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C1608 the sinner

LAN Yanxi asked for leave the next day. She asked her aunt to cook soup and porridge. At noon, she wanted to send it to the hospital for grandpa to drink. Ling couldn't accompany her to the hospital, so she asked Cheng Yuan to protect her safety and sent several bodyguards to follow her.

The picture of LAN Xianxian holding a knife to kill LAN Yanxi really scares Ling Mo Feng. When he saw the knife coming, he almost didn't think about it. At that moment, he even wanted to send LAN Xianxian to the inferno, and no longer let her live and harm people.

Although she was humiliated and unwilling to live, if she dared to move the woman he loved, Ling would not sympathize with her at all.

Old man's account, Ling Mo Feng did not forget, he immediately let Chu lie to investigate that matter. Chu lie also didn't drag the mud and water, went straight to find blue fiber and asked about the situation that day.

At the beginning, blue cilia didn't want to say. Blue mother urged her to cry and beg her to tell her the truth. Those bastards can't go on Xiaoyao. Blue cilia revealed the situation of that day.

Chu lie first transferred the surveillance of the day according to her description. At last, he found that there were several men in black suits in the surveillance video. Those people were familiar to him. After a careful inspection, they were actually some of Zhang Sanmei's men.

Chu lie immediately called one of them out of the prison for questioning, which made everything clear.

"Zhang Sanmei? Sister Mei? It can't be her. Why does she do this to me? " When blue fiber heard the result, she couldn't believe it, not even at all.

Chu lie took the man directly to confront with LAN Xianxian, who held his head and shook it like crazy: "it's impossible. It must not be her. I have no hatred with her. Why does she want to do this to me? It must be Ling Mo Feng. Did he ask you to say that? He is shielding LAN Yanxi's crime. It must be like this. You just want to convince me if you want to find someone , not possible. "

As soon as Chu lie heard that she was still wronging LAN Yanxi and implicating the vice president's reputation, he immediately sternly said, "Lan Xianxian, if you don't reflect on your own mistakes in words and deeds, you will wrongly wronged others. Do you know that this kind of behavior is also against the law?"

"What is wrong with my words and deeds? How can I offend sister Mei when I meet her several times? " Blue fibril can't reflect on any of her own faults. Such a result is hard for her to accept.

The man sitting beside suddenly said: "Zhang Sanmei is an old woman with serious mental illness. She has many taboos. Do you know why her men are all young and handsome? That's because she hates women, because she is a beautiful woman. Once a beautiful woman said something bad to her in front of her face. Zhang Sanmei asked someone to slap her in the face. Are you sure you didn't say anything against her? "

Blue fibril heard the man's reminder, she couldn't help but open her eyes, think about it carefully, her back suddenly cool.

"She is sensitive to marriage. You must have asked her why she didn't marry and why she didn't find a boyfriend." The man sneered.

Blue fiber is cold all over at the moment.

Chu lie directly threw the most powerful evidence in front of the blue fiber: "this is the money order. Those bastards are still chasing it. This is the money transferred by Zhang Sanmei through someone else's account. One person is one million. Do you have any doubts?"

"Ah!" Blue fiber covered his ears and made a scream. His eyes were wide and red: "crazy, crazy."

Chu lie coldly reminded her, "don't wronged Miss LAN and Mr. LAN again, or you can be sued for slander."

After Chu lie's party left, blue mother immediately hugged her crazy screaming daughter and cried to comfort her: "slim, that Zhang Sanmei is dead, and those bastards will be arrested. Don't be sad anymore."

"Mom, I'm going to dig out Zhang Sanmei, I'm going to flog her body, I'm going to find a man to destroy her body, I'm going to blow her up." Blue fiber at the moment of insanity, crying and sad smile.

Blue mother looked at her daughter's crazy look, and she was afraid. Maybe, it's time to send her for treatment. When Lambert came back from the hospital, he heard about his daughter. He was also very shocked and angry.

"That Zhang Sanmei is a pervert. She is ugly. Without a man, she will harm all beautiful young women. How can her daughter get in touch with her?" LAN Bai once stayed under the boss, had a drink with some of his subordinates, and talked about Zhang Sanmei. None of the men appreciated her behavior. One by one, they felt that she was a woman with a disease in her heart and could not live with her.

"Honey, you said Is that what the old president meant? He wanted to get back at us, so he asked his daughter to do it? " Blue mother immediately asked in horror.

"Old man!" Lambert hit the table with a fist that he hated: "why didn't I deserve what I've done? To do this to my daughter? "

"It's all your fault. I asked you not to stand in line at the beginning, but rather to stand." Blue mother immediately cried and blamed him.

LANBO is also very regretful at the moment. He believes that this matter must have something to do with his standing in the team. Otherwise, sister Mei will not find his daughter for no reason, nor will she encourage her daughter to like Ling Mo Feng. All these are for the purpose of setting up a situation for Ling Mo Feng.

Now I have figured it out. I feel cold as ice, but I have no time to regret it.

"Husband, there is another thing. When my daughter ran out that day, did she take a knife?" LAN's mother is still worried about her daughter's assassination of LAN Yanxi, because she was really scared to death that day.

Lambert's face suddenly changed: "she didn't take out the knife."

"Slim, who gave you that fruit knife? Tell Dad. " Lambert was shocked again at the moment.

Blue fiber eyes Huan, looking at her father, she suddenly cried, incomparable grievance.

"Did Lanlin give it to you?" "Tell me!" Lambert demanded

Blue fibril was startled by her father's sudden low roar. Then, she nodded as if she were scared to be silly. "It's her. She let me kill blue Yanxi, so I can be free."

"You silly girl." Blue mother immediately reached out to push her daughter, but she couldn't.

Lambert bited his teeth angrily: "it's really her. How can she persuade the brave and delicate woman to kill?"

"Husband, I've long found that Lanlin is not a good thing. It's really nice to wear it on a regular basis." Blue mother's face also changed greatly. She was very angry.

"I'll go to her now. She can't deny it. She's a black heart." Lanbai turns around and goes out, strides towards the third brother lanchen's home.

Blue mother immediately let the servant stare at the blue fiber first, and quickly followed out.

At the moment, Lanlin is busy packing and delivering things to the hospital in the restaurant. She is now the granddaughter of her filial grandson, and her grandfather will praise her.

"Uncle." LAN Lin saw LAN Bai's husband and wife suddenly come in. She cried out in surprise. Then she immediately carried the heat preservation box in her handle: "I stewed porridge and sent it to Grandpa. Is there anything I need to take with me?"

"Clang!" With a wave of LAN Bai's hand, LAN Lin's incubator was knocked out and landed on the floor, spilling hot porridge all over the floor.

"Uncle, what are you doing?" "That's my special stew for Grandpa," cried lanlington angrily

"Pa!" Blue mother slapped and called. Before LAN Lin could get away, she was slapped. When she wanted to resist, blue mother slapped again.

"Aunt, what are you doing with me?" Lanlin's face was red and fiery, and she roared angrily.

Lambert immediately rebuked: "Lanlin, you gave her the slim fruit knife. What's your heart? Why should you give her the knife and let her kill?"? Do you wish our whole family were involved? "

Lanlin's face changed, and she stepped back in horror: "what are you talking about? I didn't give her a knife. Why do you want to ask me?"

"I've admitted that you have nothing to say, Lanlin. I didn't expect you to be such a vicious person. If my daughter has a chance, I'll see how I deal with you." Blue mother angrily points at her face.