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C570 misfortune caused by love

Listen to her suspicions, Luo Jinyu is speechless and helpless. He doesn't know whether this little thing knows or not. How charming it is for her to plead with him like this.

Finally, Luo Jinyu takes Yang ChuChu to his home and plans to record a fingerprint lock for her.

However, when he pushed the door open, he suddenly saw a man wearing a bath towel and leaning lazily on the sofa to drink water.

"Ah..." As soon as Yang ChuChu entered, he saw the hot eyes. Luo Jinyu's tall body stood in front of her, blocking her sight.

While LOH Henning was drinking a mouthful of water, he splashed it out. Obviously, he didn't expect that he still followed a woman behind him. He blushed with surprise and ran to the guest room immediately.

Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes are full of panic. He blinks and looks at Luo Jinyu. He whispers, "why is your brother here? Don't you say this is your home? "

Luo Jinyu also frowned, and he didn't know how his brother would come to his private apartment to spend time.

A few minutes later, Luo Henning came out dressed up and saw Yang ChuChu standing beside Luo Jinyu. His handsome face was a capital word of consternation.

"You How can you be together so late? " Of course, lohnin knew Yang ChuChu's identity, but he didn't expect that elder brother would bring her home, and it was still a big night.

Luo Jinyu sees that his younger brother has broken their relationship, and decides not to hide it. He explains in a low voice: "didn't you suspect that I was the one who had an affair with her? Now it turns out, you guessed it right, it's me! "

"Ah?" Luo Henning's face was shocked. Then he looked at Yang ChuChu and said: "brother, you When did you change your taste? Do you like such a small girl? "

When Yang ChuChu heard this, she was not happy for a moment. She angrily stared at luohenning: "who is small? Where am I small? I am young, is it still a mistake? " "No, I'm a little confused now. Wait a minute. We seem to be related. You are the one who came from. Your mother is our cousin. You and my big brother I'm of what generation. " Lohnin was really shocked. He didn't expect that his eldest brother had a girlfriend, and he also covered it so tightly.

"Don't forget, I won't admit that you are my relatives. We are not related by blood." Yang ChuChu's biggest fear is that someone mentions that she and Luo Jinyu are related, which is the most frightening topic.

"By generation, she should call you uncle!" Luo Jinyu figured it out for his younger brother directly.

"Yes, yes, that's to call us uncles, uncles and nieces There must be something wrong with your relationship! " At the thought of this complicated relationship, lohnin felt that his elder brother should break up with the little girl immediately and never be together.

Luo Jinyu knew that his younger brother would definitely object, because in the Luo family, the family concept is actually very strict. Not only his younger brother would object, but even his parents and elders would definitely vote against it.

Yang ChuChu saw that Luo Henning even used this exaggerated expression to describe their relationship. Her beautiful big eyes were covered with tears, grievances and anxieties, more uneasy.

"You Are you against us being together? " Yang ChuChu's voice is full of trembling, because Luo Henning is Luo Jinyu's younger brother. His opinion is very important.

Lohnin didn't expect this girl to look at herself with red eyes. She seemed to bully her.

"Let's have a good chat. Don't cry!" Lohnen was a little flustered in a moment. She was young and fragile. He didn't even express his opinion. She cried.

Alas, this delicate little flower, will elder brother really like it?

If he remembers correctly, what big brother used to like was a woman of the goddess level, such as his ex girlfriend miffee, who grew up in the goddess department.

But now this looks sweet, but also with a little baby fat little girl, how also with the taste of big brother mouth?

Luo Jinyu saw that Yang ChuChu was frightened and cried by his younger brother. He hurriedly came over and said to Luo Henning, "since you already know our relationship, please give your opinion."

"I Can I publish it? " Lohnin is always immature in front of big brother. He feels that big brother has been shrouded in his head since he was young. Now, he even wants to comment on his girlfriend. He seems to be flattered.

Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes are full of tears. She looks at Luo Jinyu helplessly and sadly. She is really afraid. Luo Jinyu will shrink back. Then she really doesn't know what to do.

If Luo Jinyu didn't want her, with his decisive character, maybe he would find another woman to marry.

No, Yang ChuChu can't stand the fact that this man doesn't love himself.

Luo Jinyu's face was a heavy color, and nodded: "yes, you can publish, you are my brother!"

Seeing that elder brother's face was a little gloomy, lohnin knew that elder brother must take this matter very seriously.

"Well, I don't give you any opinions. If you like her, you'll stay together. I'm a brother-in-law. You're young and old. Anyway, as long as you really love each other, what's the problem!" Lohnen laughed in an open voice.

Young and old love? Luo Jinyu has an impulse to kick his brother out.

Is he old?

Twenty eight, old?

Yang ChuChu originally wanted to cry. When he heard the three words of love between the old and the young, he immediately pooped and laughed.

Lohnin saw that big brother wanted to strangle his expression, and he quickly corrected: "well, I'm just describing it. I didn't say that big brother is really old. Big brother, you are young and strong. You are in the golden age of a man. Really, very good. At least, you have a woman."

Luo Jin's younger brother's eloquence really needs to be improved. He can be half dead angry.

"Don't get in the way here, get out of here!" Luo Jinyu wants his younger brother to be tied up.

Lohnin also felt like an extra large light bulb. He quickly took the car key with a smile and walked out: "brother, don't be angry, I'll go now!"

Open the door, go out, lohnin is still a face of incredible, eldest brother unexpectedly and Yang ChuChu together, she is not just 18 years old birthday?

Tut, I'm in trouble now. Why did elder brother find Yang ChuChu? If her mother or elders know about it, how about it?