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C726 undermines confidence

The night out of the window is especially peaceful. Tang youyou leans on the arms of the season owl, and even his breath seems to be lightened.

The season owl cold gentle extremely light rubs her long hair, thin lips in her forehead light touch, this moment, did not have the desire to burn wildly, but has another layer of deep feeling surging.

The deeper the love, the less the worldly thoughts, and only regard each other as an indispensable part of life.

Now, Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou have such a feeling that they regard each other as the most important person in their lives and don't want to separate any more.

"Should we go upstairs to sleep, for fear that the children will come to us when they wake up?" Tang youyou thought, after staying downstairs for so long, it's time to sleep.

"Well! Let's go! " Season owl cold reaches out to lightly hold her one hand, nodded.

They went upstairs. This is a villa hotel. Although it can't be compared with Jijia villa, it has three big rooms. They are clean and tidy. Tang youyou stood at the stairway, looked at it, turned his head and looked at Jixiao cold.

Season owl cold gentle trim her long hair: "you and the children sleep together!"

Tang youyou said softly, "OK, you should go to bed earlier!"

Two people each entered the room, and Tang youyou lay down on the side of the big bed, gently drilling into the quilt. The two little guys warmed the quilt, and Tang youyou hugged his daughter in peace and fell asleep.

In the other room, Ji Xiaohan leans against his bed, reaches for his cell phone and sees a message.

Lu Qing sent it to him. It's Ji Shangqing's latest address.

Ji Xiaohan frowns. Ji Shangxin's home is a high-end community less than a kilometer away from his company. Ji Xiaohan can't help sneering. He really loves watching.

But what was his idea?

Season owl cold tightened eyebrows, bad foreboding in a rise. If it was Ji Xiaohan before, he placed his grandparents abroad. He was alone in China, and he had almost no weakness to attack. Now, he has a beloved woman, a treasure child, and even his grandparents are not willing to leave. His fatal weakness has made his brow ache a lot.

The last time he placed his grandparents abroad, it was a kind of compromise and retreat. But this time, he didn't intend to go back. He would certainly protect the important people and never let them get hurt again.

Of course, it's not Ji Lin's right to take the initiative to hurt people. If he really touches the bottom line of Ji Xiaohan, he will take the initiative.

Time went back to noon. The two children were taken out by their grandson's daughter-in-law. The old lady had nothing to do with her, so she called some of her old sisters and asked them to come out and have a afternoon tea.

These old sisters are not young. They used to have more teams, but as they get older, some of them have already left. The rest of them are more energetic.

Mrs. Ji has always been a topic of conversation, and it's the same today.

"Mrs. Ji hasn't contacted us very much recently. What are you busy with?"

"What else can I do? He's looking for two little golden grandchildren at home. I hear that he receives and delivers them every day and enjoys his family's happiness."

"When will you show us those two babes? They don't look like you when you were a child." "Ah, Mrs. Ji is also hard-working. If your daughter-in-law is still at Ji's house, you don't have to worry about two children every day!" As soon as this sentence came out, old Mrs. Ji, who had been smiling all the time, froze, glanced at the old lady who was talking disorderly, and said lightly: "I am not aware of the hard work, but all of them are my parents and grandchildren."

The old lady was stunned immediately, and then she dared not say anything more.

Mrs. Ji immediately said, "I'm going to invite you out to meet today. I'm going to have dinner with you in the evening. Don't you have any big ladies to be married? Do you have a chance to bring it out in the evening? Just in time, I have a grandson who has come back to China. I'd like to introduce him to you. "

"Really? Which grandson? " All the old ladies are happy. They immediately think of Ji Xiaohan and Ji Yueze. However, they all heard about their girlfriend recently. Is it another Ji's family member?

"The son of my second son!"

You know, then, naturally, you are eager for your granddaughter to be able to climb the marriage.

Even though Ji's family is not Ji Xiaohan or Ji Yueze, as long as it is Ji's grandson, the family is not bad.

At seven o'clock in the evening, Ji Shangqing went to the banquet happily in the box of the restaurant where he met. He opened the door, but he was stupid.

A group of old ladies were sitting next to a young woman. Then the old lady waved to him, "Shangqing, come here, sit next to grandma."

Ji Shangqing reflected in a second. It's impossible to turn around and leave.

"Grandma!" Ji Shangqing doesn't like this kind of occasion. He doesn't like it more than everyone in Ji's family. Because he can't compare Ji Xiaohan's wealth with Ji Yueze's beauty, but some people are cheap and always compare them with others. Even if they don't say it face to face, they will still show it in their eyes. Therefore, Ji Shangqing doesn't like to eat in front of these talkative old ladies.

Ji Shangqing had to force a smile to sit next to Mrs. Ji.

Mrs. Ji clapped him on the shoulder and said, "this is my second grandson, Ji Shangqing. Let's meet each other. Now we are going to develop abroad, but it won't be long before we return home. There will be more opportunities for future exchanges."

When some women saw Ji Shangqing, they were more or less disappointed. Although they didn't say a word on their mouth, they didn't have the expectation in their eyes.

The atmosphere is embarrassing.

Those women are lost, but these old ladies are still very enthusiastic, because they are old and don't care much about Ji Shangqing, just hope their granddaughter can get his love.

Ji Shangqing was questioned by several women about his career. Ji Shangqing was confident. However, as Ji's family, he couldn't take advantage of only one listed company in his hand. Therefore, he simply replied.

After dinner, the old lady and some old ladies went to play cards next door, leaving some young people to chat here. Ji Shangqing looked at these rich women and asked them about their work. One by one, he kept his mouth open and told him that he didn't need to work at all except eating, drinking and playing. Now he is still worried about how to play and where to play every day to have a better time. He also asked him a lot of happiness.

Ji Shangqing sneers at the bottom of his heart. This is to tell him that as long as he gets married later, women don't need to work anymore, just learn how to spend money? Oh!