with joy?