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When Bai Yiyan was talking, she dropped her head and naturally missed the bright color of the man's eyes.

"What to do? I think about it carefully. I really put it off for many days! " Bai Yiyan is still racking her brain to think about the last time she came to that place.

"Let's go and have a test!" Thin shoulder, suddenly by a big hand gentle lap, next second, Bai Yiyan is led by him toward the blood drawing room.

"What if you are pregnant? We'd better be careful in the future. If we don't do it so often, we will have problems sooner or later. " Bai Yiyan saw that the man was silent, thinking that he must be worried about getting pregnant, so he was silent.

Ji Yueze's beautiful eyebrows twisted together, and said lightly, "I'm a normal man, and I don't know how to restrain."

Bai Yiyan has nothing to say for a moment. Isn't Ji Yueze afraid that she is really pregnant?

If she is really pregnant in the ancient costume drama just announced, I'm afraid that the position of No. 1 female is not her. At the thought of other women and Ji Yueze playing opposite roles, Bai Yiyan's heart is broken.

I don't know from when, she can more realize the taste of jealousy and jealousy.

When drawing blood, Bai Yiyan is nervous again. She is afraid of pain.

"Don't be afraid, just a moment!" Ji Yueze attached to her ear and comforted her in a low voice.

Bai Yiyan nodded her head. She did not open her face. She felt a sharp pain.

While waiting for the result, both of them look a little tense. Bai Yiyan is the one. She really hopes not to have it.

But Ji Yueze's look is unpredictable. The eyes of Yunnan black are full of emotion, but it's hard to guess.

"Ji Yueze, if, I mean if, really pregnant, what should I do?" Bai Yiyan asked nervously.

"Pregnant, of course, to be born!" Ji Yueze said with great firmness.

Bai Yiyan's expression is slightly stiff for a while. Then, she can't answer a word. Yes, what can I do? If there is a small life, she is reluctant to take it off.

When the result came out, the doctor came over and smiled and announced, "second young master, Miss Bai, the result came out, no pregnancy."

Tight mood, then a loose, Bai Yiyan this just calm breathing.

But Ji Yueze, who was sitting beside her, was disappointed at the bottom of her eyes. He thought the doctor would say a congratulations to him with a smile.

It turned out that Bai was very happy.

Take cold medicine, two people walk out of the door of the hospital, Bai Yiyan found that the men around her were more silent than before, like suddenly a lot more worries.

"What's the matter with you?" Bai Yiyan asked him in a low voice.

"Nothing!" The man is still a little unhappy, he can not always say, you are not pregnant, I am disappointed, this kind of sensational words, it is not like he will say.

Bai Yiyan can't guess his mind, so she has to give up and drive to the company.

All the staff of the company treat Bai Yiyan as the future owner's wife. They used to ignore her, but now, everyone is scrambling to get close to her and get familiar with her.

Bai Yiyan knows that all these are the honors Ji Yueze gave her, and she dare not be too proud.

In fact, Bai Yiyan also has countless enemies in the company. Female artists who used to have more or less affection for Ji Yueze now curse her behind their backs. Women's dramas have always been wonderful. Bai Yiyan's spear is easy to hide and she can't defend herself. Therefore, she is still pushed out in many times. For example, when she attends an activity together, everyone around can talk with her, but no one talks with her. Therefore, Bai Yiyan is hit by the unknown media

by the physical person, who is hard to get along with others, noble and cool, and has a wonderful personality Species title.

It's natural to be bold.

Bai Yiyan is sitting on Ji Yueze's sofa. Suddenly, her mobile phone rings. Her face is stiff, and Ji Yueze's face is suddenly depressed.

"Your call, come and take it!" Ji Yueze knocked his finger twice on the table.

Bai Yiyan had to walk calmly and saw her mother's caller ID.

"Hands free!" Ji Yueze's eyes narrowed, and the cold voice ordered.

Bai Yiyan has to press the hands-free key, and then she hears her mother's voice anxiously: "Xiaoyan, your aunt can't get through to the phone recently, do you know what's going on?"

"Mom, I don't know. I'm looking for her." Bai Yiyan looks at Ji Yueze with a pair of beautiful eyes, and then answers with worry.

"Well, what happened to her? I went to her home to find her, but I couldn't find anyone. I asked her former employees, none of them knew where she was going. You said, would she have any accidents? Should I call the police? " It is difficult to hide anxiety and uneasiness in the tone of white mother.

Bai Yiyan said in a hurry: "Mom, don't call the police first. I think she's just going on a tour. Is there anything wrong with her uncle?"

"Your uncle is very cold to her recently. They haven't been in touch for ten and a half days. He certainly doesn't care about your aunt. I don't expect her." White mother immediately said angrily.

When Bai Yiyan heard this, her beautiful face was also covered with a layer of sadness. She always thought that aunt lived a happy life, but unexpectedly, she could not escape being ignored.

"By the way, Xiaoyan, is it possible that your aunt is at sister Guan's place? Your aunt has the best relationship with her. She used to go to her when she hid from her uncle!" White mother suddenly mentioned a very important person.

On hearing her mother's words, Bai Yiyan nearly fainted. Can't she? Why did her mother suddenly mention sister Guan?

Bai Yiyan's small face turns white, and her beautiful eyes are not calm enough to look at Ji Yueze.

The man was staring at her, too, with a vague expression, but with an unsettling danger.

"Mom, I don't think my aunt is in Guan Jie's place. She She may have gone abroad to travel! " Bai Yiyan's heart was beating fast. She wanted to calm down, but she couldn't do it at all. So she was incoherent.

"How can she travel abroad alone? I doubt she will hide in sister Guan's place. Why don't you take a moment to have a look and ask her what's wrong? It's very urgent!" Bai Mu is Bai Zhen's sister after all. At this moment, only she cares about her whereabouts most.

"Oh, yes, I'll go sometime!" Bai Yiyan nodded and agreed.

"Go to make sure early, in case of an accident, it's too late!" White mother was obviously afraid. "Well, I'll do it as soon as possible!" After Bai Yiyan finished the call, her face was still blue and white. She was a little short of breath. Her beautiful eyes looked at the same season. She wanted to laugh to ease the atmosphere, but heard the voice of Ji Yueze's low command: "where is the sister Guan your mother said? Let's go now! " "Now?" Bai Yiyan's whole person hummed for a while, and really hated why she didn't faint directly.