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C1358. It's not a proposal

The man suddenly attached to her, arms propped up on the seat of her sofa, and her beautiful face was enlarged at the bottom of blue Yanxi's eyes. Her breath was sluggish at the moment, and her shining eyes were staring at him.

The close sight makes lanyanxi even more amazing, because this man is suitable for close sight. He has beautiful features. Even his breath has a heart beating feeling.

"If I said yes, would you be happy?" Ling Mo Feng's thin lips are close to her. Originally, he wanted to kiss her lips. At last, he touched her gently and answered her in a low and dumb voice.

Blue words beautiful Mou this just absentminded blinked a moment, the heart tip is quivering, how can she not be happy?

"I'll take you for granted. I'll do anything to meet you!" Blue words and black eyes smile into a line, thick cheeky reply.

Ling Mo Feng couldn't help laughing, straightened up, relieved her siege, and said softly, "yes, I will do anything for you!"

"Am I that important to you?" LAN Yanxi looked at him expectantly.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes narrowed, and his expression was serious: "yes, you are more important to me now than my life. Yan Xi, I finally understand how it feels to love someone!"

LAN Yanxi's face was hot, and he lowered his head. "Why do you mean to say love words? I'll be embarrassed."

Ling Mo Feng was also stunned. Only then did he find out that he was so affectionate when he took off his mouth. He was a little embarrassed. He quickly changed the topic: "I'll go down and ask someone to help you make something to eat!"

LAN Yanxi watched him turn around a little hurriedly, but finally he couldn't help it. He gave a low laugh.

It's interesting to see Ling Mo Feng so nervous.

Ling Mo Feng went downstairs. After a while, he brought up a cup of warm milk and asked her to fill her stomach first.

LAN Yanxi took a few sips of milk seriously, got up, looked at the tightly closed solid curtains, she couldn't help turning around and looking at the man: "would it be very dangerous to meet here?"

"No, don't worry!" Ling Mo Feng soothes her in a gentle voice.

Lanyanxi nodded, put down the cup in his hand, went to his face, and actively reached out to hold him. His face was also pasted on his chest: "Ling Mo Feng, I hope this war will end soon, so that everyone can be safe and sound, and we can be together in the right light."

"Politics is so cruel. Maybe in your eyes, the country is peaceful and everything goes well. But the temptation of power is too great. Many people want to hold on to it. But everyone's purpose is different. Good people hold power and can do more practical things. Ambitious people just want to expand their rights and interests. Too many people place high hopes on me. I can't let those who trust me Disappointment, so this war can't stop, and I can't lose! " Ling Mo Feng lowers his head, kisses her forehead, mumbles, but makes LAN Yanxi feel heavy.

She is not a man, she can't understand the man's determination to win, but she also knows that Ling Mo Feng's character is worthy of everyone's support, and she firmly believes that he will be a good leader!

"Well, I know. I'll support you!" LAN Yanxi nodded to show that she could understand his helplessness and hard loyalty.

Ling Mo Feng's arms are tightened, which makes her arms tighter.

LAN Yanxi closed his eyes gently, and there was a faint smell of tobacco in his nose. Is he under a lot of pressure recently? He has learned to smoke.

In a short time, the adjutant Chu went upstairs in person with the hot food. It was nutritious with three dishes and one soup.

"Eat!" Ling has eaten before. At the moment, he is not hungry. He just wants to see her eat more.

LAN Yanxi took the chopsticks and began to pick up the white rice. He took the dishes and ate them with relish.

Some people's eating can also give people a visual appreciation, which will lead to the appetite of others. LAN Yanxi may be that kind of person. Seeing how sweet she eats, Ling Mo Feng can't help but doubt whether he and her eating are made by the same chef.

"The day after tomorrow is new year's day. I want to give you a present!" Ling Mo Feng moved his thin lips and spoke a little nervously.

"Oh, what for?" LAN Yanxi looks up at him and chuckles.

Ling Mo Feng got up, went to a clothes hanger nearby, reached out, felt from the inner bag of his black long windbreaker, took out a delicate blue box, and tied a bow with a ribbon on it, looking attentively.

LAN Yanxi chuckled and joked: "Mr. vice president is so kind. He carries such delicate and lovely things with him."

Ling Mo Feng was embarrassed. When she said it, Jun's face turned red.

"Yan Xi, I chose it for you. I don't know if you like it!" Ling Mo Feng ignored her jokes, put the box in front of her, said softly.

LAN Yanxi immediately put down his chopsticks, reached out and opened the box, and saw that there was a diamond ring inside.

"Wow!" LAN Yanxi opened his mouth without thinking. He was flattered. His clear eyes glistened at Ling Mo Feng: "how do you know the size of my fingers?"

Ling Mo Feng Jun blushed a little more and coughed a little bit. Then he explained, "one morning when I got up, I measured it for you!"

"Ah?" LAN Yanxi's face was full of tears and laughter. Unexpectedly, Ling Mo Feng would do such a thing?

"Yan Xi, I don't know what style you like. It's optional. I hope you like it!" Lingmo Feng is still very nervous, because he really doesn't like lanyanxi. She is a rich lady. She has nothing to lose from childhood. Even though the diamond ring he bought this time is not cheap, he still has no confidence to let her like it.

"Very expensive!" Lanyanxi still has a certain understanding of the jewelry industry, because she is a regular visitor there, so she can see that the diamond ring sent by Ling Mo Feng will not be cheap.

"As long as you like, I'll give you the best I can!" Ling Mo Feng has a shy face.

LAN Yanxi was moved. She put it on her ring finger. It was the right size, and her slender hands were more white and slender.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes are slightly shocked. Shouldn't he help her to put them on?

"Ling Mo Feng, this ring is your engagement gift. I won't take it down in the future!" LAN Yanxi raised his hand to the light and said, "what a flash!"

Ling Mo Feng saw her face happy expression, finally is a dark sigh of relief.

"It's not a gift for me to propose. I'll buy it for you later. It's just a gift for you to celebrate the festival!" Ling Mo Feng explained with a smile.

"How can anyone give a diamond ring during holidays?" LAN Yanxi looked at him with an interesting face: "say, are you going to propose to me?"

"It's not the time to propose. When we can get together, I will propose to you seriously." Ling Mo Feng is telling the truth. He gave her the diamond ring only because he asked some men around him. Everyone felt that the diamond ring would make women feel sincere, so he bought this one.

LAN Yanxi nodded: "OK, I'll take your holiday gift. I'll give you the same gift when I return home!"

"You don't have to. You gave me clothes last time!" Ling doesn't want her to spend any more money.

"The meaning is different. This time I have to spend my own salary to buy gifts for you!" Lanyanxi has been paid once. Although not much, it's OK to buy a gift.

Ling Mo Feng listened, thin lips can not help but rise.

"Can I really live here tonight?" LAN Yanxi looks back and sees the big bed behind him. His smile is not right.

Ling Mo Feng nodded: "yes, live here, and send you back in the morning tomorrow!"

"Then That's fine! " LAN Yanxi listens to the man's words without any evil thoughts, and suddenly feels like he has to close his head full of indescribable pictures.

"Yan Xi, take your time and I'll read some documents!" Ling didn't want to disturb her to eat, so he decided to do his own thing first.

"Well, look!" LAN Yanxi secretly aims at the man while eating. Her big eyes make the man unable to focus on things, so he can only shake his head helplessly, spoil his mind and overflow his eyes.

Downstairs, Cheng Yuan had a very nervous meal. Her hands were shaking. If she didn't grab the chopsticks, they would surely shake to the ground.