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C1356. You can'st be a dog

The time of meeting is always short and disappointing. LAN Yanxi's two little hands are still gripping his lapel, and his brain suddenly returns to oxygen, only to find that they are still on an important dinner. They can disappear for most of the day, but Ling Mo Feng can't. his every move is always concerned. If he disappears for more than ten minutes, how will others think of him.

Lanyanxi reached out and straightened out his lapel and his wrinkled shirt. In a low voice, he said, "hurry up, they must be waiting for you!"

Ling Mo Feng, of course, is not willing to part with her, but working in the body, as if the shackles, people can not break free, Ling Mo Feng also gently straightened her long hair, which was scattered by herself: "OK, I'll go first!"

Lingmo Feng said, can only turn around and stride out.

Lanyanxi leaned against the wall and tried to calm her mood for a while. Then she opened the door and walked out. This time, she really wanted to go to the bathroom, so she walked towards the direction of the bathroom, but unexpectedly, on the way, she met JOJO.

When jodrow saw her, her expression changed, but she felt guilty and uneasy.

"JOJO!" LAN Yanxi did not avoid him, but directly called out his name.

JOJO looked at her sadly, and walked over to her with her head bowed: "Yanxi!"

"You'd better call me lanyanxi later. My nickname is only my close relatives who call me like this. I'm not comfortable when you call me like this!" LAN Yanxi corrected his address with a cold face.

JOJO looked up at her, his eyes pricked, his face blue and sad.

"Yan Xi, am I making you unhappy? If you think I didn't do well, I can change... "

"JOJO, can you stop it? What kind of relationship do I have with you? I need you to change it for me. Don't be too opinionated. We are just friends. If you continue to disturb my life as my boyfriend, we won't even do it! " Lanyanxi has been very angry, and Lingmo Feng's mood has been affected just now, which will bring him a negative image. Lanyanxi only hopes that Lingmo Feng can be good, so she can't affect him any more.

"Yan Xi, I am sincere to you. I have never liked a woman so much. Would you please give me a chance?" Jodrow is completely shameless, because if he is, he can't get close to lanyanxi.

LAN Yanxi put his hands around his chest and smiled disapprovingly: "JOJO, I'll tell you frankly that I have someone I like. Except for him, I won't like anyone in my life. Because we are not so embarrassed, you'd better stop knowing."

"Lan Yanxi, who do you like? Is it Ling Mo Feng As soon as Qiao Zhuo heard this, he felt as if he had been hit by a huge blow, and asked immediately.

"There's no need to tell you who I like about me!" LAN Yanxi didn't expect Qiao Zhuo to guess Ling Mo Feng's body in an instant. She was still shocked, but she still pretended to disapprove.

"Yan Xi, I thought you were different from other women, but now it seems that there is no difference. You women are snobbish and all like excellent men. Do people like you, like me, make you feel embarrassed?" JOJO suddenly changed her attitude and began to attack lanyanxi. She wanted to kidnap her character with the bottom line of morality.

However, Qiao Zhuo may not really understand lanyanxi's behavior. She will only make friends with the people who are good to her. Her kindness also has a bottom line. If anyone dares to stab her like this, she will never let the other party get better.

"JOJO, come on, what do you like about me? Don't you just think I'm good and that my family has money? After all, aren't you snobbish? Otherwise, there are so many women in the office. How can you still be single? " Since he has torn his face to quarrel, of course, LAN Yanxi is not willing to show weakness.

JOJO was stiff, expressive and embarrassed.

He thought that Lan Yanxi would not say such hurtful words. She was a very gentle girl, but now she sneered at her. Qiao Zhuo could not answer.

"Don't say that our women are snobbish. In fact, your men are more snobbish. You think that if you marry me, you will be able to fight less for ten years, right? But I'll tell you, wrong. If I'm looking for a obedient dog instead of a man, I can get rid of it in minutes. Unfortunately, even if some people want to be my dog, I won't be able to see it. " LAN Yanxi put her hands around her chest, and took out all the momentum she had cultivated when she was the eldest daughter of LAN family. The proud and domineering expression really made Qiao Zhuo feel that he could not rise up.

