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C1386 doesn'st end well

Ling Mo Feng naturally agreed to her, "well, this time I don't think about it well. Next time, I will not."

"Not next time. There must be a lot of women who will tell you in the future. You can't promise once." LAN Yanxi is like a bully princess.

Ling Mo Feng Jun's face was tight, and her thin lips kissed her long hair several times: "OK, listen to you, not once."

LAN Yanxi was happy. Then he fell in love with the man's low request: "you must abide by this rule. Other men tell you that you must refuse completely."

"With the example of JOJO, next time I will not drag the water. One lesson will be enough for people." LAN Yanxi said something and shook twice on purpose.

Ling Mo Feng hugged her more tightly, and closed her coat tightly: "Qiao Zhuo resigned voluntarily, and you will never see him again."

"You fired him?" LAN Yanxi asked curiously.

"No, it's his decision. He may not have the face to come back to work." Ling Mo Feng thought that the man had intended to be unfaithful to LAN Yan, and his voice became cold.

"Well, the best thing to do is not to see the person you hate, or not to see him for life!" LAN Yanxi nodded. She was very satisfied with the handling of this matter. The villain should be punished, and do not disturb the order of peace in this prosperous era.

"Yan Xi, I have to go. You have to rest early. I may go to the grassroots level tomorrow and tomorrow. I can't see you anymore. Take good care of yourself. Happy New Year!" Ling Mo Feng said, thin lips on her forehead gently printed, do not want to leave.

"Happy New Year!" LAN Yanxi also murmured that the workload of Ling Mo Feng is very heavy now. She is clear. She will be a obedient and quiet girlfriend. Even if she can't help him at work, she will support him mentally.

Don't give up to finally want to separate, Ling Mo Feng or ruthless heart, will she gently loosen, and cover the quilt for her, when leaving, specially told: "don't hide in the quilt to look at the mobile phone, bad for the eyes."

"What do you see?" LAN Yanxi's expression was stunned.

"I didn't see it. I just hope you have a good rest and don't think about it any more." The man looked at her tenderly. The more at the end of the day, the deeper the tone was. In the quiet of the night, it was like intoxicating wine, floating gently in the girl's heart.

Blue Yan Xi a pair of beautiful eyes fixed to look at him, suddenly want to force him to stay.

However, as soon as those evil thoughts came out, they were crushed by her reason.

She just said she was obedient and sensible. Now she wants to play rogue?

No, no, no, she's a real talker.

Ling Mo Feng stepped out of the bedroom, calmed his mood at the door, and then raised his feet to leave.

Just now, in the room, he was stiffly sweating. He was so happy and worried that he ran into each other.

JOJO, wearing a mask, is packing up and leaving the city.

His face was cut. Although he had stopped bleeding, the wound was like an ugly centipede, which made him dare not see people.

The mistake he made this time is enough to make him regret all his life. As expected, greed is the most terrible evil. He shouldn't have agreed to Zhang Lu's conditions at the beginning, or framed LAN Yanxi and Ling Mo Feng for the sake of high position. What's the relationship between their politicians and him? Whoever sits in the president's position is the same to him. He only needs to work hard and do his job conscientiously. If he has a deep qualification, he will be promoted.

Zhang Lu is finally clear, but also destroyed his life, so he plans to change a place to start again.

Unfortunately, he wanted to leave, but it didn't seem so easy.

At the moment, the door of his house was knocked and rang. His face was pale with fear. He walked quickly and opened his eyes. Zhang Lu's face was twisted and dark, which made him uneasy.

JOJO didn't want to open the door, but it would be worse if he didn't.

He had to open the door, Zhang Lu burst in and kicked him in the stomach: "you bastard, you betrayed me?"

Qiaozhuo was kicked, and the whole man fell back. He couldn't get up in pain, but he still begged for mercy in a hurry: "minister Zhang, listen to my explanation, I didn't mean to betray you, I was cheated by them."

"Cheated? When I'm a fool? If you shut your mouth, they'll find me? Can't you recognize all these mistakes by yourself? At least I can let you go alive. I won't let you go if you scold me by the president! " Zhang Lu is now suspended for investigation. The old president told him the story directly. It was Qiao Zhuo who provided him with the evidence. Ling Mo Feng has the evidence. The old president asked him to shoulder all the responsibilities alone. Zhang Lu's career will be cut off like this. He is really not willing.

"Minister Zhang, I was scared. I thought you were going to cross the river and demolish the bridge and kill me. When I was in a panic, I would accidentally say your name. I really didn't want to hurt you." JOJO's legs were weak and her face was frightened.

"Ah, you soft bone, I was blind at the beginning and thought you could believe it." Zhang Lu has not wronged him since he came to this end. He has made great efforts in front of the general manager and won many benefits. Otherwise, he will not be so old as he is now. Unfortunately, fortune and misfortune depend on each other. Since he has done these evil things, he will naturally get into trouble, but he did not expect to be so fast.

"Minister Zhang, you can let me live. My face is ruined. My life is miserable enough. I just want to leave here and live. Minister Zhang, you should let me go quickly. Otherwise, I will be caught as a witness. I'm afraid I can't withstand the pressure." Qiao Zhuo is still smart. At this moment, he thought of a way to threaten Zhang Lu.

"Oh, let you go? Are you a soft eater when you are Ling Mo Feng? If he wants you to go out of the hall and issue a certificate, even if you rot into a pile of mud, he can let people dig it out. Don't think he is too incompetent. " Zhang Lu sneered angrily.

Qiao Zhuo suddenly found out how terrible and powerful the man he once regarded as his opponent was because he was blinded by one leaf. He just hated Ling Mo Feng as a rival.

"Minister Zhang, are you here to kill me today? Well, you can kill me. Anyway, I don't have much fun living! " Jodrow immediately gave up the idea of resisting to survive. As he spoke, he took off his mask and showed his ugly scarlet scar.

Zhang Lu looks down at him and is shocked by the cold sweat. It seems that Ling Mo Feng is very cruel. Indeed, it's better to die to live with such a face.

"I'm not here to kill you, I'm here to find you to vent my hatred. Now I'm just investigating the suspension. I have the president on my head to protect me. I'm sure I'll be OK. JOJO, remember, if you don't have that ability, don't take care of other people's affairs, and don't please yourself. That's right." Where dare Zhang Lu kill now? He is still counting on himself to turn over the game. The old president will not ignore him. He just wants to find out the existence.

Qiao Zhuozhang's face is red. Zhang Lu's words are humiliating his incompetence and stupidity.

Zhang Lu's anger was almost gone. He snorted coldly and turned around and left.

Qiao Zhuo looks up at his back, suddenly wants to stab him with a water knife fruit, but in the end, his legs are soft and he can't stand up.

After all, he is not a ruthless man. He is still greedy for life and afraid of death, or likes to live.

Qiao Zhuo dare not bear the time again, hurriedly packed things, then drove his own car, left.

Zhang Lu now stops his job. He is alone. Suddenly he wants to drink some wine, but he can't find anyone. Finally, he thinks of Gao Yue.

So he took out his mobile phone and called Gao Yue. He lied to Gao Yue that he had internal information to tell her and let her come to listen to it in person.

Gao Yue didn't think about it. He really drove to find him.