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C537 trying to complete them

When Ji Xiaohan saw the person he hated the most and the person he hated the most, his handsome face darkened instantly, and his face was as cold as frost.

Tang youyou is also surprised to see his father and Ji Xiaohan's mother in the hotel. How did they find this place?

"Owl cold..." LAN Yue is also shocked. She obviously didn't expect to see her son and Tang youyou coming in hand. This picture can't tell what it's like. It's complicated and sad.

Ji Xiao snorted coldly. He didn't speak. He turned his eyes away.

Xia Weiwen takes a look at LAN Yue. LAN Yue sighs and says to Ji Xiaohan, "mom wants to talk to you alone, OK?"

Season owl cold still does not say a word, only the facial expression is more gloomy.

Tang youyou gently pulled his sleeve with his finger.

Ji Xiaohan turns around and walks out the door.

LAN Yue looks at Tang youyou gratefully and follows Ji Xiaohan to the door.

"Why are you here?" Tang youyou looks at his father. For a while, he can't call him by his mouth. It's because of the strange relationship.

Xia Weiwen smiled mildly: "you ran out this morning and worried me so much. I asked someone to help me to find out that you registered in this hotel, so we came here to wait for you."

Tang youyou was slightly shocked. Later, he felt guilty. Today, he was so impulsive that he ran away without leaving his contact information. He asked his father to find someone to investigate him.

The atmosphere in the living room is a little quiet. At this moment, beside the small flower bed beside the hotel, Ji Xiaohan stands with his back to the door, cold and composed.

LAN Yue looks at her son's back and suddenly thinks of her deceased ex husband. Their father's and son's back are similar, which makes her sad.

"Xiao Han, is Miss Tang really the lost daughter of Xia family?" LAN Yue asked softly.

"Are you afraid?" The season owl cold sneers, but also sneers. LAN Yue's face was a little pale. She shook her head and smiled bitterly: "I'm really afraid, but it's not because of myself. I finally understand why when I said to ease our mother and son's feelings, you put forward such conditions. At that time, you knew that Tang youyou was Vivian's daughter. You let us divorce because you fell in love with his daughter, right?" Ji Xiao's cold face became even darker, as if his inner dark side had been whitened in the sun, which made him a little embarrassed. "So what? I am such a man who does everything to achieve his goal. Don't you know me? " Ji Xiaohan turned to face his mother, then pulled his lips and sneered: "Oh, by the way, we've been apart for more than ten years. Of course, you don't know what my son is like, so now do you know? I will become cold-blooded and selfish for my happiness. " LAN Yue was not angry. She just looked at her son's dark face calmly, and then sighed: "you are my son. No matter how long you have been separated, how can I not understand you? You are not as ruthless as you think. If you really want to revenge us, Xia family will not have the achievements today, right? "

Season owl cold moment some exasperate, sneer way: "that's because I don't want you too bad, then run back to me for help."

"Anyway, my mother still has a place in your mind, doesn't she?" LAN Yue smiled happily.

Season owl cold however snorted. "Son, in fact, you don't have to show how much you hate me. I know how much I've done. I'm sorry for you and Yueze. In fact, even if you don't put forward that condition, I've already thought about it very clearly. Today, we have made a decision, and we will divorce." LAN Yue wants to pretend to be relaxed, but the tears are already in her eyes.

Ji Xiaohan looks at her a little surprised, handsome face is stiff, ask for a long time: "why?"

LAN Yue blinked hard, trying to hide the tears in her eyes. She didn't want her son to see her painful choice. "No reason, you are my son. Tang youyou is the daughter of Xia family who has been looking for a long time. Taking advantage of these two relationships, we should not block your happiness. This is the only thing we can do as parents." LAN Yue couldn't help crying. Tears kept sliding down her face. She wiped them with the back of her hand.

Season owl cold is not the first time to see her mother cry, but it is the first time to see her smile and tears.

LAN Yue choked and said, "you and Tang youyou already have their own children, so you should be a family. I went to see two children secretly last time. They are so lovely. It's lovely to watch them. If there is a chance, can they call me grandma?"

Ji Xiaohan looks at his mother's joy, which is shown by her strong endurance of sadness and anger. He sneers: "I don't need your accomplishment, don't think you have accomplished us, I will forgive you."

LAN Yue's expression froze in an instant.

"If you really like Javier so much, you can go on with him. No one will stop you anyway." Season owl cold voice indifferently said.

"No, we can't. We've been more than ten years and are satisfied." LAN Yue said firmly.

Although Ji Xiaohan's face is cold, his heart is still shocked. He didn't expect his mother to be selfish for so many years, but today, he suddenly gave up her happiness to complete him and Tang youyou.

"Don't think so, I will forgive you and appreciate you. You once abandoned me and my brother. I will never let it go in my life." Season owl cold sneers to say.

LAN Yue clenched her lips and wept bitterly: "I know that I was really selfish at that time, and I don't expect your forgiveness. We are old and old, but you are still young and have a long way to go."

Ji Xiaohan listened and looked more frozen. Then, he snorted coldly and turned to the hall, saying nothing more.

Walking into the living room, he saw Tang Youyou, who was dead as a chicken. He guessed that maybe Xia Weiwen also mentioned to her about divorce from her mother.

It's true that Ji Xiaohan guessed very well. Tang youyou's expression froze because he heard his father say about divorce.

"Yo, I'll go up first!" Ji Xiaohan doesn't want to communicate with Xia Weiwen. He just looks at Tang youyou and goes to the elevator.

Tang youyou looks at his gloomy face. He must have been unhappy with his mother. "I also went up first. Don't do it deliberately. You have lived for more than ten years and have deep feelings. I don't want you to divorce for us." With that, Tang youyou got up and went to the elevator.