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Tang You You never thought that Tang Xue Rou, who was so proud like a peacock, would also be proud of being sleeping with Ji Xiao Han.

"I'm too lazy to say this to you. Whenever you give me the jade pendant and money, I'll go abroad." Tang You You felt that Tang Xue Rou was completely poisoned and that there was no cure.

"The money will be transferred to your account tomorrow morning. Send me your account number, and …" I will immediately go and get your jade pendant back from that person. It's best if you leave tomorrow, don't waste any time. " Tang Xue Rou's tone towards Tang You You became slightly better.

After Tang Xue Rou finished speaking, she had already printed out a copy and listed all the conditions she had mentioned.

"Sign it!" As long as you don't fight with me for Ji Xiao Han, I can still recognize you as my sister. " Tang Xue Rou's attitude had changed one hundred and eighty percent, because she could finally breathe a sigh of relief. She had been afraid for five years, and this was the first time she felt relaxed.

"Forget it, I've never thought of you as my sister!" Tang You You didn't want to get close to her.

Tang Xue Rou's face became ugly: Tang You You, I really don't know where you get your pride from. I'm willing to treat you as my younger sister, which also means that I'm a tolerant person.

Tang You You snorted coldly, ignoring her. After signing her name, she stood up and took the things that her mother had left behind and left.

As Tang Xue Rou looked at the agreement, the corner of her mouth hooked up into a victorious smile.

With the protection of this agreement, she could sleep peacefully. Tang You You would no longer have the face to come and fight with her for Ji Xiao Han.

After Tang Xue Rou put away the agreement, she immediately called a friend of hers. If she remembered correctly, she was the one who took the jade all those years ago.

The call connected and a sweet voice rang out, "Yo, Big Star finally remembered to come find me."

"Hui Yi, do you remember when you took a piece of jade from my house five years ago?" Tang Xue Rou directly asked.

When Zhang Hui Yi heard her mention that piece of jade, her mind immediately tensed up and she couldn't help but deny: "What kind of jade is it? I don't remember. "

"How could you not remember? Back then when you seemed to like it, you begged me to give it to you. I'm in urgent need, hurry up and send it over. "

"Xue Rou, you really remembered wrongly. I didn't take that piece of jade, moreover … I've never seen that piece of jade either. " Zhang Hui Yi immediately said with a wronged tone.

"It was you who took it. I clearly remembered it. Hurry up and find it. Bring it back to me tomorrow morning. This matter is very important to me." Tang Xue Rou was already a little angry, she was actually unable to take back the things that he had gifted her, how could she not be angry?

Zhang Hui Yi heard the sound of the phone being hung up, and her entire body froze.

Zhang Hui Yi being unwilling to take out that piece of jade was also hiding a huge secret.

A year ago, she saw an opportunity when she was in a museum and saw an identical golden jade pendant that she had taken out from Tang Xue Rou's house. At that time, the curator was right beside her and told her that the golden jade pendant was given to her by an old man from a wealthy family who lived in the museum. There was originally a pair of pendants with the words Feng and Feng carved in the center.

So the reason why Zhang Hui Yi didn't hand over the jade pendant, was because she knew such a shocking secret.

She and Tang Xue Rou had been classmates since they were young. Knowing that Tang Xue Rou was not the Tang Family's real daughter, she suspected that Tang Xue Rou was probably the treasure girl that had been carried away.

Zhang Hui Yi was jealous that Tang Xue Rou had developed so well and had a powerful financial backer, so, she did not want to take out this jade pendant anymore. She did not want Tang Xue Rou to gain the identity of a rich and powerful young miss.

When Tang You You returned home, the two little fellows were still awake, bouncing around the living room. The entire room was filled with the little guy's clear sounds of laughter.

"Big brother, you're here to catch me, hurry up and catch me …" Tang Xiao Nai had just taken a bath. With her waist-length black hair that was blown dry, she looked as delicate and cute as a little angel. She wore a set of pajamas and ran in circles in the living room.

After Tang Xiao Rui chased after her for a few rounds, he felt bored, so he stepped on her shoulders and sighed: "I'm not going to catch you, it's not interesting at all."

"No, big brother, play with me. Don't play with your boring electric toys." Tang Xiao Nai pouted her small mouth and used her ability to withdraw her spoiled child, pulling on Tang Xiao Rui's small arm and shaking it, her small appearance was extremely pleasing to the eyes.

Although the two little fellows were born in the same lifetime, Tang Xiao Rui was a little man. His height was already taller than Tang Xiao Nai by half a head since he was young, and now that they were standing together, he truly had the elegance of a big brother.

"Mummy is back!" Tang Xiao Rui saw Tang You You push open the door and revealed a joyous expression. He ran over and hugged Tang You You: Mummy, did you go on a date with some uncle?

Hearing the little guy's questions, Tang You You could not help but laugh, "You're thinking too much, I just went to see a friend to chat."

"Mummy, I would like to meet father once, is that possible?" Tang Xiao Nai also squeezed over, her two small hands pitifully hugged onto Tang You You's other leg, raising her head, she carefully pleaded.

When Tang You You heard his daughter's request, he immediately squatted down, rubbed his daughter's head and gently said: "Xiao Nai, didn't you and your brother have a playmate? We're not going to look for Dad anymore, okay? Mummy will bring you back to your previous home. The three of us will live our happiest lives. "

When Tang Xiao Rui heard him say that he wanted to return to his previous home, that meant … Should I take him and his sister abroad?