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Luo Jinyu was called to have dinner at lohning's newly married villa in the evening. Luo Mu saw the photos of him coming out of the police station. At the moment, she was worried about his situation.

"I looked at the stock market. The last two days of the company were very turbulent. You can keep it steady." Although Luomu is a woman, she is also very concerned about the company. At this moment, seeing her son look tired, she naturally asked more questions.

Luo Jinyu nodded: "don't worry, I will deal with it!" "

what happened to you? Why do people get this handle? You promised your father and grandfather that you would never capsize in this matter, but something went wrong. " Luo Mu is still a little angry, because the tax evasion is really a bad reputation for a company. Luo

Jin Yu pressed his finger gently on his eyebrow. His mother's question made him feel helpless: "maybe I'm not in a good mood recently. I've ignored a lot of details in this matter, which will make the people below appear this serious loophole." Luo

the mother's face slightly changed, and she said angrily: "you are in a bad mood, is it because I interfered in your communication with Yang ChuChu? So, I'm going to be charged with this? " Luo

Jin Yu knows that his mother also has her insistence and is angry. He doesn't want to quarrel with her any more, because his close relatives quarrel with each other, only to lose both sides. Luo Jinyu has grown up, and he always has a little more respect for his children. "

mom, this is my fault. It has nothing to do with anyone." Luo Jinyu takes responsibility in a low voice. "

how does it matter? Yang ChuChu is not right either. She is young and doesn't study hard. She pesters you all day. This kind of girl... "

"Mom, can you say two words less? It's clear that I'm not pestering me. I've been pestering her. I don't want to break up with her. " Luo Jinyu's mood is suddenly excited. Because of the pressure of this period of time, it suddenly broke out at the moment. Luo

the mother was startled, and her eyes were fixed on her son's red face. Luo Jinyu found that she was in a bad mood, and suddenly slowed down: "I'm sorry, I'm tired today. I don't want to eat anymore. Let's go first!"

After Luo Jinyu finished, he stood up and went to the door. As soon as they got to the door, the car in which lohnin and Mulin were riding stopped. The two men opened the door and got out of the car. They were surprised to see lojinyu stride out of the living room and looked at him. "

brother, we are going to have dinner soon. Where are you going?" Lohnin saw his brother's face was gloomy. He must have quarreled with his mother again. In a hurry, he asked him. "

not today, next time." Luo Jinyu finished, went directly to his car, sat in, blinked, the black car, just like a gust of wind, blowing to the distance. For the first time, his eldest son spoke to her in such an impatient voice. She was really hurt and sad. Lin and lohnin exchanged a look and understood why. Luo Jinyu said many times that she would not give up Yang ChuChu, but she did not let go and still asked them to break up as soon as possible.

Lohnin took the lead in stepping into the hall of the living room and saw his mother sitting on the sofa with red eyes, obviously angry. "

mom, are you quarreling with big brother again?" Lohnin went over and asked with concern. "

I don't want to quarrel with him at all. I don't know what's going on. Your elder brother has a good temper recently. He roared at me just now. What's wrong with your elder brother, Henning? I'm his mother, isn't Yang ChuChu more important than me? " The more she thought about it, the more aggrieved she was, the more she complained directly to her youngest son.

Murin stood by and listened. She couldn't help turning a white eye. She always felt that her mother was a masterpiece. But now, it seems that she may become an organic product after becoming a mother and an elder. One is a mother and the other is a girlfriend. How can they compare?

Of course, lohnin wanted to comfort his mother and said in a low voice, "Mom, don't think about it any more. I think my eldest brother has a bad temper. It's also because of the company's accident recently. He's alone. He didn't come back home until midnight when he was busy in the company. It's cold and quiet when he came back home. He's not accompanied by anyone. Don't talk about my eldest brother. If it's me, I'm certainly not in a good temper."

Lom stared at him angrily: "what do you want to say? Directly speaking, don't beat around the Bush here! "

Lohnin smiled two times: "I mean to ask you to promise him and Yang ChuChu. You may not know enough about Yang ChuChu. Although she looks young, she is very sensible and takes good care of her eldest brother. When he is with her, she is in a good mood every day."

"Really?" Lomu cut him with an eye knife for fear of his nonsense.

"It's true, of course. You don't believe it. Maureen can testify." Lohnin quickly turned his head to look at Mulin, and then pleaded with her with his eyes.

Now Mu Lin is very popular with Luo mu. If Mu Lin can help to say a few good words, she will be more convinced. Mu

Lin immediately nodded and smiled: "yes, Ma, I used to have dinner with brother Chu and Chu Chu. I have a good personality and I'm generous. We all like her very much. Ma, now Brother happens to have a problem at work. I'm in a weak mood, so I can let the person he likes stay with me. First, I can make brother feel better. Second, I can also test Yang Chu Is Chu sincere to him? Isn't that the best of both worlds? " Lin was a smart woman. She only made a little calculation, which immediately attracted LOM's attention.

"You mean, test her?" Lom's eyes brightened a little. Mu

Lin nodded, then smiled again: "Mom, actually, I know what you are worried about. You think Yang ChuChu is young, and it's not the figure of big brother, but the money of big brother, is it?" "

I didn't say that, but it's not impossible. She is young. Do you know what true love is? Isn't it the love that my son dotes on her and smashes it with money? " Luo Mu is still trying to make sense of her words, because she has no steps now, and can only hold on to the end.

Luo Henning's face was urgent, and he quickly corrected: "Mom, you can't doubt others like this. Although her family background is not comparable with ours, she has a lot of family background, and she doesn't have to rely on anyone's wealth at all."

Murin also nodded: "that's right, but mother's worry is also reasonable. Big brother's company is in a difficult situation. If Yang ChuChu is willing to follow him, it means that she is a girl who values friendship and justice and can share weal and woe. If she doesn't want to go back to his side because of big brother's situation, and if you object to their being together, Henning and I also praise each other Yes. " Luo

lost herself in thought.