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C1334 is testing again

Lanyanxi is now a famous person in the general office, because her luck is so good. What's more impressive about her is that she refused a good chance to go abroad for further education. This is just a red to black constitution.

LAN Yanxi asked for leave at noon, came to work in the afternoon, and found that her colleagues in the office were pretty good to her. Several male colleagues also did the morning work for her.

Her boss specially asked her to go to the office and asked her if she would attend the exchange meeting a few days later. However, this time she went abroad for exchange and study, which means that she couldn't have a new year's Eve dinner with her family. Due to the urgent time arrangement, she only had three days to prepare. Lanyanxi thought of what Ling Mo Feng said to her, and naturally nodded her head and agreed.

"Lan Yanxi, it is accurate to seize the opportunity properly, because there is not much good luck in life." Her boss advised her.

LAN Yanxi smiled twice. She didn't know how to answer the question. She was not lucky, but she was schemed by villains. However, the original meaning of this sentence is right. People can't have good luck forever, but they won't be in the dark side of the sun all their lives. She should keep a peaceful mind, because she knew that there was a man who would always stand behind her and rely on her .

After accepting the opportunity of communication and learning, lanyanxi became the object of discussion.

"I knew how rare she was when she couldn't say it."

"I have money in my family. Maybe I have a relationship behind my back. Alas, reincarnation is a technical job. I will definitely choose a good family background in the next life and do anything easier than others."

"Of course, money has a choice. I heard that she went into the general office through the back door. She must have smashed it in with money."

"Some people just don't know how to be satisfied, and the benefits are not enough. They have to be famous. Fame and wealth are successful lives."

LAN Yanxi didn't mean to overhear them, but they didn't keep their voices down at all. They had to tell her to hear them and let her know whether they were good or bad.

It's up to them, of course, to say what's right and what's wrong with other people's mouths. Fortunately, LAN Yanxi doesn't care about it, because people who are generally envious and envious of others are not as good as her people everywhere. Otherwise, how can they have the time to gossip about such things?

To comfort herself, LAN Yanxi went to the direction of the Ministry of foreign affairs with materials in her arms. She wanted to send documents.

"Lan Yanxi!" Passing by a council room, I heard someone call her name.

LAN Yanxi looked over and saw a woman in a slim cheongsam and a long skirt. She was languidly leaning against the door of the conference room, with long symbolic hair. She was sexy enough to close to one side of her chest, outlining her curvy and exquisite figure.

It's Wan Qianqian. It's said that she has only worked here for a few days, which has attracted the attention of many male staff. Many people try their best to walk through this road in order to peek at her.

LAN Yanxi's line of sight swept over her and said lightly, "what's the matter?"

"Come in and talk!" Wanqianqian put down the ring in front of her hand, and said it not cold or hot.

"I'm working, but I'm not as idle as you!" Lanyanxi doesn't want to talk to her. A woman who is more noble than you, I am very beautiful, is not the friend lanyanxi wants to make.

"Are you sure you don't want to talk about Mr. vice president?" Wan Qianqian's lips conjured up a charming smile.

LAN Yanxi's brain explodes, and her face suddenly tightens. However, she does not panic, but calms down. Maybe Wan Qianqian is deliberately testing her.

If she turned around and left, would she let them know what the charges were?

"I don't want to talk about him!" LAN Yanxi's first reaction was to cool down, because in the eyes of outsiders, she had to pretend that she was not interested in Ling Mo Feng.

"Oh? Why? " Wan Qianqian's expression really adds a sense of interest.

"How come there are so many and why? Mr. vice president is not something that our little staff can talk about, right Blue Yan Xi doesn't think so lightly hums a way.

"Your position is low, but you and him..."

"Don't mention this man to me, will you? Even if you know my relationship with him, please pay attention to your words and deeds! " LAN Yanxi immediately had a pretty face and a very impatient expression.

Wan Qianqian bowed her head and chuckled, a little proud of her smile: "little sister, you are really honest, you don't like him, do you?"

LAN Yanxi was shocked. The damned woman was really testing her.

"Why should I like him? I don't want to have a look at a man who is dignified and self righteous! " LAN Yanxi, knowing Wan Qianqian's purpose, can only swear at Ling Mo Feng without conscience.

"Gee, you can't swear like that. If Mr. vice president knew about it, he would not be happy!" Wan Qianqian had already moved to Ling Mo Feng. Suddenly she heard this unknowable woman scold his sweetheart, and her face suddenly became heavy.

"Well, I don't have time to gossip with you. I work. By the way, don't blame me for not reminding you. He doesn't like to let people know our relationship. If you accidentally poke it out and poke Lou Zi, don't blame me!" LAN Yanxi stares at her with resentment and intends to remind her.

"Don't worry, I'm not a talker. I just want to know what you think of him!" Wan Qianqian is trying to find out the result. Seeing LAN Yanxi's impatient face, she doesn't pretend it. She also learned from the president that Ling mofeng and LAN Yanxi are very dissatisfied with the marriage.

LAN Yanxi said nothing more, and left with a pretty face.

When she came to a corridor, she took a tight breath, which made her breathe out.

"Dangerous!" She patted her chest. God, there are so many traps in this office. It seems that the old president wants to deal with Ling Mo Feng.

Then she can only get rid of her relationship with him. Alas, it's as difficult to have a love affair as to engage in underground struggle?

This is something she would never dream of before, but also can pretend to be able to act, when she is a movie queen?

The list of students for the fair is out. There are 12 people to go to this quarter, all of them are elite talents in each department, and their education background is not simple. Fortunately, lanyanxi, as a new comer, did not drag her feet. Her education certificate name is also listed one by one, which is not inferior to those departments, but has the potential to surpass them.

When everyone is going to see her jokes, when they see her diploma and her proficiency in many languages, they can't laugh. The excellent ones are speechless.

In the vice president's office, the bright light came in from the window. The young man sat on the black office chair and looked at the list on the computer tenderly. He singled out the blue Yan Xi's one inch color photo when she came in. Her long hair was draped over her shoulders and arms. The corners of her mouth were slightly raised, showing neat and fine white teeth. His eyes were bent and his smile was big Fang, even if she didn't make any beautification, this picture of her is beautiful and full of vitality.

Ling Mo Feng seems to be able to guess her mood when taking photos, which must also be full of sunshine and joy.

"Hope!" Or can't help mumbling her little name, cold eyes, but also more doting and gentle light.

If you just look at her, the blood will speed up, and there will be some feeling of bathing in the body. It must be true that you are in love with her. Ling Mo Feng is in such a state at the moment. He was talking about business with his subordinates a second ago, but when you see her at the moment, your eyes will become hot, so you want to enlarge her photo, across the screen, and reach out to touch her face 。

When he realized his abnormal idea, Ling Mo Feng wanted to laugh.

Lanyanxi is also looking at the list at the moment. She is in the last position. Sure enough, she is like a gift attached to buying valuables, which is not so impressive.

"JOJO?" LAN Yanxi suddenly saw a familiar name, her expression was a little startled.

Why is he on the list? Is he also an elite person in a department?

Think about this man carefully. Lanyanxi doesn't know much about him. He just feels that he is a very real and polite man. He doesn't know anything else. Of course, he can't deny others' excellence.

Well, there's someone I know.