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C2005 sudden plan

Jack can't believe it. Elder martial sister has moved her heart. But how long did she know him? Within three days, she wanted to return to the ordinary for him. Is the power of love really so great?

Seeing Jack's silly expression, Tang Weixin gave him a ring and pointed out: "well, go ahead and work harder. We're here for nothing."

"I don't need to be reminded by my elder martial sister. Our lives are saved by their brothers. I have to be grateful all my life." Jack is a good boy with a conscience.

"Thank you?" Tang Weixin frowned. She was most afraid of being in debt in her life. She only wanted to repay her kindness if she wanted to marry her.

Thinking of this, Tang Weixin chuckled and felt that he was not doing his job.

There is no time in the mountains. Four days have passed since I lived in seclusion here. Everyone is doing what they are good at.

Cheng Yue saw Wang orange work for the first time. She stood beside him and watched his fingers flexibly manipulate the keyboard in his hands. Those codes dazzled her.

Cheng Yue silently brings Wang Cheng a glass of water. Wang Cheng takes it over and drinks it all. He turns around and smiles, "thank you for your concern."

Cheng Yue stares at his computer screen and shakes his head: "what are you thinking about every day, just these data? Do you have a headache? "

Wang orange shook his head: "no, I like this job very much."

"Wang Cheng, I didn't expect that you also suffered a lot, although you sometimes counseled." Cheng Yue finally has to face up to the big boy. Instead of doing nothing, he has his confidence and sparkle in his field.

Wang orange shyly reached out and scratched the back of his head. He he laughed, "does my sister think I'm suffering from it? I don't realize that I have a lot to learn. "

"Well, come on." After Cheng Yue finished, she turned and went out.

Towards evening, when everyone was preparing for dinner, Wang Cheng suddenly rushed over and said anxiously, "I just blacked out the surveillance of a company a hundred miles away, and three cars came towards us. The license plate was the person under the hands of Saxon."

"Have we been found?" Tie Xun looks stiff.

Tieting shook his head and said: "it should not be. There is a wharf 50 miles east of this road. There are a lot of goods coming from this wharf. Their car is coming here. It should be to pick up the goods."

Tang Weixin nodded and agreed: "yes, they may have gone to the wharf to pick up the goods. How many cars have come?"

"Three, two SUVs, a minivan." Wang replied.

"Are they likely to find out where we are?" Tie Ting looked at everyone and asked an important question.

"It's possible that Stevens's people have guarded the entrance and exit of the airport. They know Jack and I can't escape. Our docks are also blocked. They will not give up chasing us. If they find the imprint of the wheel, or the hounds they trained are brought here, our hiding place will be found. If we want to stay here safely In two days, we have to stop these cars, at least not let them all go back alive. " Tang Weixin's calm analysis said.

"If they intercept their car, they will find us within two days. What should we do then?" Tie Ting stared at Tang Weixin. Now that she knew about Stevens, her opinion was still important.

"I've come up with a way to put it into practice. I can be a lure. I can lead Exxon out to meet you. If you want to kill him, you can take this opportunity. This is also the best opportunity. I have a lot of evidence of Exxon in my hand. He will not kill me easily, and he will come to see me. Now he wants to wash his money. International organizations are staring at him. He is in a panic Among them. Tang Wei said in a deep voice.

"You have to be a lure, no, it's too dangerous." Tie Xun eyebrow heart a twist, directly refused.

"This is the best way. To tell you the truth, if you are confident enough and have good equipment, it won't be too big. Let me help you. Besides, Mr. tie, you should protect the person you love and give her a chance to evacuate safely. You should also send someone to send miss Ji away, so that she won't be involved Come in. " Tang Wei looks at Ji Tingyan. She is so charming and charming. She is really not suitable to stay here. It's too dangerous. If she falls into the hands of Saxon, the consequences are unimaginable.

Tie Ting's eyes gently look at the woman around her. Ji Tingyan grabs his hand and says, "I'm not leaving. I want to be with you all the time."

Tie Ting's eyes were fixed on her, then he brought her a cup of warm water: "xiaonai, you have to believe me, we will be together."

Ji Tingyan drank two mouthfuls of water, then she felt dizzy and sleepy. She seized the man's fingers and became weak. Finally, she slept quietly in the arms of tie ting.

"In fact, even if you don't say it, I'm going to let Xiao Nai leave tonight. I've already contacted his elder brother. He will have a special plane to pick her up at 12 o'clock tonight." Tie Ting says, bows his head and kisses Ji Tingyan's hair. He says to Cheng Yue, "I'll give her to you. Take her with you and leave now."

Cheng Yue nods and feels heavy. When tieting comes to her and tells her the plan for tonight, she still has a circle. But Ji Tingyan's firm words just now shake her a little. Love is great, but the premise of love and she has to live well. Her job is to protect Ji Tingyan from harm. Although she's concealed this time, it's all for her OK.

Tang idealism seemed to have expected, sighed: "I really envy her, and she is always remembered." After saying this, Tang's idealistic eyes collided with his, and he suddenly became red and moved his eyes to another place.

Tang Weixin is inexplicably funny. He dare not look into her eyes, which proves that he has a ghost in his heart.

Tie Ting is sitting in the car with Ji Tingyan in his arms. Seeing her sleeping in Cheng Yue's arms, he feels very bad. He really hopes that when he sees her again, all the haze has gone.

Ji Tingyan drinks a kind of medicine that will make her temporarily sleepy, without any negative effects. Cheng Yue and the bodyguard sent by Ji Mucheng escort Ji Tingyan away.

Wang Cheng stood beside the car and waved to Cheng Yue: "sister, see you next time. It's a good trip." Cheng Yue also wants to tease him, but finds that he is open mouth, but doesn't know what to say. He looks at Wang orange deeply, but nods.

Off road vehicle, by night, fast distance.

At this moment, tie Ting's heart seemed to be taken away.