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C1881 is wrapped up

The little guy was lying in a small basket, covered only with a white towel, showing his tender hands and feet. He was sleeping sweet, like a fairy falling into the world from the sky. He was cute and could not move his eyes.

Jimucheng's face was cold and hard. It was smashed in an instant. The next second, it was soft and water. Even if he was a big man, he suddenly saw his son's small appearance just born. His firm and cold eyes were full of water.

The second picture is a half-year-old picture of the little guy. He has turned over. He is wearing cute little sheep clothes, lying on his stomach, raising his little face. He has big black and white eyes, which are very beautiful and clear, making people unable to open their eyes.

"Little one!"

Jimucheng didn't know how gentle his expression was at the moment. Looking at the little thing in the picture, he almost drowned him in his heart. His thin lips could not help muring.

Next is a picture of Xia Yuchen, one year old, two years old and three years old. Although there are only one or two photos for each age, it seems that he has experienced the growth of these years. The inner feelings of Jimu city are satisfied and shocked in an instant, which is not complicated.

It can be seen from every picture of her son that the woman is really very attentive in taking care of every moment of his life. Just now, she was sneering at her in her heart. Suddenly, she felt that she was not bad. She can forgive her once and be a little better to her.

After all, how bad can he be to his son's mother?

Turning to the last one, Ji Mucheng, who rarely sends text messages, finally beats a line of words with his fingers: "send two pictures of you!"

With toughness and command, he waited for the woman's reply.

This reply, let him wait for a full night, also directly lead to his insomnia until midnight.

This damned woman is so stingy that she won't send a picture of her. How rare he is.

In the early morning, jimucheng, who has always been in a good spirit, went downstairs with insufficient sleep and poor spirit.

"Daddy, are you not sleeping well?

You look so bad! "

Little guy is sleeping very sweet, full of spirit in the morning, see him, immediately care.

Xia Xinnian's beautiful eyes glanced at him quickly. Even if the man didn't get enough sleep, his eyes were fierce and deep like a tiger and a leopard. Looking at him, Xia Xinnian quickly tightened his eyes and didn't want to see him again.

Jimucheng brought a cup of annual milk to drink, and then lightly said: "I have an important meeting this morning, and I will take the task of my son and give it to you later!"


Summer heart read beautiful eyes slightly surprised.

"Daddy, let the Chamberlain take me away. Don't bother Mommy!"

Little guy is very considerate of Mommy.

"But I don't know where the school's address is?"

Of course, Xia Xinnian didn't want to send her son away, she just felt an accident.

"I'll ask my driver to take you there and take you to the company by the way! Don't drive your car! "

Jimucheng's lazy explanation.

"All right!"

What else can Xia Xinnian say?

Of course, she didn't trust her son to go to school alone.

The little guy is very happy to see Mommy agree.

After breakfast, Xia Xinnian leads his son out of the door. At the door, a valuable black car stops at the door. The driver's eldest brother smilingly asks his mother and son good morning.

Xia Xinnian smiled politely and took his son to sit in.

Ji Mucheng's eyes are squinting. This woman didn't drive to work today. In the afternoon, he can pick her up to work.

Oh, playing means, he is an expert! Xia Xinnian didn't have so much thought to guess the man's intention. She just wanted to send her son to school safely and then rush to the company early.

At the gate of the school, Xia Xinnian was shocked by the castle like school in front of him. He used to pass by such an expensive private school occasionally. He also thought that if he had the ability in the future, he must give his son the best education. Now, his son is a student here, but it's not her own man. It's really a rich father Happy things.

Xia Xinnian crouches down at the school gate, tidies up his son's handsome and sunny uniform, and finally pinches his little face: "go in, Mommy will pick you up in the afternoon."

"Will Mommy come?"

The little guy blinked and asked with great expectation.

"Yes, Mommy will come!"

Xia Xinnian thought that the man didn't have a good rest and was so busy with her work. She would ask for leave to pick up her son from school today anyway.

"Then we have an appointment. Goodbye, Mommy!"

The little guy said happily and walked into the school gate.

Xia Xinnian watched his son enter the school, then turned around and got on the bus.

The black car stopped at the door of Karan international design company. Xia Xinnian thanked the driver and got off with his computer bag.

She is wearing a set of professional suit with a faint white color, a thin black shirt and a beautiful white neck. It looks like a casual match, but it is simple and charming.

Xia Xinnian was passing by the hall when he heard a man's voice: "Xinnian!"

Xia Xinnian hears this sound, his steps are stiff, and he looks back at the man standing up on the leisure sofa next to him.

"Why are you here again?"

It's he Jiaxuan, the last person Xia Xinnian wants to see now.

He Jiaxuan's eyes swept back and forth in her body. He did not know why. He wanted to come to see her in the early morning. Even though he knew that she hated him and hated him, he just couldn't control his legs. On the way to the company, he just walked around to her company downstairs.

"I just want to come here to meet you, Xinnian. Are you busy with your work recently?"

He Jiaxuan's expression of concern.

Xia Xinnian sneered in his heart, even coldly: "I'm not busy, it's none of your business!"

With that, she walked forward. He Jiaxuan saw that she was going to enter the elevator. He quickly ran after her and reached for Xia Xinnian's wrist.

"What are you doing?

Don't interfere with my work here! "

Xia Xinnian is mad with rage. This man has a thick skin. He destroyed her completely at the beginning, but now he pretends to be a good man. She feels sick.

He Jiaxuan's outstretched hand froze, then he sighed and took back his arm: "yesterday's flowers, do you like them?"

"You sent it?"

Xia Xinnian's expression was even colder and sneered: "I don't like it. Please don't send it again later."

"Then what do you like?

You can tell me! "

He Jiaxuan immediately asked gently.

"As long as it's your stuff, I don't like it. Are you satisfied?

Besides, you come here to see me. Does Xia shuran know?

Are you not afraid of her anger? "

Xia Xinnian sneers at him.