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In cold weather, a hot bath can eliminate the tiredness of a day. Tang Weixin comes out in pajamas. She is a dark red bathrobe. Her original temperament is unpredictable, pure and charming. She is the Royal elder sister. She is dead. One look can make people tremble.

Tang Wei looks at the man who is sitting on the bed pretending to be serious. He sits in front of the computer, because he suddenly remembers that he promised to hand in the revised design drawing in the morning tomorrow. At this moment, he can only speed up his work.

It's hard to concentrate, because of the appearance of women, the moment was disrupted.

As soon as he looked up, he saw the woman's amorous appearance. If he could give her a cigarette at this time, she could play the role of female boss directly.

The breath of tie Xun suddenly became heavy. He finally understood why he couldn't care about women these years. It turned out that he liked women who could abuse him and make him want them.

"What are you doing?" When Tang Weixin saw him sitting in front of the computer, she was disappointed. Then, she deliberately went around behind him and saw the dense curves on the screen. Tang Weixin was a little lost. In the evening, she didn't look at her and went to see the design drawings?

"You're busy. I'll go to bed." Tang Weixin is a woman who can't be difficult. Seeing him at work, she immediately extinguished all her enthusiasm and decided to go to sleep.

Tie Xun only smelled the fresh fragrance on her body when she came. Before much, she said she would go to sleep, and he would not agree.

In a moment, long arm pulled her wrist, Tang Weixin turned around and fell into his arms unsteadily.

"What are you doing?" Tang asked him with his eyebrows.

Tie Xun didn't say a word, and then he bowed his head and blocked her mouth. Do you need to ask? Don't question his masculinity.

Tang Weixin's tight heart suddenly relaxed, and she took the initiative to put her hand on his neck.

Silent night, two people hot enthusiasm.

Just as he was about to stretch his hand in, there was a knock on the door.

"Little Hoon!" Outside the door, the voice of binding mother came.

Tang's heart scared the man away, and he jumped up quickly.

Before he could say anything, Tang Weixin had opened a closet beside him and hid himself in it. Then he closed the door with a flick of his foot. At the same time, tie mother pushed the door in.

Tie Xun's expression froze. What happened just now?

"Xiaoxun, I haven't slept yet." The tie mother looked at her son's hard work and frowned: "don't do this, work is more important, body is more important."

He took a look at the computer screen. Fortunately, he was working. He hurriedly suppressed his crazy heart and said calmly, "Mom, how come you haven't slept so late? I'll go to sleep after that. "

"Mom slept, and suddenly she couldn't sleep. Seeing the light in your room, I knew you must be working again." Tie mother said, then sat on his side, tie Xun quiet eyes toward the wardrobe to see, the heart secretly cried.

"Xiaoxun, I think idealism is very good. Is it possible for you to develop?" The reason why the tie mother can't sleep is right here. The eldest son has been settled. The younger son hasn't been settled yet. She is very worried.

"Yes, I just want to develop with her to take her home as a guest." Tie Xun looks at the cupboard with some pride. He said this to Tang Weixin directly.

"Is it? Can she see you? " Tie mother is not confident in her son.

"Mom, what do you mean? Do you think your son is bad? I want to look good, I want to have a career, I want to be healthy, I want to have a good character, I want to be handsome and have a lot of money. Most of all, I still love people. " Tie Xun breath, all their advantages out.

His mother couldn't hear him anymore. She clapped him on the shoulder: "well, what are your advantages? Isn't your mother clear? It's just that I don't think this idealism is a woman in general. "

"Mom, do you see that? Of course, she is not ordinary. " Tie Xun's face was surprised. His mother had good eyes. Ordinary women, who would run to the dragon pool and tiger cave.

"I don't mean she's not good, I just think you You may not be able to control her in the future. When a woman is strong, a man will be angry. " Tie mother said the truth, but also a mother 's worry.

Tie Xun has a stiff back. Why does his mother want to say such words? It's not the first time that he is oppressed by her aura. To be honest, he can't talk this day.

"Mom, I respect her career and her ideas. I like her. Strong is strong. I can control me. If I want to change a weak one, I'm afraid I'll be lawless once I'm satisfied." Tie Xun looked at the cabinet door and said.

The tie mother was amused by her son's lovely idea. She sighed, "you still haven't changed at all. You have many ideas since you were a child."

"Mom, go to bed quickly. I will chase her to be your daughter-in-law and give you two grandchildren." Tie Xun hurriedly took his mother's hand and forced her to go out.

His mother gave him a look: "don't say it so early, be careful that others don't see you."

"No, I have confidence." Tie Xun was hit hard.

After tie mother went out, tie Xun turned around and saw the woman standing behind him. She had already come out of the closet and scared him.

"You Why don't you make a sound? " His eyes are wide.

Tang idealistic eyes fixed on him, a blink does not blink, as if to look at him again.

Tie Xun by her sharp eyes stare at the whole body hair, he subconsciously asked: "idealism, what do you look at me?"

"What you just said is all true?" The sound of Tang's idealistic voice sounded stupidly.

"Which one?" Tie Xun was stunned.

"All." Tang Weixin said, step by step toward him, close to him. When he saw the deep light in her eyes, his heart was beating wildly. He didn't know why. In the face of her oppression, he subconsciously stepped back a few steps. Soon, he retreated to the wall.

"Of course." He was breathing hard.

"Good." The eyes of the Tang Dynasty flowed and the corners of the mouth were light.

Tie Xun didn't know why she suddenly fell in love with him.

"Idealism, it's late. Would you like to go to bed first and talk about it tomorrow?" Tie Xun can't guess her mind. She's nervous, but she's looking forward to something.

Tang Weixin suddenly pounced on him and fixed up his toes. His lips were brushed lightly on his thin lips: "tie Xun, I will never lose you in this life."

"Ah?" Before Fuxun understood this sentence, Tang Weixin's hand gently hugged him and buried his face in his arms.

"Is that a confession?" It's poetic and picturesque.

Tang released his hand and patted him gently on his strong chest: "good night." Finish saying, then turn around to go out, leave a face to lose tie Xun.