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Luo He Ning now felt slightly ashamed of his good friend. He asked him to bring Mu Lin home, and didn't ask him to do anything else.

From the afternoon until now, the two of them stayed in the same room and did what they needed to do and what they shouldn't do. Luo He Ning was so happy that he even forgot what day it was.

"Night and day?" Luo He Ning coughed lightly as he tried his best to calm his tone.

Mu Shi Ye teased from the side: "Have you made progress with my sister? Did she throw up all over you? "

Hearing that he had made progress, Luo He Ning's handsome face immediately blushed red. She couldn't help but groan, and didn't dare to speak the truth.

"No way, I already gave you such a good opportunity, did you not make any progress at all?" You really are a piece of wood, are you gentle? My sister loves men to be gentle with her. " Mu Shi Ye very impolitely betrayed his elder sister's weakness.

Luo He Ning did not know how to reply to his good friend, he felt that if it was true, Mu Shi Ye would most likely come over to hack at him with a big blade, because, after all, Mu Lin was his own sister.

"I'll remember. Yeye, I still have some matters to attend to. I'll take care of them first!" Luo He Ning turned around and saw Mu Lin wearing a beige nightgown, standing at the door of her bedroom as she looked at him lazily: "Whose phone call? You need me to pick it up? "

Luo He Ning's handsome face froze again, and he immediately explained in a low voice: "Don't misunderstand, it's your little brother!"

Mu Lin frowned: "Why don't you let me listen to your phone calls? What do you guys have to say that I can't listen to? "

The imperial sister was indeed the imperial sister. Her style was very domineering, unlike the shy woman who hid her words.

Seeing that she had misunderstood again, Luo He Ning quickly smiled and said: "I was afraid that your brother would hit me after knowing our relationship!"

"Aren't you going to beat him up?" Seeing that he was laughing at himself, Mu Lin smiled charmingly. Seeing that the man was blushing, she inexplicably liked him.

Luo He Ning was no longer that shy big boy. He had already successfully made Mu Lin into his own woman, and he, naturally had to become more and more manly.

He approached Mu Lin step by step and spoke in a low voice, "For you, I'm not even afraid of death, what do I have to fear?"

"Then why didn't you just tell my brother that we were asleep?" Mu Lin reached out, took the initiative to wrap her arms around his neck, and lightly pressed her face against his chest. She closed her eyes, and lazily smiled.

"I don't want to make the decision without your permission." Luo He Ning said softly as he wrapped his arm around her slender waist.

Mu Lin was slightly taken aback. She straightened up from his embrace, raised her head, and looked at the trace of gentleness and doting in the man's eyes. She inexplicably rejoiced: "Do you think that I would hide our relationship from you?"

"Even if you don't, you don't want to be exposed all of a sudden!" In Luo He Ning's eyes, there was a trace of anticipation.

Mu Lin's eyes slightly rose as she said indifferently: "Let nature take its course. When someone discovers that we are together, we should publicize it."

"Alright!" Luo He Ning nodded.

"I'm hungry, what about you?" The two of them stayed from the afternoon to the evening. Since they had not eaten anything and had consumed too much energy, they were naturally hungry.

Mu Lin looked at Luo He Ning and asked him.

"Come, I'll take you to eat!" When Luo He Ning heard her say that she was hungry, he just wanted to quickly take her out to eat something.

"Wait a moment, let me change!" Mu Lin laughed.

The two of them changed and went downstairs.

Mu Lin took off her business attire, only wearing a white shirt and a pair of jeans. Her makeup had been washed clean, revealing her pure and beautiful face.

It was the first time that Luo He Ning had seen him dressed like this, and for some reason, Luo He Ning liked him.

This kind of Mu Lin, made him feel that she was not that unreachable, nor that cold and detached.

Mu Lin felt the man's scorching hot palm and she subconsciously clenched her fists. So this was what it felt like to be in love.

The two of them went downstairs. They didn't drive, but intended to find a nearby restaurant where they could eat.

At this moment, there were less people on the streets. The two of them walked in the shade of a tree with their fingers interlocked. It was an indescribably quiet and beautiful scene.

The next morning!

had woken his daughter up. Today was a double day, so the little guy didn't need to go to class. However, when Tang You You got up, he still yelled at Tang Xiao Nai.

Tang Xiao Nai vaguely pointed to the drawer beside the bed: "I've messed up all the jewelry Dad gifted you!"

Tang You You was startled, then, she quickly opened the drawer and looked at the messy various necklace and bracelet, her expression immediately became serious.

"Xiao Nai, how can you move the things in the Mummy? These are not things that you kids can move around with, you know? " Tang You You could not help but facepalm. These things, other than being expensive grade, were extremely weak. Normally, she would carefully put them in the drawer, but she did not expect her daughter to play with them as toys.

"I'm sorry, Mummy, I won't dare to do it again!" Tang Xiao Nai hurriedly raised up her two small hands and apologized in a small voice.

Tang You You originally wanted to sternly teach her a lesson, but seeing that she had admitted her wrongs well, she stopped scolding her: "This time, forget it, there can't be a next time!"

"Alright!" When Tang Xiao Nai saw that Mummy did not hit her, she immediately agreed with a bright smile on her face.

Tang You You was still very serious as she organized the treasures. Suddenly, she saw the gold pendant at the bottom, and her eyes immediately turned gloomy.

"Mummy, what's wrong? Are you unhappy? Are you still angry at Xiao Nai? " Tang Xiao Nai saw that the Mummy was staring at the drawer and did not speak for a long time.

Tang You You shook his head and closed the drawer: "I'm not unhappy, Mummy still has to work today, are you going to play with great-grandmother and the others?"

"Well, does Daddy have to work, too? But I really want to play with dad! " Tang Xiao Nai pouted and said pitifully.

Just as Tang Xiao Nai finished speaking, the door opened, and Ji Xiao Han who wore a suit and leather shoes walked in. His clothes were orthodox, and looked expensive and extraordinary.

"I think I heard that someone wanted me to play with them!" Ji Xiao Han deliberately said with a smile.

"Daddy …" Tang Xiao Nai turned her head back and saw him. Her petite face was instantly filled with happiness as she stood on the bed with her arms outstretched, wanting to hug him.

Ji Xiao Han walked over and hugged the little fellow in his arms. His serene and deep eyes, however, were brightly shining as he looked at the woman squatting at the side of the bed.