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"How many private parties are there?" Tang You You really wanted to reject them, but she had already signed the agreement and couldn't refuse them immediately.

Ji Xiao Han laughed softly: "I want to introduce you to a few friends. Relax, I definitely won't let your identity be immediately revealed."

"No, you must go!" Ji Xiao Han was also very determined. He wanted to say that the gathering at night was set for you.

"Sooner or later, this little guy will learn to be independent. I believe that my daughter will definitely understand why we let go of her." The person who doted on his daughter like her life was beginning to think more of her than of her. Previously, she had never seen him let go of her, but now, she spoke with confidence and confidence.

"As long as you can convince the child, I'll go with you." Tang You You threw this difficult problem to him, went around his side, and headed towards the bedroom.

Ji Xiao Han's lips curled up, from the looks of it, he no longer hated him that much.

He was a lazy kid, and even slept on his father's shoulder for a while. In the end, he was woken up by the aroma of the bread, so he climbed down from his father's embrace and ran to get some fresh bread to eat.

Tang Xiao Rui also woke up. Although he was young, he was very independent.

Ji Xiao Han looked at the time. He was almost about to set off, he had already made an appointment with his two friends.

Furthermore, before he departed, he had to bring Tang You You to another place.

Therefore, he had to leave home an hour earlier.

"Xiao Nai, I have something very important to do with Mummy tonight, can you play with big brother at home?"

Tang Xiao Nai was chewing the bread, her large eyes started to mist her eyes as she heard that Mummy was about to abandon her and her brother, and her movements became slower and slower, "Where is Mummy going? Bring Xiao Nai along, alright? Xiao Nai doesn't want to stay at home with Big Brother. "

"Uncle Yuan is also home. He can cook more for you, so you have to go out with us, okay?" Ji Xiao Han was helpless against this little thing. When he saw her pair of large eyes that were about to cry, he instantly felt that he was a very heartless father.

Tang You You stood at the side and watched Ji Xiao Han taking his daughter with a helpless look, he felt like laughing for some reason.

So there was actually something else that this man couldn't do. She was extremely confident in her daughter's crying skills. As long as she cried, she would definitely not be able to stop for an hour or two.

Of course, Ji Xiao Han had also experienced it himself. She had bitten and injured her classmate at school, and had even cried for over an hour. When he rushed over, the little guy's eyes were already swollen from crying.

"Daddy, just take me with you. I'll be good. I promise to listen to you." Tang Xiao Nai really wanted to go with her father, the Mummy. Since young, she had almost never left the Mummy, so this reliance was definitely not something that she could change in a short period of time.

If she went to school during the day and Mummy went to work, they would at least be together when she returned home at night.

"Xiao Nai, you wait obediently at home for father. Daddy will buy you a lot of fun things, is that okay?" Ji Xiao Han, who never had much patience, was extremely patient with his daughter at the moment.

From the moment Tang You You initially held the mindset of watching a good show, she had gradually felt Ji Xiao Han's deep affection for his daughter, which slightly changed her state of mind.

She squatted down, caressed her daughter's hair and gently advised: "Xiao Nai, Mummy promises to be back very soon, can you stop messing around?"

"I wanted to take Mummy out to play, but I didn't bring Xiao Nai out. I'm so sad." Tang Xiao Nai pouted, with a look of being wronged.

"We're not going to play, we're going to do something." Tang You You immediately said.

Hearing the word "work", the expression of the man next to her instantly lit up, and the scene of the work immediately appeared in his mind …

Mmm, it really makes one feel lost and unsettled.

Just then, Tang Xiao Rui took his electric toy down the stairs, and blinked his large eyes: "Are you guys going out?"

Seeing that his son had come down, Ji Xiao Han immediately walked over and caressed his head: "Quickly help father persuade your sister. I'm going out with your Mummy.

Tang Xiao Rui immediately squinted his big black eyes: "You guys want to go out together? "What are you doing?"

Tang You You immediately felt guilty facing his son's suspicious little appearance, and coughed: "I'm just going to see a few people! "He'll be back soon."

"Don't come back so quickly, it wasn't easy for me to lure the Mummy out to play, so I might as well stay here for a long time." Tang Xiao Rui's mind was much more mature than his sister's. In that moment, he smelled something good and immediately spoke with caution.

Tang Xiao Nai stared at his brother: "Brother, don't you want to play with me? Daddy Mummy wants to abandon us. "

Stupid Xiao Nai, don't go. If you go, you will just be a light bulb. This brother will play with you. Tang Xiao Rui was indeed father's good assistant, at that moment, he immediately held onto his sister's small hand: "Let's go, quickly go."

"But …" Tang Xiao Nai was still not willing to be abandoned by her father's Mummy like this.

"But what? Your Lil 'White is starving. It will definitely miss you too. Let's go." Tang Xiao Rui used all his strength to drag his away.

Seeing the two small figures disappear into the garden, Ji Xiao Han and Tang You You's expressions were slightly startled.

"Did you say anything to your son?" Tang You You looked at his son's expression of understanding and immediately became suspicious.

Ji Xiao Han felt a little guilty, but his handsome face was calm and composed: "I didn't say anything, what are you suspecting?"