"Lan Yanxi, are you rich? I should be so humiliated. " Qiao Zhuo has been scolded the worst time since he was born. Surely today, is lanyanxi saying that he is inferior to a dog?

"If someone wants to humiliate themselves, what can I do, JOJO? If you have some backbone, you should turn around and leave, and never pester another woman who doesn't like you!" Lanyanxi knows that his behavior is a little over the top, but he can't help it. If he doesn't, JOJO can't be sober.

"Lan Yanxi, you look down on me now, and you will regret it!" Qiaozhuo's eyes were red with anger, because he felt so humiliated that he would be looked down upon so much.

"JOJO, can you make some sense? I didn't look down on you once before, but you can't carry it clearly and always disturb my life! " LAN Yanxi didn't expect to bear the guilt of a villain in in the end. He was really wronged to death.

"Don't worry, I won't like you self righteous rich woman any more. I will prove it to you with my own efforts. I don't want to be your slave dog!" Jodrow is still some man's blood, so he has a stiff neck and swears to lanyanxi angrily.

LAN Yanxi was not afraid at all. He raised his chin: "I didn't say you were a dog. Would you mind not jumping in by yourself?"

Qiaozhuo angrily walked towards the door of the box, and lanyanxi sighed. It was really unprovoked. There were so unreasonable people in the sky. Fortunately, she saw Qiaozhuo's essence, otherwise, she felt terrible as a friend.

Qiao Zhuo opened the door in a dark face, and everyone looked at him, because he must have been out looking for LAN Yanxi just now, but looking at his expression, it seemed that he was not happy to talk.

Ling Mo Feng looked at Qiao Zhuo with cold eyes. Suddenly, he felt that the man was familiar with him. On second thought, he was a diplomat who had been reprimanded by himself two years ago. His heart was full of awe.

Two years ago, he was demoted from his post. I don't know if he has any hatred in his heart. Now, he even pesters LAN Yanxi. The reason for this is that he has to be alert.

Lanyanxi went to the bathroom, made up a make-up, sat down in the seat if nothing happened, picked up chopsticks, and started eating.

"Yanxi, how are you?" Cheng Yuan asked her quietly.

"Nothing!" LAN Yanxi squeezed her eyes. She could handle her own affairs.

Ling Mo Feng saw the girl's calm expression in the corner of his eyes, and he was relieved in the bottom of his heart. I believe that it was a good time for her to eat vinegar just now, and this little woman must have drawn a clear line with that man.

Just after eight o'clock, Ling Mo Feng left first, leaving Zhang Lu to deal with the group.

Qiao Zhuo buried himself in the table and drank. He had to say that Lan Yanxi's sharp teeth and ruthless mouth really hurt his man's dignity. But that's the reality. He just wanted to marry LAN Yanxi, a daughter of a rich family, so that he could make progress smoothly and fight less for ten years. His mind was so ugly that he could directly break through it. Qiao Zhuo felt that Live a good life.

LAN Yanxi whispered a few words in Cheng Yuan's ear. Cheng Yuan immediately understood her mind, stood up and said to Zhang Lu, "minister Zhang, Yan Xi doesn't have a good cold. Today, we are going to the hospital for reexamination. Let's leave first!"

Hearing this, Zhang Lu immediately did the surface work and waved his hands with concern: "young people, we should pay attention to our bodies. Are we too tired to study? As a colleague of hers, take more care of yourself and go! "

"Thank you, Minister Zhang!" LAN Yanxi gets up, stoops to thank her, and then comes out with Cheng Yuan. Suddenly, the air becomes free.

"Let's go, Yanxi!" Cheng Yuan can't help but be happy for her, because the two lovers can finally be together.