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He is not angry

Yang Chu Chu's movements were extremely careful but Luo Jin Yu still noticed it. He couldn't help but ask her: "What happened to your eyes?"

"Ah, I'm fine!" Yang Chu Chu hurriedly turned to the other side, trying his best to restrain his tears.

The next second, the man had already stretched out his hand, pinched her chin, and pulled her face towards him. "Why are you crying again?"

"I... I'm not crying! " Yang Chu Chu immediately retorted in a low voice, "My eyes just hurt a little!"

"Why aren't you telling the truth?" Was Luo Jin Yu that easy to deceive?

Yang Chu Chu secretly glanced at him: "If I told you the truth, you would be angry."

"If you don't tell me, how will you know if I'll be angry or not?" Luo Jin Yu frowned.

"You will!" Yang Chu Chu muttered.

"Speak!" However, Luo Jin Yu allowed her to speak those words out of concern.

Yang Chu Chu could only sigh and say: "When you were giving me the fish just now, you somehow reminded me of that father that I haven't seen before. Back then, I often saw my friends' father helping them with food, so … Luo Jin Yu, don't be angry, I really do not have any intentions of treating you as my father. "

The man's hand that was holding the chopsticks suddenly stopped. His gaze, which had an unknown meaning, locked onto the girl's flustered and helpless little face.

When Yang Chu Chu saw his unfathomable appearance, she became even more uneasy and hurriedly explained: "Are you really angry? I really have no other intentions! "

Luo Jin Yu continued to extend his hand and pick up a piece of beef, and under Yang Chu Chu's fearful gaze, he once again put it in her bowl softly. After that, he reached out with his big palm and ruffled her hair: "Eat it!"

"Ah …" Yang Chu Chu was dumbstruck for a moment, not knowing what the man was thinking.

She had unintentionally turned his love into the fatherly love that she longed for. How could he not be angry?

He gave her another piece of meat to eat?

Yang Chu Chu felt as if she was in a dream. She was extremely happy, but she started to feel uneasy.

She didn't dare to use her chopsticks to pick up that piece of meat to eat because she didn't have the exact thoughts of that man in her mind, so she didn't dare to mess around with him again.

Luo Jin Yu glanced at her, like a frightened little rabbit, and his two small hands continuously held onto each other.

"Why aren't you eating?" Luo Jin Yu raised his pretty eyebrows, and then said with a low voice: "You dislike my food?"

"Of course not!" Yang Chu Chu saw that he was about to misunderstand her again, and quickly used the chopsticks to eat the meat. After that, she looked at Luo Jin Yu and said: "You still haven't told me, are you angry with me?"

Luo Jin Yu laughed mockingly, "Which eye of yours saw that I'm angry?"

"You … Aren't you angry with me? "Why? You clearly warned me before not to change your feelings for you into a plot about a relationship with a father. At that time, your expression was so scary that I thought you were serious." Yang Chu Chu was already sweating profusely.

Luo Jin Yu let out a low sigh: "Your lack of fatherly love is already pitiful enough. As your boyfriend, why can't I compensate you?"

Because of his words, Yang Chu Chu's eyes became watery. In the next second, she immediately threw herself at him, hugged one of his arms, and cried out loud: "Luo Jin Yu, you're such a good person. Thank you for being so tolerant towards me, I will definitely love you well in the future, and will not make you angry anymore!"

When Luo Jin Yu saw her childish crying, he did not know what to do for a moment.

He could only gently push her away and said, "You should eat when it's time to eat. Don't cry!"

Yang Chu Chu just realized that her tears were too low and had affected his appetite. She hurriedly wiped the tears off her face with a tissue and smiled like a fool, "As long as you don't mind, I'll be happy!"

"I won't mind!" Luo Jin Yu was really afraid that she would cry again, so he said some good words to comfort her.

Yang Chu Chu immediately felt that the food here was extremely delicious, maybe it was because she was in a good mood.

Just as night fell, a cool breeze blew and a white Bugatti Wyvern sportscar stopped in front of Pei An Xin's house.

Mu Shi Ye took out a simple travel bag for himself, locked the car, and quickly walked towards the elevator.

While he was waiting for the elevator, his mood surged and his thin lips curled up into a happy smile.

The elevator door opened and a few girls squeezed out. When they saw Mu Shi Ye standing in front of the elevator door, they all covered their mouths in astonishment and whispered, "So handsome!"

"I've never seen him in this neighborhood before. Is he new?"

"How many floors do we have? Let's take a look!"

"When I think about running into him in the neighborhood, I get so excited!"

"I wonder if he's married or if we still have a chance!"

Mu Shi Ye ignored the excited gazes of the little girls. Carrying his travel bag, he stepped into the elevator.

The elevator went up all the way to the floor Pei An Xin was on.

He walked to the door and knocked on it!

Pei An Xin opened the door, saw that it was him, and turned around to continue changing his daughter's clothes.

"Darling!" Once Mu Shi Ye entered, he immediately discarded the image of the Great Young Master, and quickly rushed in front of Xiao Cheng Cheng.

Because the movement was too big, it gave Xiao Cheng Cheng a fright. After calming her eyes again, her small mouth flattened, crying!

When Mu Shi Ye saw himself appearing, he was actually scared to the point that his daughter was crying. He immediately turned to Pei An Xin and said: "Look, I'm here.

Pei An Xin ridiculed: "Your skin is so thick, you obviously scared your daughter to tears!"

"Is that so? "I didn't realize it. I'm so handsome and charming, how could my daughter be frightened by me?" Mu Shi Ye stubbornly refused to admit it, and then asked in concern, "What happened to Cheng Cheng?"

"I had diarrhea. I changed her clothes!" Pei An Xin said in a low voice.

"Ah, then what should we do? Would you like to see a doctor? " When Mu Shi Ye heard that his daughter was feeling unwell, the first thing he did was to take her to have a look.

Pei An Xin, on the other hand, was already an experienced Bao-ma. She lightly said, "Eat some medicine first before you continue to look around. If you're still going to pull it tomorrow, then you'll have to go and take a look!"

"What's the use of taking medicine? Where did you get this medicine? Is it expired? Shall we go to the doctor and get some more effective medicine? " As an owl father, Mu Shi Ye was afraid that his daughter, who was tiny, wouldn't even be able to take some medicine.

Pei An Xin rolled his eyes at him, but he was being very careful with his daughter, which made her look at him differently.

"Don't worry, I got a doctor to prescribe this medicine previously. It hasn't expired yet!" Pei An Xin took the medicine and prepared to boil some water for the little guy to consume.

When Mu Shi Ye heard how confident she was, he stopped making a fuss and went over to pick his daughter up. "Why didn't you give her a diaper?"