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The Big Brother told me to call him

Ji Xiao Han gracefully stepped onto the stairs and walked down step by step. When he saw, who was just relaxed earlier, he couldn't help but tense up again.

Although she tried her best to ignore the powerful and tall man, she could still see his shadow in the light of day.

Her long hair was simply tied up in a ponytail. There was a hint of brown in her hair, and it fluttered in the wind.

From his angle, he could vaguely make out the beautiful lines under her chin. Her skin was snow-white and tender, making his Adam's apple involuntarily roll a little.

"Sister-in-law …!" Just as Tang You You was immersed in the magnificent scenery, a melodious voice came out from behind her.

Her entire body trembled as she suddenly turned her head around, only to see Ji Yue Ze dressed in formal attire standing behind them, and smiling: "My big brother told me to call him that, I'm not wrong, right? If you're angry, then just look for my big brother, it has nothing to do with me."

Ji Yue Ze could feel the bewilderment and surprise in the bottom of her eyes, as well as a trace of embarrassment and irritation.

Ji Xiao Han stared at his little brother with a gaze as sharp as knives, wanting him to say more.

So what? Why explain so much? If she pulled him out, this woman would probably give him face again.

"When are you holding the press conference?" Surprisingly, Tang You You didn't refute anything and only asked him indifferently.

Ji Yue Ze was startled, he raised his wrist and looked at his diamond wristwatch: "I said that it will start at 10, so there's still half an hour left. Why not, I will make some tea for you guys, why don't we sit and chat?"

Tang You You frowned, but then she heard Ji Xiao Han nodding: "That's fine, go make some tea."

Tang You You said softly: "It's getting late, I have to go back to the company."

"Don't worry, I'll send you to the company when he has a press conference." Ji Xiao Han liked the feeling of being together with her, even if they didn't have the aura of love between them.

Tang You You could only lower his head and no longer said anything.

Ji Yue Ze looked at the subtle atmosphere between the two of them and immediately laughed. "Come and sit!"

Tang You You turned around and returned to the sofa to sit down. Ji Xiao Han lazily sat down beside her.

Just like that, the slightly cold mint fragrance that the man emitted coiled around Tang You You's nose. Immediately after, even her heart seemed to have been bound, her small face became slightly hot.

Ji Yue Ze skillfully brewed a pot of tea with a strong fragrance and placed a cup in front of each of them.

"Sister-in-law, please have some tea!" Ji Yue Ze happily greeted Tang You You, calling his sister-in-law, and calling his by name was pleasant.

It was only then that Ji Xiao Han started to have a good impression of.

Tang You You's face became even redder. While holding the tea in her hand, she turned her face to the side, lowered her head and took a sip, then said with a frown: "You shouldn't call me that. It's very awkward, just call me by my name."

I thought it would be great to call you sister-in-law, I had always hoped that my brother would quickly find a girlfriend, now that he has found you, we will be family in the future, with fate. With Xiao Rui and Xiao Nai, our family is already very strong, we will definitely get better. Ji Yue Ze said while brewing the tea.

Although he said these pleasant words, his heart was inexplicably sour. He also didn't understand where that sour feeling came from.

Lifting his head, he saw two people sitting opposite him. The man was elegant and noble, while the woman was gentle and beautiful. Un, they matched each other very well.

"Anyway, in a while, our relationship will be made public. If he likes to shout, then just let him scream." Ji Xiao Han said lazily.

Tang You You knew that Ji Xiao Han was thick-skinned, so he didn't say anything more.

Ji Yue Ze ignored the peculiar feeling in his heart and started laughing as well. "That's right, why didn't you let me call you?

Tang You You really couldn't do anything to this pair of brothers.

As expected of someone with an eccentric personality. He must have had a reason to be able to become part of this family.

It's over. Will my son be like the two brothers in the future?


"It's about time. Turn on the TV and watch my live broadcast. I'll be leaving first." After Ji Yue Ze finished speaking, he straightened his sleeves and decided to head to Walk Outside.

Seeing that Ji Yue Ze had left just like that, she immediately felt that even if the space was any more spacious, leaving his and Ji Xiao Han alone, she would still feel that it was a little hard to breathe.

Ji Xiao Han, on the other hand, was calm and composed. However, although he looked lazy, his eyes that were deep and serene, were always unconsciously looking at Tang You You, who was beside him. Looking at her delicate body, he had the urge to pull her into his arms.

Ji Yue Ze walked out of the door in large strides.

Just then, Yang Chu Chu walked out of the elevator with a lollipop in her mouth.

The moment she walked out, she saw her boss. His face was so dark that it seemed as though water was about to drip from it.

She instinctively dodged to the side, but she was still unable to dodge.

Ji Yue Ze reached out his hands and wrapped her around his shoulders before tyrannically putting her in his embrace, "Come with me to a press conference, let's pass on some information along the way."

"Hello …" Boss, you can't be like this, I'll go with you … "No." Yang Chu Chu explained anxiously with a stupid look.

"If you don't call, just pretend to call. Aren't you very good at acting? Now is the time to test your acting skills. " Ji Yue Ze said with difficulty.

Without saying anything further, he wrapped himself around her and forced himself into the elevator.