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C1270 regret biting him

The adjutant knew that lanyanxi was really worried, and he also wanted to know whether the vice president was safe at the moment. When the gun sounded, he was shocked when he saw the blood left from the shoulder position of the vice president. But even if he was shot, he could calmly explain that he would hurry to find lanyanxi and ensure her safety. This is an order.

"OK, Miss blue, I'll call him!" The adjutant knew that Lan Yanxi had special affection for the vice president. The two people who loved each other most cared about each other at the moment. When the phone is connected, it's Ling Mo Feng's voice. She's all right

"I'm fine. Are you hurt?" With a cry voice came, Ling Mo Feng slightly shake. Ling

Mo Feng forced himself to bear the pain, smiled and said, "I'm ok, too. Why are you crying?" "

I'm worried about you!" LAN Yanxi listened to his voice, as if it was no different from usual, so a heart relaxed.

"This time it's my carelessness. Power should be a lesson. I need to be more careful when I go out next time. Please leave with the adjutant first. Don't worry about me any more!" Ling Mo Feng said in a low voice.

"Well, take care of yourself." LAN Yanxi finished and hung up first.

She knew that he was injured now and needed treatment. She didn't want to bear his injury.

Ling Mo Feng took off his mobile phone, his handsome face was pale and colorless because of pain, and his forehead was full of blue tendons and sweat. "

Mr. vice president, it's better to take anesthetics. It will be very painful for you to take the bullet like this!" Next to him came the military doctor, who was in a car, taking out the bullet that had hit Ling Mo Feng's shoulder. "

No, I have a meeting in an hour. I can't take anesthetics!" Ling Mo Feng clenched his teeth and urged: "hurry up, if I am in a coma, remember to wake me up!" Everyone looked at each other and couldn't bear it. The young vice president is too desperate, because this kind of injury has happened more than once. The people around him don't admire the vice president's anti pain ability. "

please bear with me, I will do it as soon as possible!" Military doctors are also sweating, for fear that their skills are not good enough, they will make the vice president suffer more.

"Do it!" Ling Mo Feng bit the collar of his suit on one side. I don't know if it was because the dress was given to him by LAN Yanxi. He transferred the pain for a moment. Although military doctors say it will speed up, it is not so easy to take out a bullet. Ling

Mo Feng clenched his teeth and didn't say a word, only his face became paler and paler, and the cold sweat on his forehead rolled down like a bean, and the blood flowed like a column. Next to him was someone who helped stop the bleeding and handed over various medical tools. For a while, he stopped in the car on the side of the road. The atmosphere was so heavy that everyone held their breath, forgot the time, and hoped that everything would be in time Keep going.

"Sir The bullet is out! " Finally, everyone was relieved when they heard that. But

Yes, Ling Mo Feng has passed out in a coma, and everyone's face is aching. "

drive back, sir. There is a meeting to be held. You need to change your clothes first." One of his adjutants spoke gravely.

Ling came to his senses half an hour later. At this moment, he was changing clothes at a safe place. He opened his eyes and saw that the adjutant was throwing away his bloody shirt and suit coat. "

don't throw it away, help me clean it up!" Ling Mo Feng saw it and stopped it immediately. "

sir, the clothes are full of blood!"

"I know. Just wash it!" Ling Mo Feng can't bear to throw away the clothes she sent. The vice president asked to burn the bloody clothes himself last time. How can this time

Since Mr. vice president doesn't let it be thrown away, it's natural to take it in well.

Ling Mo Feng bandaged the wound on his arm. If he can resist the pain, outsiders can't see if he was hurt. "

sir, there are more than 20 minutes left. It's just time to catch up!"

Ling Mo Feng moved his arm a little and said in a low voice, "let's go!" "

sir, let me remind you that you must not do big movements on this arm, otherwise the wound will crack, in case of bleeding, it will be seen!" Adjutant kindly reminded.

"I see!" Ling Mo Feng frowned and walked out.

At the moment, Yang He and his party took a car back to the office. As soon as they got in, they saw LAN Yanxi, who had already come back. The adjutant wanted her to go home to have a rest. After all, she was frightened, but LAN Yanxi insisted on coming to work. Only staying in the office could they hear Ling Mo Feng's news as soon as possible.

Yang He looks at LAN Yanxi. It's good to have an adjutant's boyfriend. Once something happens, he can escape safely first. Yang He is really upset. He feels that Lan Yanxi is a coward who is greedy for life and afraid of death. "

Yan Xi, why did you come back first?" The other two girls were also surprised. Blue

Yan Xi looked up at them, sipped his lips, and whispered, "are you ok? I heard the gunshot, so I took a friend's car and came back first!" "

of course we are OK. I think this incident is aimed at Mr. vice president. I don't know how he is!" Another girl has a worried look on her face. Yang said with a sneer, "Mr. vice president Ji has his own destiny and nothing will happen!"

"I think it should be OK. Isn't he still close to the foreign guests in the afternoon? We'll see if he's hurt in a minute! " Someone said by the side.

Zhou he coughed behind them.

Scared everyone shut up. "

LAN Yanxi, come to my office!" Zhou he suddenly called her name. LAN

Yan Xi got up quickly and followed her into the office.

Zhou he glanced at her and said: "I've heard that you have a support behind you. The personnel department also said that you were introduced to work. Is that the Deputy Chu, your boyfriend?"

LAN Yanxi's face is slightly shocked. Can't she? How can she be put together with the adjutant Chu? "

director Zhou, I......" "

don't explain. Adjutant Chu is a great man of vice president. You have such a boyfriend to support you. I'm afraid I can't control you. However, you've been doing well recently. Business is business. Private affairs belong to private affairs. Don't mix them up, let alone show off. If you want to stay here and work well." Zhou Heyan is sour. She is thirty years old and hasn't found a boyfriend yet. She naturally classifies the high-quality men she can find. She thinks that one day she will have a chance to pick one. The adjutant Chu often contacts with her. Zhou Heyan also pays more attention to it, but what she never thought is that the man she picked is inexplicable My boyfriend, it's really frustrating. "

director Zhou, deputy Chu and I are really not the kind of relationship you want, we are just friends..." LAN Yanxi still wants to explain clearly, so as not to harm the adjutant Chu. If other people really spread this scandal, how can Ling Mo Feng explain it? Will he be angry with the adjutant Chu? "

OK, I understand. Go out to work!" Zhou He raised his hand and stopped her from explaining, because she didn't want to listen at all. Blue

Yan Xi sighed, so he had to stop saying it, otherwise, it would be more and more black.

At four o'clock, Ling Mo Feng appeared under the camera on time. A group of women in the office were secretly sweating for him. Suddenly, they saw him appear in the news with high spirits, one by one, with a sigh of relief.

Their God is not hurt, just afraid to make some bad people sad. Blue

Yanxi sits on the toilet cover in the bathroom, takes out his mobile phone, and stares at Ling Mo Feng's expression closely. He looks very natural. If he doesn't look carefully, he won't find that his face is paler than before, or so handsome and confident.

"I regret biting you. I knew that you would suffer this kind of pain. I should..." LAN Yanxi's eyes were sore. He was very sorry to think of what he had done to him. Ling

Mo Feng is in another building to receive visitors, but Yang he still asks for orders to work there. Zhou he appreciates her professionalism and lets her go with several girls.

Yang he went to finish the work, not Ling Mo Feng's meeting room, but the next few.